Ron Paul: I Don’t Think Romney Will Have an Epiphany

  • I am writing in Ron Paul. I love that guy.


  • My president!

  • Utopian nonsense.

  • in a 100 years, your statement may be seen as that of a neandertal dude saying to his mate: ‘oh, you have lit up the fire! it is a sacrilege!’ . But, I understand your fear – yes, in a short term , countries with more freedom would be inundated with people from countries offering less freedom. Things would go to equilibrium very quickly though. you know how many people work for ‘customs’ and other ‘border’ services, and that all this serves no purpose at all?no product, no service, just RED TAPE

  • No.

  • because he doesn’t want to get killed 2 months before he retires

  • It should also be taken into account that Ron Paul advocates him as well.

  • Libertarian party wants “open borders”. This would be insane.

  • If ron paul was not in office i would have anxiety attack when i think about the future of america!! lols If only every1 would quit judging people befor they get to know them… I only spent about 30 mins on ron paul to know he was a true American. And whats funny is Shouldnt our OFFICES Be full of people. Imagine how great It would be if we had a bunch of “ron pauls” to choose from

  • Vote Johnson, For sure!

  • I wish we could have all witnessed a great debate by having Ron Paul on stage.

  • Do not write in Ron Paul, it truly is wasting your vote as it wont be counted. Vote Johnson who shares a lot with Ron Paul, and will help propel the Libertarian party.

  • You mean why Paul isn’t running Libertarian? My guess is he is probably exhausted and knows the chances of winning as a Libertarian is a million to one.

  • Ron Paul is not a dictator. He’s been saying from the start everyone should make their own choices good or bad.

  • fuck mitt romney. vote either johnson or paul.

  • how cheesy they have synth trumpets for their music. cheeeeesssyyy.

    Ron Paul I cannot express my admiration for you without being vulgar.

  • Write in Ron Paul 2012!!!!

  • And so neither will I.

  • I would say they are symptoms of the problem.

  • He would stumble on every word right?