20,000+ Supporters to Ron Paul: Please Run as an Independent or Libertarian!

Dear Ron Paul,

You are at the right place and at the right time not only to educate Americans about the principles of personal liberty, sound money, free markets and a sensible pro-America foreign policy, but also to continue the Revolution and lead us to victory.

We the undersigned don’t want to change the GOP — we want to change America. We pledge to “write in” your name on the presidential ballot this November 6th no matter what happens until then. Please consider quitting the GOP and officially announcing your candidacy as an Independent. We pledge to assist you in every way we can.


The Undersigned

  • Eric Z

    Hey I just wanted to gloat – I got my absentee ballots and wrote in Ron Paul.
    I just voted for Ron Paul and I’m proud!
    Only bummer – I forgot to scan my ballot and post it all over the social nets.
    It is so much better to vote for someone who you actually believe in,based on principles and policies , instead of voting for R or D, jerk#1 and jerk#2 just because of some b-s fallacy based on “they have a chance”.
    We will never end the bi-partisan singularity if we keep voting for one of the lesser 2 evils.
    And contrary to popular belief, if enough people vote for your candidat – then he has a chance too! Regardless of which party.
    It is our only way out of imho, and not only that , you feel so much better and are actually proud of how you voted.
    Voting dem or rep leaves such a bitter taste in your mouth…

  • James

    I’d like to see Gary Johnson make a plea to Ron Paul to replace him on the Libertarian ticket and a draft Paul push from the Libertarian Party itself.


  • Aaron R.

    Dear Dr. Ron Paul,

    Many of us would follow you; right off a cliff if need be. You are the leader we have hoped and prayed for, for a VERY long time and we all have a lot of love and deep respect for you and what you have tried to do here.

    Once again the media has turned what should have been a true solemn turning point of our nations history into another boxing match between their two chosen candidates. To many of us, the media silence regarding you was telling. They want the American people to believe they have no choice; and it has already worked on many, as they have lost hope for (TRUE) change.
    The media did not want us to hear what you had to say. Your ideas were dangerous to their everyday workings. You threaten to expose too much. Understand this, lest we forget these are the same individuals who brought us JFK’s “wild ride” through Dallas Texas, 9/11, and dozens of other autrocities to frighten the average American into submission (too include our recent assasination of Ambassodor Chris Stevens) in their quests to maintain power.

    You are our fearless leader, many of us would follow you anywhere.

    Unfortunately a country gets the leaders they deserve… I cannot beleive we deserve another 4 years of Obama; so unless you run as a Libertarian, the only recourse is for us to put on our “sheeps clothing” and vote for Mr. Romney.
    It is imperative that we not risk Obama through the division in the Republican party.

    But say the word Dr. Paul, and we wolves will drop wool and come out.
    We will wait for you, Sir.

    a pro-life, environmetalist, prior-military, over taxed & dollar stretching, inflated student loan paying, given up on dreams of ever home owning, American manufacturing, averge middle aged Anglo-Saxxon, God fearing, Ron Paul preaching,
    (who registered Republican just to vote for you)

    If the Republican party didnt want you, we still do; their loss, they just dont know it yet.
    Now do what we Texans are raised to do. Dust your self off and get back in there —- COWBOY UP!!

    • cubanboxer

      Good stuff man.. Be proud…=)

  • Fredrik

    Hay pinnheads!!!

    Vote for Garry Johnson or leave the liberty movement.
    All you are doing is splitting the livery vote.

    RP is not dear leader, or will you continue writing him in after he dies?

    • Aaron R.

      Wow, just… Wow.
      Totally uncalled for.

      Dr Paul may have been knocked down, but hes not out… damn sure not dead.
      Way to show support there chief. So you support Ron Paul untill they cheat him and then you join in the kicking while hes down? Nice. So if you are not for us, you must be against us…. you have played right into their hands; thats your submission to the liberty movement. Friends like you, who needs enemies?

  • Billie

    Dr. Paul, please run and choose Judge Napoliano as your running mate.

  • Mr. Berke

    I’m glad that this website is back on the “air.”

    Those who attempt to dismiss WRITING IN “Dr. Ron Paul,” because of various reasons, supposed “Illegality” being chief among them, simply don’t “get it.” This is about AWARENESS, good folks, not about who counts the votes, or even about whether the votes count at all!

