Ron Paul: Forget A 3rd Party, We Need A 2nd Party

  • Gary Johnson 2012!


  • Gary Johnson is our last hope people! He’s no Ron Paul but he makes alot more sense over obama and romney.

  • “So thats what it comes down to cutting spending”, dam right lady!

  • Of course he wanted to win. He worked his ass off! What more did you want him to do? He got as much coverage as he possibly could, spoke wherever he could. He played by the rules and got shiested. I’ll think about it, but truthfully I think I’ll only do it if Ron Paul endorses him. Purely out of sheer respect for what he did for us.

  • This guy… this. fucking. guy.

    I can’t wait till he’s in history books and I can say – yeah, no one wanted to listen. Brilliant.

  • Did anyone hear the hollering in the background? Someone does not like Dr. Paul speaking the truth 😛

  • Lets write him in people… Even tho those votes will mysteriously get lost

  • This is it..same thing happened to ROME….wakeup everyone!! BE PREPARED TO LOOK FOR UR OWN FOOD AND SURVIVE IN THIS CRAZY WORLD….GOD is coming soon..

  • Unelectable = Political spin for uncontrollable

  • How in God’s name can this man be viewed as unelectable? He is so fluent and everything he says makes sense…..because it’s true!! Shame on our countrymen,politicians and money grabbers who remain uninformed, spin the obvious truths to keep their positions and fat cats who are making out like the thieves as the fleece America. We are getting what we deserve.Write Ron Paul in November.Then at least you can say you tried!

  • Scott R

    Folks… writing in Paul will not do anything for the cause. A vote for Gary Johnson ensures the following:

    1. Libertarian party gets more funding if they get 5% or more.
    2. Your vote is actually counted (many write ins are tossed out)
    3. Your voting for the only candidate out of the top THREE with a balanced budget. A vote for the other two is a vote to continue to borrow from China for things we can’t afford.
    4. Your voting for a step back in our military presense overseas. Including nation building we can’t afford.
    5. Your voting to end things like the patriot act. A vote for the other 2 is a vote for the patriot act.
    6. Your voting to stop drones from flying over US soil. A vote for the other 2 is a vote to add more drones.
    7. Your voting for STATE RIGHTS. Let each state run it how they choose.
    8. Your voting to seperate the power to PRINT from the power to GOVERN.

    I know some of you have issues with his policy on abortion and illegals, but I encourage you to consider that with state rights, a state can customize the law to the whim of the population. Then we can all live under the laws that we set for better or worse. It seems like STATE RIGHTS are the best way that Liberals and Conservatives can come together in this country and actually govern rather then the continuation of the DC gridlock that never gets us anywhere!

  • Ron Paul has my vote wake up America we need some with some intelligence in office

  • Agreed… Ron Paul for President 2012 !!!!

  • I’ll be voting for Gary Johnson. He’s the next best thing. I know RP was black balled but he didn’t do himself any favors either. It was like he didn’t want to win or something. If you vote for Gary Johnson we can possibly give the libertarian party the same funding and chances to speak as the other “two” parties get.

  • fuck this i writing in ron paul

  • yup agree 100% on that

  • he’s never done bad imo he just really nailed this one

  • when has he done really bad? facts aways out plan your opponents imho

  • Ron Paul doesn’t even have to think twice before saying no to endorsing Romney. I love how the media keeps bugging him about it over and over and over and over.

  • Super helpful. Now let’s put it into practice!