Ron Paul: A Major Event Could Occur during the Next Administration

  • lets hope we never see a “major event” .And all the so called survivialists and preppers, a major war would probably mean you would live to die a sick horrible death….PEACE!!!

  • Aw division isnt wisdom in my neck of the woods.

  • I truly don’t understand why you would do that bro? Have you checked to make sure your state actually counts write-ins? Gotta go with your heart, I feel ya. I was really defeated after the GOP rule changes, so that really forced my hand. I’m very much in-line with the Libertarian Party myself, the Larry King interview on Hulu really sealed it for me

  • Naw, would rather use the prison labor correctly with REAL criminals.

  • Cool you can bury me!

  • We need a revolution! a killumination…we will fight for our freedom!

  • I respect that comm. Its your vote, vote your heart! I will proudly write in my obvious choice.

  • Does anybody know a yellow bellied LOYALIST, like in the last Revolution? Share my prepper/ paul video with them! Tell ’em where there Jobbie, Job went with it! 🙂

  • here here!

  • ‘write-in revolution’ – Ron Paul’s response: 27:30


  • Nope, not bots! I’m a fan of both but have been actively posting support for Gary Johnson after the GOP killed Dr. Paul’s chances. It’s the only logical decision. We lost the take over of the Repub party, it’s over. It’s time to take the message and fuse it to the Libertarian Party and quit messing around

  • One thing I’ve learned are that Ron Paul supporters (which I am as well) are unfamiliar with bible prophecy and its importance.

    The only thing that has kept this country from receiving the wrath of God is the fact that we’ve always supported Israel (which seems to be quickly changing now, since the NWO planted leaven/misinformation about Rothschild crap owning Israel and also causing 9/11 to make us hate Israel). That is the ONE thing we’re lacking in wisdom/knowledge.

    • RebelForceCommand

      Israel as described in the Bible died long ago with the new covenant. Believers in Christ became members of the Family of God through their Faith and the New Kingdom is no longer one of this world at all.

      You have been taught things that are simply not accurate about what the Bible says. The problem I believe is that far too much of the Bible is taught as a direct instruction, when many of the parts taught are merely to be reflected upon as the precedents to our present reality.

      I believe the Bible makes it clear what are direct instructions to post fullfillment covenant Believers separating themselves from all other documented Biblical activities and instructions that were pre fullfillment.

  • Ron Paul planted the seeds and inspired the youth. I’m one of them and I’ve done my duty to wake up people to the ideals of what being American is and what sets us apart from other nations in the world and history. I will continue it and I hope all who understand the message will as well.

  • what is right is right and what’s wrong is wrong, no matter how popular it is or may appear to be.

  • How respectful.

  • writeinron2012

  • What, are you some kind of moron?

  • He is most likely talking about a false flag 🙁

  • It’s not “Gary Johnson or nothing.” Gary Johnson WILL NOT WIN (I fully intend to vote for him of course). Sure, vote for Gary Johnson… but keep your guns loaded.

  • what are you talking about? GJ supporters and RP supporters are the same things, Libertarians.