    Congressman Dr. Ron Paul himself, has said (I’m paraphrasing him, here), that no standing army can stop an idea whose time has come. I plan to write in Dr. Ron Paul’s name on Tuesday, November 6th of this year, 2012, and I am so glad to read posts on this website (and on any other website and anywhere else) where people stated that they already have done so on their absentee ballots (thanks to karen oneil and husband!). Please just make sure to document it with your cell phones or other device!

    Please let us all choose to RESTORE AMERICA NOW! Please let us all choose to VOTE FOR CONGRESSMAN DOCTOR RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, on Tuesday, November 6th, 2012! Even if we have to WRITE HIS NAME IN! For the sake of our country. For the sake of our world.

  • karen oneil

    already voted via absentee ballot…wrote in Dr. Paul for Va. and so did my husband…

  • Surfisher

    The “DEBATE” — here is the condensed to 6 minutes video.


  • Henrik

    Come on people, continue to support the world wide freedom movement and vote for Gary Johnson.

  • Aaron

    This is stupid. I have been a big time Ron Paul supporter for years. However, this accomplishes nothing. He is not running. There is no time to get on the ballots and writing him in does nothing. He cannot win and a few trivial votes won’t change anything.

    You want to continue this revolution, then you need to support Gary Johnson. If could get his name in the spotlight, get in the debates, he would have a real chance of carrying on the torch of liberty. That would be a far better message than a few thousand votes for Paul that won’t even get mentioned in the results. And who knows, Johnson might win if he gets a fair shot at the debates.

  • Henrik

    Its about time that Ron Paul supporters give their vote to Gary Johnson. Make no mistake, he is no Ron Paul, but he is as good as it gets this election.

  • Adrian

    If u can’t vote Ron Paul might as well vote Gary Johnson

  • Daniel

    There goes 20,000 votes that could have gone to Gary Johnson to tell the Republican Party that there ARE people out there who want liberty. Instead they will go in the trash. A vote for Gary Johnson won’t get him the victory, but it will show up in the count as people who want freedom as opposed to the write ins for Ron Paul that just won’t show up at all.

    Ron Paul supporters, don’t black yourselves out, vote for Libertarians to send a message to the two parties that you are willing to vote, just not for them.

  • I want to write in a vote for Ron Paul for U.S. President in this year’s general election, but Utah won’t count such a vote unless Dr. Paul registers as an official write-in candidate here. I’ve tried to contact his official campaign twice about this matter, but I haven’t managed to get a response yet.

  • Karen Matisz

    America needs you.

  • Tommy

    We are your support as you are ours.

  • Scott W.

    Not going to happen people.

    Even posting this and giving the write in crowd any glimpse of hope that this “write in” method is mathematically possible will work is ridiculous and harmful to the Liberty movement that has shifted to supporting Gary Johnson. Even if he does do this, it’s to late to form a party and get registered to be on the ballots, much less participate in the debates.

    Scott above is right, Ron Paul would never jeopardize losing his Republican seat after he has fought so hard to gain ground and a voice within the GOP. Running on, or even showing support for a 3rd party candidate would cost him his position.

    The GOP party would love nothing more than to kick Ron Paul out all together. But he needs to remain in the GOP to help his son and other liberty minded politicians bring legislation to the table that will gain support from the GOP and actually make its way to a reasonable vote, but this can only happen if he is on the R team. It’s a duopoly in congress and you have to play their game by their rules, and Ron Paul figured that out a long time ago. It’s a noble mission, and it means that sometimes you have to compromise so you can stay on the team.

    He has shown us the way, it’s up to us to carry the torch.

  • John Tomassone

    the state of Illinois gives me no options, I am unable to write in Ron Paul in my state because of its ridiculous “sore loser law” which states that I am unable to vote for any candidate who lost the primary. I now have no choice, I have problems with Gary Johnson’s pro life and foreign policy. I was hoping to write in Ron Paul. I need him to run as an independent so I can vote my conscience.

  • Michael

    So many people are discouraged with the two party system. So many people simply do not want to chose between the lesser of two evils. An unknown factor is how many registered Democrats will write in Ron Paul. I am a registered Democrat that will be writing in Ron Paul because that is the right thing to do.

  • Scott

    This will not happen and I hope it doesn’t either. America is ran by the two parties, if we do not change them, we can not change America. It’s like saying I want to drive my car but don’t want to put any gas in it. If we try to change the system from the outside we will lose, we must take the gatekeepers position and change it from the inside. Ron Paul understands this and that is why he will not change parties, he is responsible for the liberty movement changing the GOP and he isn’t about to jump ship now.