Ron Paul: A Major Event Could Occur during the Next Administration

  • 1. Who gave you the monopoly on truth and reason?
    2. Do you have any idea how hysterical you seem?
    3. I’m rubber you’re glue. (as long as we are regressing)
    4. Take a deep breath and ask yourself if you are helping or hurting your cause by being a hysterical boor.
    5. RON PAUL 2012! WRITE HIM IN!


  • hey if you guys like Ron Paul, (i know this is kinda random) but listen to KRS-ONE. there is a large segment of the hip hop community that is with libertarians on everything they say and just have never heard a libertarian view point. we need allies. sheep voting for romney or obama will never be allies, we need people who stick up for real values and KRS-ONE is a leader of a movement that is on par with libertarianism. reach out to hip hop community, listen to KRS-ONE spread the word. unite!

  • why do you assume libertarians would vote for Romney over obama? neither are even remotely close to libertarianism. romney pays lip service to a free market and obviously favors crony capitalism as seen by who funds him: banks and big corporations. voting libertarian is a vote saying i am above your media brainwashing and I actually have a clue whats going on. that scares the establishment. voting for romeny or obama just reconfirms their idea that you are a idiot sheep

  • go ahead and explain how neocons who also dont care about the Constitution is going to help the rise of libertarinsm in america, idiot. you don’t have any clue wtf you are talking about and sorry but you aren’t special for being a brainwashed romney clone. you support someone who talks about cuts who cant name a single thing hes gunna cut besides 500million dollar CBS and planned parenthood… wow thats 1 billion, too bad the defecit is over a trillion. someone who will create jobs w magic wand

  • obama and romney are the same thing dressed differently. shut the fuck up clown. your pipe dreams are what the media tells you, romney and obama control the media, it takes someone with an independent mind which you clearly dont have and never will. go jump on the bandwagon u dumb ass sheep.



  • SCREW BOTH OF THEM!!! How is it they both still want war when a Vietnam war veteran such as Ron Paul WANTS TO END WAR!??? Your idea of government is OVER, The youth will not idly by as these pigs fuck over America over and over again!!!

  • Guy Launiere

    You say you have 10% unemployment. The good news is you have 90% employment.
    So 90% of the peoples does all the work, they need to cut their work hours by 10% and you will have full employment.
    Easy maths, cut the work week from 5 days/35 hours to 4 days/32 hours.
    China will not go away, those jobs are gome for ever, Romney say he will put a tarif on China, who do you think will pay it at the end? Sudenly everything goes up 25%.
    China does it for less and it’s OK. so we can work less, We have to lurn to work less, CUT THE WEEK BY 10%. and by the way it cost nothing, work instantly.Ask anybody will you rather work 35 hours in 5 days or 32 hours in 4 days? Try it first, go to your co ask what will happen if they try that? Call it whatever you want but it’s working here in Canada and it’s working in Germany.
    I will go further, give everybody 4 choices, go to school, go to work, go in the military or stay at home doing nothing. For the first three you get pay. Staying at home doing nothing you’r on your own.

  • No, Romney is stronger than Obama.
    The problem is, at least 45% of Americans are totally IGNORANT of what’s going on right now in their country. They know NOTHING about the constitution or history & reflexively vote for the guy they like more who in this case is the non-white dude who is promising them more free shit.
    These people are the antithesis of libertarianism & Obama is pandering to them in hopes of DEFEATING YOU!
    Obama also has the media & the education system shamelessly on his side.

  • Mtn Dew and Video games? DO YOU READ WHAT YOU TYPE?! I’m actually a political science major at UMass Boston, fool. You’re stupidity amazes me once again, Bravo! You’re voting for Romney and Ryan when there polices are almost identical to Obamas….you do know that right…? You’re either the worlds biggest troll for coming to this video and just making ridiculous remarks to piss us “non thinking men” off, or you really are just blind to the truth. Romney is bought and paid for, goldmannSachs hoe

  • The lesser of 2 evils is the only choice you got, dummy. America created this outcome, not me.
    Would you rather a guy punch you in the face or SHOOT YOU IN THE FUCKING HEART AT POINT BLANK RANGE?! Those are your only two options. Not making a choice or choosing a non existant third option gets you lead. Understand? Think about that as you watch libertarianism & constitutional government go down the drain in a second Obama term YOU helped create.
    So long America, hello Ameritopia.

  • Drone,
    You’re either wildly uninformed of what is at stake this election, or you’re willfully choosing to ignore it all & act like a punk ass CHILD!
    Maybe a 2nd Obama term will wake people up?! Ah,…maybe it will raise America to the ground! WHAT LIBERTARIAN SAYS SOMETHING SO STUPID?!
    I’m not a re-pubic-an! As an infromed libertarian, I can see that a vote for the split, doomed to FAIL libertarian ticket this election cycle is equal to a vote FOR the most statist president in US history.

  • Guy Launiere

    I don’t give a dam who gets it, 10 countries already have it, but you know what? the first country who use it, I will take it away from you by any means necessary.
    SO CAN IT OR LOSE IT. (you may lose the whole country in the process)

  • The cause of defending liberty requires more than just getting out & voting (which does matter, A LOT).
    You have to keep the dictators like Obama out of power & get involved with grass roots activists like the tea party.
    America has already made it clear it wants it to stay a 2 party monopoly.
    There is nothing noble about your petulant, pig-headed refusal to participate in the election just because your guy didn’t get nominated. Wipe your nose, grow the fuck up & oppose tatalitarianism. Now!

  • Economically, things MIGHT get a bit better under Romney, but I don’t expect any real substantive “change” from him, no.
    I am not making the case Romney is the best candidate for the job. Paul is. By FAR!
    But guess what, Paul isn’t an option & that’s America’s fault, not mine.
    Look at Obama’s record. He’s the most statist, anti-libertarian president in US histroy.
    He’s literally running the country into the ground. Obama MUST NOT WIN!
    Ryan & Romeny are the only viable option that remains.

  • Voting for neither is equal to voting for Obama, the most anti-libertarian president in American history. Wake up to this reality.

    “Hopefully, enough people will vote for neither of them and shrink their base enough so they know we are sick of their status quo shit.”
    You’re a delusional fucking retard. Come back to reality.

  • By making this statement you openly admit that Romney is not strong enough to beat Obama and the GOP has, YET AGAIN, put an inferior candidate up against a stronger oponent. This makes Ron Paul evidently stronger than Romney.

  • There are more than “slight differences” between these two candidates.
    One is a statist who is out to “fundamentally transform America” away from libertarianism. The other is a free market capitalist & a status quo president at worst.
    Those are your only two viable options.
    So which is it going to be?

  • Guy Launiere

    The first thing Romney will do is to run to Iseael to plan an invasion on Iran.
    He has no problems sending your son to the front but his won’t go. They look to be shevel ready for the military.
    Romney said that govr. don’t create jobs, folks like him does, my question then is how many jobs have you created last month, last year, the last four years? not counting the jobs in China. what’s holding you back?
    When people find out that nothing is moving after 2,3,4 years, they will get discouraged and go down in the streets. this will escalate to fighting, rock throing and then gun shouting, Lybia all over again here in USA.