Ron Paul: We Can’t Remake the World with Bribes and Bombs!

by Ron Paul

The attack on the US consulate in Libya and the killing of the US Ambassador and several aides is another tragic example of how our interventionist foreign policy undermines our national security. The more the US tries to control the rest of the world, either by democracy promotion, aid to foreign governments, or by bombs, the more events spin out of control into chaos, unintended consequences, and blowback.

Unfortunately, what we saw in Libya last week is nothing new.

In 1980s Afghanistan, the US supported Islamic radicals in their efforts to expel the invading Soviet military. These radicals became what is known to be al-Qaeda, and our one-times allies turned on us most spectacularly on September 11, 2001.

Iraq did not have a significant al-Qaeda presence before the 2003 US invasion, but our occupation of that country and attempt to remake it in our image caused a massive reaction that opened the door to al-Qaeda, leading to thousands of US soldiers dead, a country destroyed, and instability that shows no sign of diminishing.

In Libya we worked with, among others, the rebel Libyan Fighting Group (LIFG) which included foreign elements of al-Qaeda. It has been pointed out that the al-Qaeda affiliated radicals we fought in Iraq were some of the same groups we worked with to overthrow Gaddafi in Libya. Last year in a television interview I predicted that the result of NATO’s bombing of Libya would likely be an increased al-Qaeda presence in the country. I said at the time that we may be delivering al-Qaeda another prize.

Not long after NATO overthrew Gaddafi, the al-Qaeda flag was flown over the courthouse in Benghazi. Should we be surprised, then, that less than a year later there would be an attack on our consulate in Benghazi? We have been told for at least the past eleven years that these people are the enemy who seeks to do us harm.

There is danger in the belief we can remake the world by bribing some countries and bombing others. But that is precisely what the interventionists – be they liberal or conservative – seem to believe. When the world does not conform to their image, they seem genuinely shocked. The secretary of state’s reaction to the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi was one of confusion. “How could this happen in a country we helped liberate, in a city we helped save from destruction,” she asked.

The problem is that we do not know and we cannot know enough about these societies we are seeking to remake. We never try to see through the eyes of those we seek to liberate. Libya is in utter chaos, the infrastructure has been bombed to rubble, the economy has ceased to exist, gangs and militias rule by brutal force, the government is seen as a completely illegitimate and powerless US puppet. How could anyone be shocked that the Libyans do not see our bombing their country as saving it from destruction?

Currently, the US is actively supporting rebels in Syria that even our CIA tells us are affiliated with al-Qaeda. Many of these radical Islamist fighters in Syria were not long ago fighting in Libya. We must learn from these mistakes and immediately cease all support for the Syrian rebels, lest history once again repeat itself. We are literally backing the same people in Syria that we are fighting in Afghanistan and that have just killed our ambassador in Libya! We must finally abandon the interventionist impulse before it is too late.



  • Surfisher

    Serving Eviction Notice to the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston — watch this great video!

    Quote of the month: “The lesser of two evils is still evil” — Jim Gray.


  • People who get their world news online, are more informed of wtf is going on than tv watchers. As long as we keep the internet free, good will prevail… because tv watchers are a dying breed.

  • Get some counseling.

  • Either way you look at it, false flag or not. NO Anthrax in Iraq, no WMDS.

    1000’s of Iraqi’s murdered over one man who has been deemed as a crazy mad scientist, who just so happen to kill himself years after the incident before he was questioned as a suspect, Now all that has past is wiped off the lips of everyone.

    The Anthrax is never mentioned in MSM, just WMD;s

    And the biggest fuck up in history, LOL you need a leader who can think. And Romney opens the mouth before he uses his brains.

  • IAnthrax attacks 2001 = Bio WMD’S in Iraq. Colin Powell with fake vile of Anthrax at the UN presentation for invasion of Iraq.,

    Anthrax attack was traced back to Bruce Edwards Ivins top US bio weapons scientist who invented the vaccine.

    Official story.

    A disturbed crazy guy with top MC, wrote letters implicating Islam, laced with US military stored anthrax and sent to many American which became the pretext to a massive 10 year war on Iraq.

    Or a false flag riding on the back of 9/11.

  • Are all Romney voters like you? No wonder Romney wont get an endorsement and is NOT GONNA WIN.

    You do the best job scaring people here away from the GOP. Keep it up dude Obama needs our votes.

