Ron Paul: Foreign Aid Leads to ‘More Trouble, More Debt’

  • i have a feeling that lawyers are grouping up to show the illegitimacy in where the rnc broke rules switches delegates , did not seat delegates, in where ron paul was never disqualified and therfor must be in the debates. my last hope


  • shouldnt you post this on a obama video ? do you think we would watch ron paul if we dosent belive in him ?

  • i believe in you RON PAUL and im not even american end this wars and end the duffering i believe in you obama and rommney are just puppets

  • Ron Paul won’t win because you’re all slaves owned by the corporations and the federal reserve slave trade and they’re not going to allow him to set you all free.

  • i fink most of these fools will still think they chose the right person, even when shit hits the fan

  • He doesn’t think with his ass. Ron Paul is a genius!

  • fuck you anti american

  • Granny’s secret neocon kosher recipe:
    1. Scare the shit out of US voters with terrorist attacks
    2. Invade Arab country with massive oil reserves
    3. Sell lots of weapons; extract oil and stand by Afghani poppy fields
    4. Crush the Bill of Rights and censor the internet
    5. Crack the global economy and split Arab countries in pieces
    6. Scare the shit out of US voters again
    7. Invade Persian country with tons more oil reserves
    8. Invite Israeli friends and serve with finger biscuits and champagne

  • fuck ron paul. check my vids

  • I love Ron Paul and those that don’t understand and think he is nuts will be proved wrong in years to come!

  • The GOP should’ve nominated Ron Paul. Sorry, but Romney won’t win. Romney and Obama don’t represent me. They don’t represent the middle class. Ron Paul represents us all.

  • 3:10 $1 Billion dollars in debt relief for Cairo. Our country is the biggest debtor in the history of Planet Earth, and yet we have this duty to help other countries get out of debt? That’s just insanity.

  • stop all nwo from existence

  • people check out my vids against ron paul 🙂

  • He spoke common sense. Unfortunately in America, that’s a foreign language.

  • End All the wars and bring are troops home.. & don’t send the middle east or anyone for that matter a dam dime!….

  • End All the wars and bring are troops home.. & don’t send the middle east or anyone for that matter a dam dime!….

  • Do you see those heathen destroying, and burning their own countries. These people are outright evil, and follow Satan, not YAHWEH GOD the CREATOR.

  • Stop sending money to those terrorist. That jew Hillary is criminal war monger.

  • Obama is a war monger, but since he’s a Marxist, the left will support him no matter how many wars he starts.