Ron Paul: Foreign Aid Leads to ‘More Trouble, More Debt’

  • Try to think outside the box for a moment. Imagine the Democratic and Republican Party are the Same Organization. Imagine they only put on this show every four years, brainwashing you with opposite lies, to monopolize 100% of the vote. Now Imagine how clear all the corruption and tyranny is. WELCOME TO REALITY!

  • lol haikus are not about ryming.

  • George Orwell

  • Very wise comment!!! If the sister is just told that there is no Santa Claus, she will not want to believe it. The truth is very ugly and very hard to face. Dening facts does not make them go away, and as you can see, things only get worse.

  • The U.S.A. has plenty of water, oil, and land etc. and can do fine without Israel. We will be much better off without Isael’s rabid teeth in our necks. Israel has run OUR country for far too long. We need to clean house in our government, meaning that most politicians should be locked up in Guantanamo. Then we need to start doing for ourselves. Cut this cancer out, cut our losses and move forward and rebuild. The first step is to admit that we have HUGE problems.

  • Is your sister a supporter of the wars? If she is no ask her if she thinks that voting D or R will end the wars?

    Start slow like that don’t try to overwhelm her with too much info. Try to slowly point out that nothing changes when you vote D or R.

  • its not a waste. the only vote that is a waste is not voting

  • I am wasting my vote right along with you.

  • I wonder how many people watched Ron Paul in this segment and said,, he should run for president. Sheep need help.


  • My brother in law said the same thing to me after I told him I wouldn’t be voting for Romney.

    I replied, “Voting on principle is the opposite of wasting your vote. Obama and Romney are 90 percent the same on the important issues. I’m not doing that lesser of two evils crap anymore.”

    He’s a neocon who still believes the Republicans tell the truth. =(

  • its like its impossible to change the world for good because theres still to many brainwashed idiots that fuck everything up…. i really wish Ron Paul would be elected president. i wish one morning waking up and seeing Paul waving at the people and the news reporting on how thngs will change. my life mission would be complete……but i doubt it would ever happen.. we will be living in a world of greed war and lies where the only motivation is money. its sad that the human race has come to this

  • I’m convinced that if Ron Paul runs for third party, the Romney/Paul votes will be divided, and Obama will completely destroy America. This is my sincere belief, and I really don’t hope it will happen.

  • its about the same as George Orwell said

    “In times of universal deceit, speaking the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

    ron paul is a visionair, people better start voting for him

  • Ron Paul should have taken Mitt Romney down. Damn it!

  • Ron Paul – please run third party

    Even if you lose, it puts you in a better position for 2016, starts the name of a third party and gives it some momentum. People are fed up with this 2 party system anyways. RNC will backstab you in 2016 just like now and if you start then it might not give enough time to build a base

    Besides, I am hopeful that you will win in 2012 itself if you run third party

  • They have both commited treason. Romney sold out our American companies to foreigners this screwing our economy and Obama well…that’s obvious. War crimes. He’s used these wars to take advantage of the American people. I vote impeachment.

  • Voting period is a wasted vote. All it shows is you support their system. Regardless of who you vote for or wrote in, it still supports their system and they will put whoever they want in power. IMHO regardless if its Romney or Obama I think immediately we should press for impeachment.

  • The truth frightens those who are currently in power. The republicans and the democrats create diversions to prevent the common people from seeing the truth. They have the same agenda, we need a new party!

  • every president in the usa history is a setup xd , who lead is the people can finace the election every time ,republicans or democratics its the same ,ron paul looks different but well see

  • i am with Dr. Paul…i am writing him in…i hear all the time it’s a wasted vote, but i cannot vote for any other…this is the first time i’ve felt this strongly about a leader…and he is a true leader in every sense of the word…