  • Actually, Ron Paul supporters cheated, lied and stole to get him on the ballot and when they failed they lied some more. Maybe you need to get your head out of your ass. Actually, no maybe. Get your fucking head out of your ass bitch.

  • Well we knew that Ron Paul wouldn’t get on the ballot, because we knew they would cheat, lie beat, and even murder to keep him off.

    The MSM dishonest behavior around Paul said it all perfectly clear. People just wanted to test the grounds so every one knows, who and where the corruption in the committee and party is.

    This whole election process is under the microscope and head are gonna roll after it. Cheaters are gonna cheat, Watch out.

    Next election is democrat clean out time.

  • Didn’t mitt pull the affidavit stunt to bind delegates to himself under a contract which is not in the rules and unseated many Paul delegates just to get him off the ballot..

    But apply 20/20 hind sight as much as the Mitt biatches cry and whine, Paul represented a different set of policies to both Obama and Romney, Ron was going to swing a lot of libertarian democrats across the party floor. Living in a RNC bubble betrays the senses.

    Obama is going to win by the look of things.

  • French Canadian

    Chris Hedges, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, who warns that outright revolt may soon be the only option available to those fighting against the despotism of the establishment..

    His new book is: Days of Destruction, Days of revolt.

    Chris Hedges Warns of Authoritarian Takeover (43 minutes)

  • No, they did not change the rules to keep him off the ballot. The rule change goes into effect in 2016. He only needed 5 states and he only had 4. Ron Paul said so himself if you bothered to listen. Look up an article titled “Ron Paul never had the delegates to win” by libertarian Shaun Connell. He explains what happened. You are misinformed.

  • david heide

    There’s plenty to disagree about when it comes to Paul’s domestic positions. The important thing is that those things can be discussed ad infinitum but the needless, senseless killing in which our military is engaged is one of the worst attrocities committed since WW2. Close down the foreign bases, bring our troops back home, create a workable defense and start being a good neighbor rather than a bloodthirsty bully to the rest of the world.

  • French Canadian

    If Israel Prepares for Attack, Iran Will Strike Preemptively (+ 3 minutes Video)

  • Actually he did have enough states, they CHANGED THE RULES at the last second to keep him off the ballot, now stop being such a cunt and hating on the only man in the race that was actually trying to defend your freedom to be such a hater.

  • robin

    French Canadian,
    I listened to Rand Paul’s speech because I wanted to see what he would say. I understand exactly how you feel. This is not about being principled like his dad, but just a political maneuver. I also believe we need to stop all foreign aid because we can no longer afford it and Americans continue to suffer in this country. This summer I volunteered in a summer lunch program and there are so many in our area that are struggling to feed their families=out of work, working two jobs, etc. ready to lose their homes. Suicide and domestic violence continues to increase during these dark economic times. I’m glad to say that people here try to help people whatever way they can.

    • French Canadian


      I also agree that ALL foreign aid should stop immediately.

      I see what you mean by people starving. But last week (I blieve it was Gerald Celente… not sure) who said that all revolution starts with people starving. He said that the reason the Revolution hasn’t started yet is because of food stamps. More than 50 millions Americans are on food stamps. Because of Food Stamps, no one sees Americans dying on the street out of starvation… so people think that things are alright and that the economy is coming back. He said, this is why they push food stamps so much, it is their new tactic so no one will notice how bad the economy is. It made sense to me. What about you?

      I know your other post wasn’t addressed to me, but I’m curious.
      You wrote: “We had a brief discussion about the 2nd amendment which he believes should be changed.” What do you mean by this? Is your son against Americans right to be armed? I hope not!

  • robin

    Thank you for the suggestions. My son is a deep thinker and reads voraciously and always has. I’m sure he will appreciate Plato’s Republic and the other suggestion you gave. He has always been passionate about history and when he was in 4th grade, he said he wanted to learn everything he could because he was considering running for political office later in life and felt it was important to be well-rounded in all subjects and felt very few of our presidents were capable of holding this position. We had a brief discussion about the 2nd amendment which he believes should be changed. Any good resources on this? I’m hoping when he writes his speech, he will be able to find some good examples of how the Constitution is relevant today and personalize it.

  • Gary Johnson destroyed all of his credibility and all of his reputation as well when he said that “None of them committed any crimes.”!

  • Ron Paul is the true and the only statesman left. His voice is neither inconsistent nor weak, unlike others. If possible I’ll to import him into India and make him to lead India.

  • Another Gary Johnson supporter fanatic!