Ron Paul: A Major Event Could Occur during the Next Administration

  • Neither choice is a GOOD choice, I’ll give you that, but those are the ONLY choices you get. Welcome to the shitty world of politics.

    Ryan-Romney 2012.
    Move it or lose it!


  • You are wrong. Romney is not the statist disaster Obama is & will continue to be.
    Libertarianism dies with Romney, as “Fundamental transformation” continues to charge on under a 2nd Obama term.

  • Thank God this nut won’t ever get into office!!

  • Yes, I agree, eiither US citizens are too stupid, or not willing to wake up to reality, well when they find themselves in the same position as Greece they’ll wake up alright, 2017 I heard. US debt clock is ur best guide.

  • Because Many Americans have woke up to the truth. That is our Constitution and our Free Republic. Mitt Romney has already flat out said he would violate the Constitution thru the war on terrorism. You think voting for a lesser evil is going to save this nation and you are wrong.

  • Because Neither choice is a choice, to people who support freedom, they don’t see Romney or Obama as remotely close.

  • Same thing was said about G.W.B Jr.

  • No, Romney is not going to be the same or worse, than the worst president in US history.
    I knew BEFORE Obama was elected that he would be a big government, big spending debacle. & sure enough, he is.

    Romney is not beholden to the same socialist, utopian ideologies Obama is. Romney is a free market capitalist. He’s a job creator. His bag is economic growth, not “fundamental transformation”.
    Why don;t you beat yourself over the head with that red flag & realize this?

  • Would somebody please explain how a split & doomed to fail libertarian ticket is supposed to somehow magically pull out a win this election?
    How many libertarian votes are going to be wasted because they wrote in Ron Paul in a state which does not even recognize write-ins?!
    How many would-be libertarian voters out there are refusing to vote out of frustration?

    Before one more person dares call ME a sheep, or a drone, I want an answer that fucking question! Right fucking now!

  • Both candidates are owned by the establishment so if Romney wins it will be the same as Obama. Obama’s top donor in 2008 was Goldman Sachs. Now Romney’s top donor this year is Goldman Sachs. What the fuck does that tell you? If you got your head out of your ass than you would see the red flag as i do.

  • I absolutely agree!
    But America is currently nowhere NEAR that. It might get there in the future if the conditions allow for it, but not this election cycle.
    If the great libertarian revolution had ANY hope of success today, we would have seen tens of MILLIONS of libertarians marching the streets following the disgraceful events of the RNC. We didn’t see any of that. Clearly the vast majority of America isn’t ready to stop playing 2 party politics.
    So, it all becomes about defeating Obama.

  • What a fucking joke. Romney’s policies are 75% inline with Obama’s, and that is no exaggeration. Quit being such a naive sheep who believes Romney will actually do something. He won’t do shit and you promoting him is an absolute disgrace not only to Ron Paul advocates, but to libertarian advocates as well. GARY JOHNSON 2012

  • America, not the World needs to go though an Idea Revolution. A dramatic change in thought and thinking that will cause them to openly seek out and uproot the causes of our problems today.

    Ron Paul has moved out to do this first but it has to be more then just Ron Paul, It has to be Everyone.

  • Both Romney and Obama will continue with More Spending,More Wars,More Big Government and more shoving government up your ass were it should not be and into your lives.

    This is not a Horse Race and it should not be treated at a Game.

    We have serous issues going on around the World right now! Its not going to be Obama or Romney that’s going to fix this, it has to be YOU! ALL OF YOU!

    Government is not going to fix things,its going to brake more things.


  • People like to vote for a winner. Most of the country will not endorse a libertarian until the libertarians command a greater percentage of the vote. To do this, every libertarian actually needs to get out and vote for the libertarian candidate. If a candidate can get to 10%, there is going to be alot of new hype, because the media will have found a new niche. Once this happens, more and more people will start to see through cockbags like Romney and Obama.

  • I’m Canadian. I don’t get a vote. But I am campaigning for Ryan-Romney because if Obama is re-elected, America as we know it will be lost. It will become Ameritopia. One more socialist disaster for the history books. & my country will likely be brought down with it. Paul is still my #1 choice for president. Hands down. But America has made it clear it’s not ready for a libertarian president. Yet.
    So it’s GOT to be Romney, who is status quo at worst. FOR LIBERTARIANISM TO SURVIVE OBAMA MUST LOSE!

  • Obama or Romney as President = America comes to an abrupt and a painful END !!!

  • Well it’s too bad someone who is supposedly so much more informed than I can’t even make an argument.
    Go ahead & explain how 4 more unaccountable years of statist Obama is going to help the rise of libertarianism in America, idiot.
    Because that is what you are GUARANTEEING, but casting your vote for the split & doomed to fail libertarian ticket.
    Libertarianism THIS election cycle is a pipe dream. It fucking sucks, but thats the TRUTH! Your stubbornness guarantees it stays that way forever.

  • Nobody is more removed from the biased media than I am, pal.

    Stubborn, short sighted FOOLS like you are the problem. If you were informed, you would know that for libertarianism to thrive tomorrow, (it can’t thrive today), it must have the conditions to do so.
    Obama is seeking to CONTINUE his “fundamental transformation” of America AWAY from libertarianism & towards utopian statism. 4 more years of a Status quo republican is libertarianism’s last & only hope.

    Thinking men already know this.

  • Sheep this, sheep that. How about you just make a fucking argument, pinhead? Can you do that?
    I am a libertarian first, & a paul supporter second. I am so committed to the cause of liberty, that I am not willing to let it die with Paul or Johnson, which, if you paid ANY attention to current events, you’d know is a CERTAINTY!
    America made that clear to you at the RNC. The fight for libertarianism has become a fight against it’s primary enemy: Obama!