Ron Paul: Foreign Aid Leads to ‘More Trouble, More Debt’

  • Ron Paul has been in the congress 30 years, he has a lot of respect from them. GJ will just be controlled by the seniors in the government, maybe like Obama.


  • There might be no more time for America, QEs are killing the dollar. Ron Paul need to bring these criminals to justice fast. Is GJ there just to destroy Ron Paul’s momentum. Its the same people who declared Ron Paul lost allowed GJ in the ballot.
    Ron Paul please declare your position 2016 might be irrelevant for libertarians!. This is my opinion

  • Ron Paul, like Alan Greenspan, was heavily influenced by the Russian Jewess “Ayn Rand”.

  • Is Ron Paul endorsing Gary Jones? If not as a supporter of Ron Paul, GJ need to step down, so 50% of Americans could vote for Ron Paul and something big could happen.
    Ron Paul need to publicly state his position soon. This is just my opinion.

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  • should ron win ??

  • LOL alert alert alert alert

    anyway RON PAUL 2012 and im not even american

  • LOL alert alert alert alert

    anyway RON PAUL 2012 and im not even american

  • ron paul the man with the plan

  • ron paul the man with the plan

  • America is not smart enough to understand this man — Go Obama

  • hi im from Europe. Just wondering is Ron Paul still in the game (chance of winning)? Because I hear Mitt romney is most likely be the next president (winner). That would messed up because he have same foreign pro Zionist terrorist policy as bush and obama.

  • I don’t support Paul all the way but i agree with his foreign policy its a shame americans are blind there letting our government from both parties send all this money we don’t have overseas its crazy and we let them send our troops to fight wars that aren’t winnable..also for 10 years with any progress letting your kids die for nothing it just is so shocking

  • There are laws preventing Ron Paul from running in 40 of 50 states. He literally won’t be counted. Vote for Gary Johnson.

  • Ron Paul FTW!!!!!!

  • “well they just hate us because were American”

    Well murder is a generational thing. You are responsible for the death and poverty for a family in a tribal mentality. They aren’t going to forgive you just because the figurehead was replaced. Especially when that figurehead in practice tows the line.

    I think if we gathered up the Brzezinski’s of this world and charged them with capital crimes, it would go a long way towards peace.

  • everybody search “Thrive” on youtube and watch it 🙂

  • lets just call it what it is foreign aid=bribes and payoffs

  • Prophet

  • “if we dosent belive in him ?” Nice edu-Mac-ation you got there.
    No wonder you’ve allowed the Obomney sponsors to defraud Ron Paul out of your votes, from State to State. You’re too ignorant to stop it.
    I suggest you look up “Battle of Athens” or just type into YouTube “Best Second Amendment Video Goes Viral (OneDollarDVDProjectdotcom)” and see what you should have done!!!