Ron Paul: Forget A 3rd Party, We Need A 2nd Party

  • Everyone who writes in Ron Paul is doing nothing for this election.

    What will happen when you vote for Ron Paul: 1) person at election office checks if “Ron Paul” is on registered list of eligible write-in candidates. In all States except a few: Ron Paul is NOT on list of applied & eligible write-in candidates. 2) person at election office throws your vote in the garbage can. 3) No one except person at election office knows you voted for Ron Paul. 4) No news coverage of trash. Gary JOHNSON.

  • Props now and forever to Ron Paul for waking us up the BS in Washington. 🙂


  • Vote Different and vote some one who is on every ballot (or almost) If Obamney is not your choice… there is one other option in most states: Gary Johnson, Libertarian.

  • Probably shoulda voted for Gary…but at least they will be pissed you didnt choose Obama or Romney lol

  • if you’re gonna troll, at least say something which isn’t completely retarded

  • First of all Ron Paul is a christian and an active one at that and secondly degrading other people of their beliefs is the opposite of what democracy and freedom are about. Democracy is about knowing their are differences between people and accepting them. One more thing you know nothing. period. Remember knowledge is just a fallacy created by our minds to give us the ability to reason, which is just one more falsehood.

  • Ron Paul is a slave owner

  • 7:33 made my day, God i love Ron

  • Who’s the female anchor? She’s… stunningly beautiful.

  • Thumbs up if you voted for Gary Johnson!

  • /watch?v=catXmvGKG0c

    It’s not a vote if it is not counted.

  • Just voted early, wrote in Ron Paul. Let the Revolution begin.

  • When was it a happy world? Agree with you for Ron Paul!

  • Ron Paul is not voting gary johnson. Ron Paul is intelligent.

  • bet you all anything ron paul is voting gary johnson!

  • The hopeless people are the ones who still support Obama or Romney
    Sad World we live in.

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  • shut your mouth jabroni youre not funny

  • rin pool is one of dem book learnin fags wid his long wurds like consitushun

  • There’s no fraud, Americans are just brain dead. I mean over 50% of America still pray to invisible beings in the clouds and actually think truth in evolution, something you can prove today, is just a belief. No wonder they are going to vote for a candidate that will actually hurt them just because he says “i won’t, trust me” on national tv and then can’t explain anything.