Ron Paul: Forget A 3rd Party, We Need A 2nd Party

  • What everyone really wants is a fair system where every man is rewarded for the quality and content of what he provides. HOWEVER, what we have is a system who steals from the producers and gives to a government supported monopoly (Banks — Wall Street — Big Corporations — Government Programs). The system is self-destructive as the average man wonders why should I produce when they will steal it anyway? We need a major change.

  • I am voting for Johnson, and writing on Ron Paul at the same time.


  • “Yet even he couldn’t stand against the Elite for long.”

    No man is your elite, and he’s not really standing against anybody. He tells us our representatives are ignorant and dumb, preying on your covetous nature. He knows you’ll just keep saying “the elite” (PUKE!!!) because deep down, you think you’re elite.

    The problem isn’t “the elite”, the problem is those who keep begging a man to answer their unjust prayers. If you were in their shoes, you become a slaver and a butcher too.


  • RP’s not dumb enough to endorse anyone. Hes really the only RIGHT man for the job. That aside when asked if he will vote he said ‘yes’ then when asked so you will be voting Republican party Romney, he chuckles and says ‘No, i dont think so’, and then when asked- So your voting Obama?, he said ‘There are other options out there, …like Gary Johnson.’ Heard this a few weeks ago. I want RP to run as an Independant but he wont 🙁

  • This. For everyone writing in Ron Paul in an attempt to “make a statement”, please read this before you head to the polls come November.

  • It really doesn’t matter who gets in, Their intentions for the country change as soon as they learn the part they are to play in the Globalists Agenda. Even Gary Johnson would be corrupted not long after his election, which by the way will never happen. It’s sad that we can’t get a Ron Paul in Office, Yet even he couldn’t stand against the Elite for long.

  • If Ron Paul would endorse Gary Johnson for president I would vote for him.

  • Fuck democracy if you believe in democracy than fuck you to

  • Gary Johnson 2012

  • Ohhh fiscal cliff yet the print 40 bill a month for ever and they are worried about a cliff you guys keep watching the tv and you’ll never know true reality just what they broadcast

  • I am writing in Ron Paul regardless.

  • vote Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party needs at least 5% of the vote to get matching funds

  • Most of us will just write in Ron Paul, just to make a statement if nothing else.

  • I was going to write-in Ron Paul

    but then I found out that ballots that have write-in votes are thrown away in many states…
    Gary Johnson will be on the ballot and a vote for him will be counted in every state.
    I urge you to reconsider… at least check out Gary Johnson if you haven’t already…
    They are very similar. Many people think Ron Paul himself will be voting for Gary Johnson (no idea if that is true – seems likely)
    So yeah… just trying to help. I wish Ron Paul was on the ballot.

  • This is from his site, “A woman should be allowed to make her own decisions during pregnancy until the point of viability of a fetus.” He is pro-life, but also pro-choice. We need to end this bi-partisan government 🙂

  • 07:53 “The ignorance of the two when it comes to economic policy”

    How can he still try and let these crooks off the hook by claiming they’re dumb or “ignorant”? They aren’t in the least bit ignorant, but they’d like you to think they are. It’s a way of preying on your nature, trying make you feel smart, to forgive them for their ignorance.

    They’re crooks debasing and indebting Americans to serve an agenda they can’t even tell you.

    Nixon: “We’re all Keynesians now.”

  • why not Ron just him?

  • “No to the second.” – Ron Paul. I LOVE IT!

  • Ron Paul is demonized by the current 1 party system, yet his supporters will become the new Republican Party and his ideas will become the medium for all Republicans. The neo-cons will flock back to their liberal nests where they came from and we’ll finally start to have a real democracy.