Ron Paul: Forget A 3rd Party, We Need A 2nd Party

  • I feel so frustrated… I get told I am a nut case for telling others about Ron Paul. The focus on Obama and Romney is destroying the country. I need advice I am really losing my hope in the world… I am tired of my country policing the world and ruining others lives for our gain. Also, we are failing economically and the politicians won’t agree on a single thing. Ron Paul was the hope I had and now that he has dropped out what do I have? Not even hope…..

  • Dont be discouraged Remember the 5th of November!

  • If Gary Johnson can get up to 5% in the national polls, he’ll get around $90million for the Libertarian party in 2016.
    I don’t know if Rand Paul will be exactly like his dad, since he did back Romney….but, we’ll see how he tries to influence the Republican party. I just can’t stand how he backed Romney….even though his dad was still in the race. Only time will tell, if his play worked or not.

  • I know 🙁 I was just trying to stay positive while I still had the freedom to do so.

  • You really think the dominant two parties will be shunned by then? Our best bet is Paul’s son if he stays consistent and influences the gop drastically

  • I know dude. he’ll be in diapers.

  • Ron Paul knows how to answer a question. And he doesn’t lie either.


  • Ron Paul should of one 2012 let alone run in 2013 ….the whole system is corrupt now your vote means shit so whats the point of giving your money to a government that does not take your votes and freedoms seriously ?

  • Ron Paul 2013

  • Romney and Obama; The song remains the same.

  • I have always thought there needs to be more and more coverage on the Federal Reserve and audits.Unfortunately, not everybody agrees. Evidently someone who read this article thinks it’s a “crackpot” issue. WOW

  • If Tomas Jefferson was to run today, he wouldn’t win.

  • Then it’s up to YOU to tell them!


  • If this kind of blatant media scam and voting fraud against a Presidential Candidate happened in ANY other country, there would be civil war by the end of the day! And that’s a FACT!
    USA isn’t a Republic, nor a Democracy. It’s an obvious Corporate NaZionist Fascist Dictatorship ruling over it’s slave worker drones.
    So long, Constitution. So long, Rights. So long, Freedom.
    Hello Lord and Master Rothschild.

  • Ron Paul – A sane man in a crazy congress.

  • 7:45-9:19

    Ron Paul lays it out in crayon.

  • Dr Paul. I feel so happy listening to you. Someone speaking out.

  • More substance in this 11 minute video than in 4 hours of presidential debates.

  • He is not racist.