Ron Paul: I Don’t Think Romney Will Have an Epiphany

  • It will show the mainstream politicians that they have a problem and should start listening to the growing number of unhappy citizens.

  • ZIONIST JEWS don’t care about the debt crisis – they did the same thing in the collapse of Europe in 1925 we are heading back to the same.
    The JEWS did the same thing in the bible with the money changers if i know the Jews were behind this in 2005 i wouldn’t have bought a house.
    The jews keep printing money The ZIONIST JEWS just want to make as much as thety can when they can – then they will run and hide.
    Their is still a good flow of money on the 1%,once it drys up they will run and hide !


  • Come back Dr. Paul !

  • Ron Paul could have Beat them both EASILY.

  • I was wondering the same thing! I wish Ron Paul was on the floor beating the shit out of Obama.

  • So do I !!!! I’m like YES!!! Class is in session.

  • Yep wishful thinking dreaming suckers who have their heads in the sand.

  • If Ron Paul actually got enough write ins he would win.

  • I will be writing his name in! 🙂

  • And Romney!

  • Just like the Greeks

  • unfortunately many states will simply not consider write in votes, it makes winning for a independent popular candidate such as Ron Paul simply impossible. The system is rigged in favor of the establishment and the status quo.

  • Romney & Obama are the problem.

  • He will not endorse Romney partially or at all.

  • lol, and his fluffer

  • For those Americans that can’t spell Ron Paul. Let me help you when you go to the polls, why don’t you write this in space provided on the balot.
    R O N P A U L

  • so what happens if enough of us just write in RP on the ballot? what good will it do?

  • lol yeah

  • Was the second dislike from Timothy Geithner?

  • the only reason i can come up with why RP didnt make the nom, is because he didnt say what the stupid people wanted to hear. they only listen lies and fairytales. like the people that go to a magic show…they want to be fooled, and they dont care to know the truth