Ron Paul: A Major Event Could Occur during the Next Administration

  • Its pretty amazing that some idiots dont understand what ” END THE FED MEANS” LMAO


  • The fact that you don’t know about the (Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009) later reintroduced in 2012 which passed the house shows how you know nothing about the Federal Reserve and all you do is copy and paste shit from Foxnews, MSNBC.

  • It is amazing how completely uninformed your statement is. “END THE FED” is referring to the Federal Reserve and not the Federal Government.

    The only brain damaged one here is YOU.

  • Just search audit the fed bill

  • please name the bill you are referring to.

  • 900 likes and 9 dislikes? Man I really hate the 1% too!

  • So why would a government need to pass a bill in order to audit it’s own branch dumb ass unless it was private and not part of the Federal government. Try again bitch 😉

  • The “FED” is the federal reserve system you idiot… I took a screenshot of your absolute moronic comment and posted it on my facebook, my friends are having a good time laughing at your absolute idiocy.

  • Right on, its the entitlement idiots who have no clue where entitlements come from that pose more of a threat to individual freedoms than all the Muslim world combined, these retards will side with whomever will give them what they think they deserve. In the end they will get what they deserve with empty cupboards and a grumbling stomach! Obama + Romney = End of American Freedom!

  • Hes a child murderer, fact! he order the drone strike that killed at 16 yr old kid and 3 other adults 3 of which were American citizens and received no due process.

  • Hes clearly talking shit for the sake of talking shit or maybe hes stupid enough to think this type of propaganda will help shape the election somehow by switching off Paul supporters, whatever it was, it failed.

  • You couldn’t have made yourself look more stupid and/or Ignorant. what a dumb motha fucka…

  • He probably thinks it stands for *End The Fed-eral Government lolol. And if we’re lunatics, what’s Obama? Just another Government depending brainwashed pleb.

  • RON PAUL!!!!!!! 4 EVER!!

  • I love how he answered the Mitt Romney question, “Would Romney be better? uh I think uhm… uh… not necessarily, no.”

  • Lol do you really think anybody fell for that? “End the Fed” and “end government” are completely different dude your tricks don’t work here.

  • The print billions of dollars. Without congress’ oversight. Which leads to artificial inflation, which means the money we have loses value. All the while our jobs pay us the same rate, even though there;s more inflation.

  • When WE say “End the Fed”, we don’t mean “End the government” … we mean “End the Federal Reserve”, ya know, that one independent agency that controls the U.S dollar…?

  • It’s those “rich motherfuckers on top” who create jobs.