Ron Paul: Foreign Aid Leads to ‘More Trouble, More Debt’

  • But not running… but Gary Johnson… has a chance…

  • how exactly is Romney the lesser of two evils? He’s a massive flip flopper who I don’t trust to follow through on ANY of his promises to the 99%.

  • My sister can not understand why I am voting third party. No matter what I say, she just says its a wasted vote. That evil idea is the ONLY thing holding a third party back.

  • How about aid for the poor Americans, instead!

  • I like how the guy on the left pronounces Ron Paul’s name. Lol, Roon Pull.


  • i thought it was the role of government to take from your citizens and give it to the leaders of other nations

  • “2 party powerhouse” What a bunch of garbage. It the same political class that’s conning you. After hearing this bs for decades, I’m pretty immune. But go ahead and waste you vote on the corrupt system that is wrecking this nation.

  • All foreign aid should stop even to Israel.

  • i would like $1 billion dollars for my debt relief…secretary clinton

  • How do you judge the lesser of two evils? Is adherence to the constitution a factor? It also doesn’t help that he’s pro war but wasn’t willing to serve in his youth. Our fighting men and women take an oath to defend the constitution, I would expect since the president does the same, would consider that all too important document in his policies.

  • It is our money. Keep it all in the U.S.A. !!!

  • Voting for Paul, if it screws Romney in the end maybe the party will finally have to be more inclusive and not shit all over his message.(truth)

  • Oh boy, here we go.

  • jewish media keeps cutting ron paul off on purpose

  • lol troll. First, drowning sick puppies is illegal as it falls under animal cruelty. So since nobody drowns sick puppies, how can paulites do the same?
    Secondly, the mentally stable people are the ones voting third party.
    Romney is a flip flopper, that’s why McCain won over him last presidential election. Obama has simply a lot of cards against him, the economy is growing as fast as hoped, renewed the Patriot Act of 2004. So a mentally stable person would say neither deserve the White House.

  • Is it to late to abort you?

  • Romneys my boy we rep the streets together, nah on a serious note I will not vote for Romney muthafucka trying to take away financial student aid

  • yea, often at times, after learning Ron Paul, we can provide even more Ron Paul answers too. which is great, as the establishment tries to stop Ron Paul, we will all become Ron Paul ourselves.

  • Wow. Who gives you the right to determine the worth of a man or whether he should live or die? God? God says love your enemies. If you’re an Atheist then couldn’t I say the same about you?
    Anyways I don’t wish death upon you, (Making me the better man here.) But I do say you are a statist moron who needs a wake up call on liberty.

  • why your just wasting your vote. If you don’t like this 2 party system powerhouse then move to canada. Romney is the less of to evils