Ron Paul: A Major Event Could Occur during the Next Administration

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  • Did I bring you into this?

  • Did I bring you into this?


  • IKR?? Such dangerous lunatics that want to balance the budget, end the wars, provide a currency that is not prone to hyperinflation and reward those that work hard. Those crazy SOB’s need assimilate and realize that govt needs more cogs in their wheel! You should watch some George Carlin… Very liberating.

  • HAHAHAHA next thing you’re going to say is that the government derives its power from the people XD

  • fros rada!


    Seriously,Ron Paul ADMITTED he was a racist multiple times. Google up “John Birch society”,wake the fuck up. Ron Paul wants to remove regulations that protect the environment AND the american worker. He thinks we should have a fence between the US and mexico.

  • Morgan

    The only major event I see happening in the next administration is war with Iran and escalation of said war with Iran to include the the two great powers, China and Russia. China will call in the debt we owe them and Russia will exert its military strength along with China in the Middle East.

    I will be saying, “told ya so” and “you voted for this” to a lot of people.

  • Eat the Rich

  • the only man who could restore america to its former glory to bad they cheated him

  • What rock did you crawl out from under? You are so far of on basic facts are you in the 4th grade? Do you know what the Fed is OMFG you should save yourself the embarrassment and delete your comment you SMF!!

  • NEVER man never that COOL AID IS POSION!

  • dude i like mtn dew and ron paul. Listen carefully am not brainwashed by romney and obama. I like ron paul is better.

  • OMG! You think that the federal reserve bank is an entity of the federal government just because of the word “federal”? You really need to do some googling and educate yourself on that subject.

  • I would vote for Obama over Romney if I had to choose (I’d sooner kill myself). At the very least his foreign policy would be slightly less extravagant than Romney’s, so fewer people would die. Also Obama probably has a few less corrupt business friends than Romney, and I personally and pro-choice, and support gay marriage (really we should get rid of marriage in the gov altogether, but if its gonna stay than let them marry). The less Christian values in the gov, the better.

  • The Federal Reserve Act was created in 1913, and that’s not even in the fucking constitution

    the founding fathers wanted to prevent a central banking system lol

    Federal Reserve does NOT equal the government you fucking sheepal

    who the fuck brain washed you?

  • To the Fascist Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson and all of his supporters out there that hate Ron Paul and all of his supporters as well! SHUT UP AND DRINK YOUR KOOL AID!

  • lol ur so off