Ron Paul: I Don’t Think Romney Will Have an Epiphany

  • Bingo! Despite small ‘l’ libertarian principle that private property should be defended. That’s just a hint at all the conflicts btwn Big ‘L’ Libertarian Party and small ‘l’ libertarian political ideology.

  • How does electing Obama to a second term include anything good?
    You’re just as delusional as the Liberals in the Dem Party.
    Oh wait, Gary Johnson, you are a Liberal.
    Or you don’t listen to the candidate you are promoting.
    Can’t blame ya there. That’s what put our current President in Office.

  • Like the TEA Party?
    You’re two years too late.

  • He using liberal math. The numbers don’t count, only your intent.

  • The Liberals already have a major Party in the game.
    Gary Johnson is to libertarian the same way Nancy Pelosi is to capitalism.

  • Romney’s gish gallop — an artillery or half truths, misstatements, lies, misdirection, all delivered with confidence and assertiveness, resonated with the uninformed and under informed. Well done, Romney.

  • If you consider 9 votes, more than 108 votes, than you have some math issues.

  • Since Libertarianism is the true conservatism maybe it would be best if they all joined the Republican party and took it over from within.

  • Stay home and don’t vote until there is an option on the ballot to opt-out of being lorded-over by a government (which of course will never happen, so just don’t vote).

  • If Gary Johnson gets 5% of the votes on election day, a lot of good stuff happens. I’m not sure exactly what, but I think it includes $90 million in campaign funds in 2016!

  • Ron Paul has a six point plan on immigration including physically securing the borders coastlines, no Amnesty, ending birthright citizenship, no welfare for illegals, strictly enforcing our visa laws, and passing a real plan that forces all countries to face the same rules and waiting periods.I think if the libertarian party could have one representative, it would be Ron Paul.I know what wiki says about the libertarian party and all, but i think most don’t really want open borders.

  • Yeah I feel you, but I don’t think it will send the same message because they will just throw your vote literally in the garbage and no one will really ever know. At least if you vote GJ it will show up publicly in voting results.

  • dont believe the write in dont get noted…they may not even release the numbers and ingnore it…but they will be noted for sure…the establishment has their backs agains tthe wall right now…the message is spreading and people are waking up daily…and it will only get worse as they have no choice but to continue to push their globalist agenda and the people will get more pissed..they wont miss the ron paul write ins!


  • i like gary johnson but he is weak on some issues…i have NP people casting vote his way…but as for me GJ would be nothing without ron paul…the people would not be awake and resisting and speaking out and started the first stages of revolution without ron paul…his record and integrity is unmatched and has fought for our freedoms for over 30 years..i feel he deserves my vote…if GJ had a chance id prolly throw him my vote…voting gj or writing in RP will send same message to establisment

  • Ron Paul ran as a republican bc it is easier to get into the debates. The press follows republican vs democrats and he has a better chance of getting more publicity as a republican. I think it is great Johnson ran as a Libertarian it is just harder to get into the debates.
    watch this: /watch?v=QDQsIKbQLFY&feature=g-u-u

  • Ron Paul ran as a republican bc it is easier to get into the debates. The press follows republican vs democrats and he has a better chance of getting more publicity as a republican.
    watch this: /watch?v=QDQsIKbQLFY&feature=g-u-u

  • Why would that be insane? I think we should have a more open border policy, give out more worker visas and let people go back and forth. If we make it easier to get a work visa we can easier track and tax illegals. Open borders also encourages more trade between countries. I would love to hear your take on why this is bad?

  • Gary Johnson?

  • i dont think ron paul realizes how many people will write him in…he underestimates the people that know him and respect him…and how we wont compramise…ill be writing him in! …no one else compares to him!

  • Why do they keep asking about endorsing mittens?