Ron Paul: We Can’t Remake the World with Bribes and Bombs!

by Ron Paul

The attack on the US consulate in Libya and the killing of the US Ambassador and several aides is another tragic example of how our interventionist foreign policy undermines our national security. The more the US tries to control the rest of the world, either by democracy promotion, aid to foreign governments, or by bombs, the more events spin out of control into chaos, unintended consequences, and blowback.

Unfortunately, what we saw in Libya last week is nothing new.

In 1980s Afghanistan, the US supported Islamic radicals in their efforts to expel the invading Soviet military. These radicals became what is known to be al-Qaeda, and our one-times allies turned on us most spectacularly on September 11, 2001.

Iraq did not have a significant al-Qaeda presence before the 2003 US invasion, but our occupation of that country and attempt to remake it in our image caused a massive reaction that opened the door to al-Qaeda, leading to thousands of US soldiers dead, a country destroyed, and instability that shows no sign of diminishing.

In Libya we worked with, among others, the rebel Libyan Fighting Group (LIFG) which included foreign elements of al-Qaeda. It has been pointed out that the al-Qaeda affiliated radicals we fought in Iraq were some of the same groups we worked with to overthrow Gaddafi in Libya. Last year in a television interview I predicted that the result of NATO’s bombing of Libya would likely be an increased al-Qaeda presence in the country. I said at the time that we may be delivering al-Qaeda another prize.

Not long after NATO overthrew Gaddafi, the al-Qaeda flag was flown over the courthouse in Benghazi. Should we be surprised, then, that less than a year later there would be an attack on our consulate in Benghazi? We have been told for at least the past eleven years that these people are the enemy who seeks to do us harm.

There is danger in the belief we can remake the world by bribing some countries and bombing others. But that is precisely what the interventionists – be they liberal or conservative – seem to believe. When the world does not conform to their image, they seem genuinely shocked. The secretary of state’s reaction to the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi was one of confusion. “How could this happen in a country we helped liberate, in a city we helped save from destruction,” she asked.

The problem is that we do not know and we cannot know enough about these societies we are seeking to remake. We never try to see through the eyes of those we seek to liberate. Libya is in utter chaos, the infrastructure has been bombed to rubble, the economy has ceased to exist, gangs and militias rule by brutal force, the government is seen as a completely illegitimate and powerless US puppet. How could anyone be shocked that the Libyans do not see our bombing their country as saving it from destruction?

Currently, the US is actively supporting rebels in Syria that even our CIA tells us are affiliated with al-Qaeda. Many of these radical Islamist fighters in Syria were not long ago fighting in Libya. We must learn from these mistakes and immediately cease all support for the Syrian rebels, lest history once again repeat itself. We are literally backing the same people in Syria that we are fighting in Afghanistan and that have just killed our ambassador in Libya! We must finally abandon the interventionist impulse before it is too late.


  • Executive order 11110 had nothing to do with ending the Federal Reserve. The executive order phrased out silver certificates, it did not put the country on a silver standard or propose a termination of the Federal Reserve. In early 1960s, silver was in high demand for it’s using in industry and the nation’s supply of silver was dwindling. JFK issued an executive order to phase out silver certificates. You’re quite confused and honestly quite stupid.

  • oh yeah a scam, cause i mean he got so much out of it right? usually a con artist and a scamer performs his “scam” in order to get a profit out of it.
    Can you name anything he got out of FULLY dedicating himself to politics and the people of the United States for the past years? No you can’t cause you’re a dumbass idiot.
    Ron Paul is a man of the people, working for the people, and that is what every politician should be.

  • TO my surprise when researching how far back this went… That Act of 1871. If you look it up today it only shows one portion. The portion it shows is the development of Washington DC. What it is not showing online today is the Electoral College or any of the other laws that came with it. Such as no state will be allowed to succeed from the Union (other than Texas). Nor any of the other Constitutional violations. And like with the the Federal Reserve in was done in secrecy.

