Ron Paul: A Major Event Could Occur during the Next Administration

  • Romney ISN’T Obama where it counts the most. He doesn’t look to expand the gov’t. into every facet of American life. He isn’t out to “fundamentally transform” America from a free, capitalist society into yet another failed socialist disaster.

    Romney believes in unleashing the private sector, Obama believes in big gov’t. redistributing wealth & gouging job creators.
    Romney is a free market capitalist, Obama is a trickle down gov’t. statist!

    If you know nothing about politics, just shut up!

    America’s debt has doubled under Obama to 16 TRILLION dollars!
    America’s unemployment is at 15%.
    More Americans are on food stamps today that ever before in US history.
    Food prices are up.
    Gas prices are up.
    Average incomes are down.
    The number of men in the workforce today is as low as it was in 1947.

    These aren’t “talking points” you unbelievable fucking moron, they’re FACTS!
    No wonder Obama & his drones like you avoid his record, it’s completely indefensible.

  • Way to make an argument you gimp.

  • You are a FOOL!
    You know absolutely NOTHING about what made America great & what is at stake this election.
    For your information, America was founded on CHRISTIAN principles & Obama is running the country into the ground!
    As for corrupt business friends? What about the 80 billion $ Obama squandered bailing out failed campaign contributors? Abortion is baby killing.
    The less uninformed dopes in America, with zero appreciation for their constitution & zero knowledge of it’s meaning, the better.


  • Perhaps we should look into this end the fed missunderstanding. It’s obvious the common voter is an idiot and thinks End the Fed is some sort of anarchist war cry.

  • Yawn… 😉 Cool story.

  • It’s funny because you don’t even know what the Federal Reserve is…

  • Huh? You seem to be trying to argue with me even though we agree? Besides the fact that I’ve accepted that Social security will not be there when I’m older, I’ve just said that we shouldn’t be throwing money at them. Helping an Ally when they actually ask for it would save us billions (if not trillions) because we won’t be there ALL the time.

    Perhaps a misunderstanding?

  • No, they hate us because we use Israel by giving them money with strings attached then manipulate them into doing our bidding.

    How much respect do you have for someone who allows themselves to be manipulated for cash? How much respect would you have for a peer who’s mother is constantly there, telling him what to do every moment of his waking hours?

    Likely, not much. As a matter of fact, they were the ones who were bullied the most when I was in school.

  • But after he had started to show his true colors, it was too late. Germany was already in full war with the allied troops, suffering a tremendous loss in lives.

  • Yeah… I just found that out. Bad example (an embarrassing mistake).

    That said, if everyone who said “we must vote for Romney so that we can fire Obama” voted Gary Johnson, he would actually win. This same Logic could very well have voted Hitler in. Actually, it was the same economic situation that got Hitler to be dictator in the first place. He was worshiped as the savior in Germany as the Economy Boomed soon after his appointment. People LOVED him – at first.

  • you fail, the fed is a reserve bank not part of the federal government.

  • They both already have made it difficult for a grassroots to start within the parties. They are already at war without following the rules? It is possible that the supreme court may strike it down – unless there are a few retirements – then either can place their favorites in.

    That said, it’s usually at the local level. If we can get enough people in the local levels that can stall the president from doing more damage, we may turn out okay.

  • Oh and you mean my grammar, not spelling, spelling would be you.

  • So instead of refuting the content, you go after my grammar trap? How nice of you to fall into it. You’re welcome.

  • The job of the government is to Protect and Uphold your rights, Securing the National Defense, Providing for the general welfare, and Managing a Well Regulated Militia for A Free Standing State.

  • “ah thank you I did not which you were referring too”, “I’m sorry I have not well versed in failed regulations”. I’m sorry you haven’t left grade school yet to warrant your awful spelling kid 😉 By the way nice try in doubling your efforts to analyse before you respond. I’m done talking to you I have no reason to try and convince a stranger about anything.

  • ah thank you I did not which you were referring too. You do realize that bill was a reform of how their audits are done, NOT that the gov’t finally has the power to audit. I guess reading comprehension is not your strong suit. I’m sorry I have not well versed in failed regulations.

  • ok rly?

  • LMFAO you thought “End the Fed” meant “End the Federal Government”…you moron