Ron Paul: A Major Event Could Occur during the Next Administration

  • Don’t you dare try to tell me what my beliefs are. I AM a Ron Paul supporter.
    The difference between you & I is, I look at the injustice that took place at the RNC & the bullshit that is being done to Gary Johnson, & I see what you FAIL or REFUSE to see;

    America is simply not ready for a libertarian president. (YET).
    Too many Americans today look to the gov’t. for more STUFFF. If Obama gets another term, this will get worse. The gains Libertarianism has made thus far will be ERASED! Got it?!


  • Yes, he absolutely does. but so does Obama. But much to your chagrin & mine, those are the ONLY 2 viable candidates this election. Casting your vote for the split & doomed to fail libertarian ticket is essentially a vote for the worst, most anti-libertarian president in American history. Its a vote for statism.
    Romney might support the Patriot Act & NDAA but this is why the grass roosts conservatives like the tea party exists.
    The fight for liberty STARTS with defeating Obama. This MUST happen.

  • Exactly right. Most of these fools are just Romney trolls trying to con people into voting for the swine even though they (ought to) know better.

  • You see, that nonsense of yours is a perfect example of the twisted illogical crap people will say to rationalise their endorsement of “the (supposed) lesser” EVIL.
    As thers is no discernible difference between Barack Romney and Mitt Obama anyway your whole asinine post is just an endorsement of war, banksterism and police statism.
    YOU are the problem with American politics.

  • Good, some more few people will see how broken things are. Even if it turns 100 people in the whole country, ideas are ripple on the pond. 100 could become an extra million people on our side, by pushing more people into action.

  • I understand that voting endorses the system. But voting Gary Johnson undermines the system. So i think you prefer non-endorsement over undermining, that is your choice. I disagree but respect your perspective.

  • Ron Paul or Riot 2012

  • It is quite shameful, some of the things they say…

  • Sorry, didn’t see someone mentioned it already until after posting to you… But yea, Jon Stewart was cool. I first noticed him after he came out on the media bias. That piece he clipped together was pretty blatant .

  • And by “undecided voters”, I mean the “undecided between Obama/Romney” crowd who keep flipping back and forth because they have no knowledge and very little or no basic intelligence. It’s all about the superficial nonsense and unfounded claims for them.

  • Well the reason that one vote for Obama counts a lot more is because the race between Obama/Romney is MUCH closer than it is between them and anyone else. But I agree it depends on if you’re in a swing state. My state is normally blue, but it isn’t a total lock. We elected a GOP governor recently and we have a big Republican population esp the further north you go. lol I know what you mean about losing hope – undecided voters are what make me lose hope when I listen to what they say.

  • Yvette

    I would love to write in Ron Paul, but that would get Obama closer to winning the presidency. This is not the year to vote third party – we need to get Obama out at all cost and then concentrate on the next election. I heard Jesse Ventura is running. This sounds promising. If Obama wins we can all say hello to socialism and goodbye to life as we know it. Please think about supporting Obama’s strongest opponent before you vote. Trust me, I don’t like Romney, but he is the greatest chance at getting rid of Obama.

    • M. Smith

      That has got to be one of THE most twisted methods of reasoning I’ve ever heard. Voting for ‘the lesser of two evils’ has obviously gotten us nowhere over the last few decades. Why should you expect it to work this time around. A vote for Romney IS a vote for Obama; they’re essentially one and the same. But don’t take my word for it:

  • Now i bet theirs a million people saying the same thing so they decide to vote for mitt or obama a million votes really coulda helped ron paul out in the primaries yo

  • god bless this man!

  • No Rombomaney! Write in Ron Paul!!
    Don’t settle for Johnson…

  • The Fuck he KNOWS that we don’t?

  • My vote actually went to Johnson. You could also make that argument that one vote for Obama won’t matter, since he’s projected to win anyway. It also depends what state you live in.
    So for example, I live in Georgia, where Obama is guaranteed to lose. So why would I vote for either Johnson or Obama since they have no chance of winning?
    This kind of conversation is actually making me lose hope for America, haha.

  • That’s true, but my point is that the majority of people in this country do not like Ron Paul or common sense in the first place. So me voting for Ron Paul wouldn’t matter, even if everyone else who likes Ron Paul DOES vote for him. I respect your choice to write him in though since it is symbolic, but personally I also think there is a big enough difference between Obama and Romney to warrant voting for the better of the two (although you could argue the differences are really only short-term)

  • Yes. 3rd parties don’t get support from Democrats, Republicans, or the media. Which, if anything, tells me that they are doing something right.
    If everyone wasted their vote on a 3rd party…then that 3rd party would win.

  • There is loyalty on both sides. And actually, more Republicans switch over to Libertarians than Democrats do.