Ron Paul: Forget A 3rd Party, We Need A 2nd Party

  • RON PAUL STRATEGY VIDEO ————-> watch?v=cJrm1n88D_0

  • Is it just me or are those two dude interviewers complete tweaks? haha

  • Gary Johnson 2012!


  • I was just kidding. Plus does it really matter? Our vote doesn’t mean much, delegates have the power.

  • It’s truly a big bad economic mess. As Ron Paul says, it’s a question of CONFIDENCE and that hasn’t happened for years.

  • tread softly….any form of write in may disqualify vote.

  • kind of like it did in ’92 and ’96?

  • Real talk.

  • Ron Paul 2016, maybe america will wake up by then.

  • I’m sure that broad got her job based on intellectual merit rather than sucking the correct dick(s). GTFOHWT!!!

  • Me too. Hawaii state law prohibiting write ins was actually upheld by the Supreme court in the 80’s. For now, it’s better that the liberty movement get behind the actual liberty candidate rather than just a protest vote.

  • The constitution DOES NOT GRANT CITIZENS RIGHTS, IT RECOGNIZES THEM AND LIMITS GOVERNMENT ABUSE OF SAID RIGHTS. If dumbass people would stop BUYING THE BULLSHIT and WAKE THE HELL UP, we may actually start moving back towards TRUE FREEDOM.

    That among these are Life, Liberty, & the Pursuit of Happiness.

    1. the power of choosing, thinking, and acting for oneself; freedom from control or restriction

    When you TRULY understand liberty, you see the system for what it is…Corrupt Control.

  • I hope whomever wins the Presidency does a good job and I don’t have to say “I told you so”, because Ron Paul is the only one that would have made a real change for the greater good.

  • Revolution is inevitable. When is the tipping point going to happen? When people simply can’t afford everyday commodities due to inflation (due to quantitative easing by the federal reserve). QE3 just added fuel to the fire…

  • FUCK the news reporters that ask Ron Paul to endorse Mitt Romney!

  • “Foreign policy stays the same, monetary policy stays the same”, so much truth to those words. Why does this bitch have to ask the same fucking question over and over? There is NO REAL DIFFERENCE between Obama and Romney, ONLY cosmetic differences, like gay marriage. Well in a TRULY free society, gay marriage stance is IRRELEVANT.
    Obama nor Romney will overturn the Patriot Act (warrantless wiretapping) or the NDAA (indefinite detention of American citizens with NO TRIAL, NO JURY, NO JUDGE).

  • Gary Johnson 2012

  • i wish Ron Paul and Gay Johnson were in the white house.

  • Its a shame Paul is not on the ballot, but please vote Johnson. If you are a Ron Paul supporter, this is the best way you can support him, liberty, small government, and end the wars.

    Don’t let your passion overcome sensibility and vote Johnson 2012!!!

  • Ron Paul got the Revolution in motion and hopefully it won’t loose steam! LIBERTY 2012!!!!!!!!