  • My fear is that the Fed is trying to get Americans so pissed off that they will try to over turn the Government through violent means. If this happens then it will justify the use of the military, both US & Allied forces against US citizens. Listening to many talk there will be a revolt. Question is: Will it be a bloody revolution or a peaceful one like Iceland?

  • Are you accusing me of making shit up? Look up Executive order 11110, look at how he died months after signing it, JFK wanted to back the dollar with Silver thats right JFK would vote Libertarian not Fascist Romney and Globalist Obama.

  • dougalas

    You all got to see that the money changers have already foreseen themselves being whipped by US so they through NAFTA and other free trade agreements made sure that they have back up plans. In other words, go ahead and try to separate your Nation, They already own it and got other Nations so dependent on it that holding your debt will help justify them taking your land. What you need to understand is that the money changers could care less who governs your land as long as they control the medium of exchange.

  • No, you won’t see anything because if you don’t get the results you expect, you’ll claim the data is faked and you are right. That’s the problem with Ron Paul and all his supporters. They’re fucking delusional. You idiots do not understand the economy. PERIOD.

  • We’ll see who’s an idiot after the effects of QE3.

  • Ron Paul won several states, and most delegates…..although the Romster had that Goldman Sachs money millions ahead of Paul…..haha


  • JFK never tried to end the Fed. You are an idiot.

  • what the fuck is that supposed to mean? Ron Paul got 10% of the popular vote during hte primary. Romney got 50%. YOu loser

  • Gary Johnson said “None of them committed any crimes.” WTF is that?! Is he bribed or what?!

  • French Canadian

    Third Party Candidate – On the Ballot In 50 States – Files Lawsuit Demanding Inclusion in Presidential Debates

    Listen to the video in this article, very well done. You will learn a lot about the History of the Commission of Presidential debates. You will be shocked how corrupt it is.

    • Surfisher

      French Canadian — thanks for posting this!

      Already spread it as follows:

      “Debates” or Debasement…?!

      Who’s Afraid of an Open Debate? The Truth About the Commission on Presidential “Debates”!


      Superb exposé on yet another FRAUD perpetrated against the American People:

  • I agree and yep, Obama will win becasue thats who they want in there.
    People are getting mad at me over it too…but thats just the way it is.

  • Poor guy, he’s probably brainwashed by the government..

  • We Can’t Remake the World with Bribes and Bombs! Wont stop us trying though.

  • he was our only hope

  • White Power!

  • robin

    French Canadian/Surfisher or anyone else,
    Wanted to get some ideas and maybe links for my son who is competing again in the Voice of Democracy essay and speech contest. They must write a 3-5 minute speech and record it and the theme this year Is the Constitution Still Relevant? Both my children went to the state level and 3/4 of the students who won their local and district competitions were home-school students. We were so impressed with these young people. This is sponsored annually by the Veterans of Foreign Wars. They have a competition for students in 6-8th grade and 9th-12th grade. The theme is different for each level-junior and senior high. Love to hear your ideas and any resources I should pass on to my son. He’s going to listen to the Judge, and of course Ron Paul, but any good links would be appreciated. This is the perfect theme to write about this year.

    • French Canadian


      I have no links of articles or videos on this subject for you, but I can give you my opinion, right?

      I think that now, more then ever, the Constitution is still very relevant. WHY?
      Because when the Founding Fathers wrote it, they did not write it for the period of times you were living in. They wrote it because they had studied History and Human’s nature. They knew that humans were easily corrupted by power. So they gave you tools to protect yourself from government corrupted tyranical powers.

      Some people might argue that today is very different then at the Time the Constitution was written, it is true, but HUMAN’s nature is still the same and History always repeats itself. The Founding Fathers in their wisdom, knew this.

      In these black times, you need your Constitution more than you ever did|

  • If only that was the reason but i think alot of reason is because he’s been completely overshadowed by batshit crazy retards.