Ron Paul: Foreign Aid Leads to ‘More Trouble, More Debt’

  • Many see the truth, many are shown the truth,, truth today is never heard, the blind leading the blind, Only the blind need proof of what is right in front of their faces. When will America stand up again,, they won’t

  • ya you video is a lie, it says no right on it you fuckin liar

  • all brainwashed jewish scumbags and romneybots at work. Look at his other videos…they trolled all over it…

  • Your an idiot man. You dont know a shit about Ron Paul life. So shut the fuck up! Romney is a dirty lying TRAITOR and cheater.


  • Cavuto’s candy-cane shirt is funny. Our national dollar devaluation because of an over-extended military is not funny. Ron Paul for the long haul.

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  • ummm, how did those two top comments get those thumbs up? o.O

  • Ron Paul is dirty lying TRAITOR.
    Romney 2012!

  • Old man Ronald supported giving Hamas Muslims foreign aid when everyone but 1 rejected. Don’t be fooled. I have the only video on youtube that proves this.
    Ron Paul is a Nazi traitor.
    100 times worse than Obama!

  • Well, the problem is that zionists make up a big part of the American government. So america will always help Israel… because the american government is influenced almost completely by zionism. So, unless American people start voting for the right people… america will make more and more enemies. And also get poorer and poorer.

  • He’s right as always. In Middle East and Muslim countries, people don’t hate US; hate neo-cons, zionists, social-conservatives, pro-war, islamofobics. I’m a Muslim in Turkey and I adore Thomas Jefferson and other founding fathers. I love American constitution. But, as long as US support Israel and bomb Muslim countries, It can’t be US in the 19th century and there will be “more trouble” for America. People can’t stand outrage of US.

  • this man is the only person who should be president of the usa,not the other corporate whores.

  • I’m going to have to down vote this video for now, but don’t worry, I’ll have more flexibility after the election.


  • It doesn’t show anything. It just shows that younger people watch youtube.

  • Cant stand watching news anymore and seeing the same shit over & over, the world burning down, and ron paul saying hey u know we really shouldnt be doing that.. May aswel ram my head into a wall..

  • We all wish RON PAUL had continued to run after the GOP dissed him an all of us his supporters, but the fact is that he is no longer in the race (I wish he had broken and run 3rd party/independent).

    The good news is that former governor of New Mexico and fellow libertarian GARY JOHNSON is going to be on the ballot on Nov. 6th (as the Libertarian Party candidate). We ALL as Ron Paul supporters need to ban together and vote for Johnson.


  • CALL the Commission on Presidential Debates at:


    and let them KNOW that you want Libertarian GARY JOHNSON to be IN the debates.

    Let’s END the 2 Party Dictatorship.

    Please help us SPREAD THE WORD on this.


    GARY JOHNSON 2012!!!!


  • We give foreign aid to foreign dictators at the expense of the tax payer, the citizens NEVER see a dime of that money anyway, it is a waste, also, once we prop up these dictators we end up going to war to shed more innocent blood in the Middle East. We have psychopaths running the U.S. Government.

  • You almost had us there 😉