Ron Paul: Forget A 3rd Party, We Need A 2nd Party

  • Going Garry.

  • Like if you wrote in Ron Paul. I did


  • There is too much fluoride in the water rotting everyone’s brain to the point that they can not think clearly anymore and make rational decisions.
    To many Americans are on Prescription drugs like anti depressants and sedatives which is distorting their common sense and thinking.
    One only needs to listen to Ron Paul once to become infected by his words of truth.
    I have come to a conclusion that either there is intense high tech fraud going on or Americans are brain dead.

  • You mean more substance than the last 40 years of fake debates….

  • Of course more perfection out of this man. What else is new? Sit back and watch his statements unfold into reality. This charade will not continue.

  • if he was as rich as romney or obama people would wake the fuck up and realize he’s the only one who is gonna make anything good happen

  • i love you ronnie bby

  • please Mr.RON PAUL be my country president… dont be American president for help that stupid peoples who ever live in there country….

  • Amen

  • God bless Ron Paul

    Look up : H.R. 347 Be prepared to be shocked
    Gary Johnson is the only freedom candidate on the ballot. It’s time to show the Democrats and the Republicans how serious we are about change. We are the 99% This year you can still vote for liberty! Vote Gary Johnson 2012!

  • Ron Paul is the only one that made any sense and actually talked about what the real problems are, anyone against him are the supporters of the traitors of America. Fuck off and Die, we do not want you or need you on this planet. You fucking brain dead shit heads. Either Write in Ron Paul or Gary Johnson anyone but the pathetic canditates that are shoved down our throats by the people that aren’t even American, our media is controled by foriegners…wake the fuck up, there are other options.

  • America has lost it way.. rough road ahead..4 more years of Obama puppet means the fall of the U.S. Dollar, ushering in the U.N dictates and takeover right on cue!

  • Ron Paul politically incorrect and we fucking like that way you Douche bag liberals and Neo Con scum!! Fuck Romney!! He is a liberal Neo con Scumbag!!

  • your done ron. give it up. no one is falling for your lies.

  • wRONg Paul is a fuckin’ disgrace! He sucks horse balls in the stable at night after they’ve been ridden all day and put up.

  • 2012 sir

  • romney and obama=FAILURE OF AMERICA

  • Surfisher

    The BO wants to destroy our Freedoms and our Nation!

    But, If Mitt gets into the White House — expect An American Tragedy!

    Mormon Mitt won’t allow Catholic Ryan to be anything but his doormat (to be disposed of when the time comes).

    His 5 Mormon Sons are getting groomed to take over…and create a Dynasty of little Mormon Mitts for decades to come!

    Now, that is truly scary!

  • I really don’t know anyone to go protest with, I need to connect with fellow RP supporters. You are absolutely right. It’s not enough to talk about it, we gotta hit the streets and protest and get people informed before it’s too late.