Ron Paul: I Don’t Think Romney Will Have an Epiphany

  • For me Romney might be Satan’s second demon and Obama the first.
    But either way you get what you vote for.
    Have fun explaining why you put Romney in when the country collapses.

  • You paultards are some looney fuckin’ jackasses!

  • Saying good things and not doing them is better than saying socialist things and then DOING THEM. you wake up, a second term will unchain obama, he will attempt complete elimination of gun rights and massive tax rises and welfare increases. he will probably go for universal healthcare too. Do you want that to happen? Ill take the bush status quo over socialism any day, ron paul would too.


  • For me, the lesser of the two evils is Romney.

  • you actually worry about your gun rights when you live in a country where you can be designated a threat to national security and either killed or taken away?

    if you believe that you will be secure in your papers and person because you do nothing wrong I ask you to consider the 300 people released from prison for crimes they did not commit.

    Whatever arsenal you have will do you no good against the drones.

  • well there are no thanks from me to you for your continuing endorsement of the status quo. I am looking for actual change rather than more of the same talk that I’ve heard for the last 30 years. Ain’t you tired of it? Energy independence….heard it from every potus since reagan. Eliminate govt waste….heard it from every potus since reagan. Reduce spending…heard it from every potus since reagan. Reduce the debt…heard it from every potus since reagan. NONE OF IT EVER HAPPENS…WAKE UP

  • It works in liberal math.

  • I understand that but you have to do what you think is right. I can only speek for me and I know if the Liberty movement and the libertarians get Johnson 15% then the next election they will have matching funds to battle the Corrupt parties and that is a huge win for us who believe in liberty, freedom, gun rights and that the corruption must stop. This is how to stop it, by getting the Libertarians into the race!

  • My heart supports Dr. Paul, but I’ll probably vote for Romney because Obama wants to legalize MILLIONS of illegal aliens in order to create a permanent, overwhelming voting block to keep big government candidates in power. Romney probably wouldn’t do that, at least in the next four years. We should work for 2016 and keep winning state seats for Liberty candidates. The lesser evil is still not Obama.

  • If johnson gets 15% obama wins and we get to join europe in extreme taxes and debt and get our gun rights taken away. if that happens people will get used to the free shit they get from the government, refuse to give it up and there will be no chance for liberty ever. Good plan.

  • Think about Gary Johnson. If Johnson gets 15% in the election then the Lib party gets Millions of matching funds that will push the Liberty movement, push freedom movement and fundamentally change the future of the Corrupt two party system.

  • and aid in the reelection of the socialist. Thank you for helping to to turn our country into a european socialist shithole

  • WHAT THE FUCK? are you joking? You went from far right, to somewhat right, to far left. I really hope you’re joking. Nobody is that stupid.

  • Yeah Ron had my vote , my second choice was newt , now it’s Obama

  • real nonsenses are 1) the fed being able to create even 1 dollar out of thin air, for whom someone else has to work – not even mentioning creating a couple of trillions , 2) borrowing even 1 dollar for ourselves on the account of our innocent children, not even mentioning 16 trillion . Start worrying with these nonsenses , then you will come up to open borders, which actually neither G Johnson nor Ron Paul wants ,they exist only in theory of libr-ism, you have to fullfill other criteria before.

  • I missed watching Ron Paul’s debates

  • A globalist wants a profane and borderless one world government fueled by an IOU debt scam where they print slave tokens from nothing, force people to barter their labor and property for it, and buy up everything of consequence. They’ll try and declare natural resources as their own (to serve the greater good) and quantify each human life with a slave rating.

    What’s your number?

  • this Ron Paul republican will vote for Gary Johnson without hesitation

  • I LOVE Ron Paul.

  • El

    Funny so many saw a good debate performance. All I saw was a robot talking about destroying the livelihood of American citizens. Ron Paul Pleease run again in 2016. We need u now more than ever