Ron Paul: A Major Event Could Occur during the Next Administration

  • The constitution has nothing about ending the government straw man. However, it does have the proper role of government. Being more specific it has the proper role our government has in the monetary system. You seem to know a lot about the constitution so tell me, where does the fed fit in to monetary constitutionality?

  • The most anti libertarian thing Obama did was NDAA and Romney openly stated that he would have passed it as well,
    P,S, you’re a moron and nowhere near informed

  • Honestly I think it would be interesting if nobody voted at all, display a complete and utter disgust for our entire political process, something else you clearly don’t understand is that when it comes to the issues that matter (foreign policy, monetary policy) there is no difference between Obama and Romney, did you catch the debate last night? How many times did you hear them agreeing with each other or saying the same thing in different words?

  • What you don understand is even if Gary Johnson doesn win (which he wont) if a bunch of people voted for him it would send a loud message, it would provoke others to think “hmm I might check out this Libertarian movement, there might be something to it with all of these people voting for him” Ron Paul never won and never could, It doesn’t matter, his message was spreading and that’s all he was trying to do, he has impacted our future more than either of these candidates will by spreading an idea


  • “Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That’s what’s insane about it.” -John Lennon

  • “Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That’s what’s insane about it.” -John Lennon

  • Thank you Alexander. Guess most sheeples think that we are all a bunch of anarchy lusting insanifreaks…. but then again kicking half of washington out of their posts DOES sound mighty tempting. I bet that dude is all for the NDAA and obamacare… yikes and he calls us brain damaged….

  • i heard something is supposed to happen soon

  • it never stops amazing and disappointing at the same time to read the comments, fucking retards like mittromney11sucksdon’t know what the federal reserve is, and ukipwarrior now claims RP is into eugenics. If this is what you believe, fucking kill yourself, it’s too late for you.

  • i hate this eugenisist

  • come one man you really dont know that the “Fed” refers to the federal reserve

  • Ending the Federal Government is not such a bad idea neither 😉

  • so cool you forgot to refute the content.

  • You’re a Ron Paul supporter voting for Romney, enough said, not going to waste much more time making an argument with the ignorant

  • I judge them on how they follow the Constitution being that were a Constitutional Free Republic. I’m no “Fool” I’m an American.

  • The FED is not the goverment you fucking idiot, its the Private bank Federal Reserve.

  • You aren’t telling me anything new about Jesus. My father wore his Bible out reading it but it takes honor to fight statism. His character is what made me the man I am today and I miss him.

  • To the people who are determined to write in Ron Paul, I understand your loyalty however, Ron Paul could get 100% of the votes and it still will not make any difference, he is not running.

    This is not the time or the place, there are plenty of ways to show your loyalty to Ron Paul, please do not split the libertarian vote, please join us and vote Gary Johnson. Getting Gary Johnson in office is just a small step, we have a lot of work that needs to be done to fix this mess

    • David

      Actually, he is running. The difference is, that the Media isn’t covering him, the RNC lied to keep him from being nominated, and that the entire Federal Government would love for you to stop fighting for something that you believe in and just settle for someone that they’ve picked out for you.

      Ron Paul is still running. He just needs those of us who do support him to remember what he represents to America…Freedom.

      If you want to change your vote because the Federal Government has already beaten you, fine…but for those of you who haven’t changed your minds yet, I encourage you not to.

      The best way to give Ron Paul your support is by voting for him. Don’t settle for the lesser of two evils because it would be easier.

      Ron Paul 2012

  • Nonya

    It really makes me sad to see the plethora of petty arguments that come about over grammar and spelling mistakes because neither side can defend their position/ just love to argue with people…. The point of the Internet is that you can type quickly and don’t have to spell EVERY word correctly for fear of being called an ignorant a**hole, pardon my French. Could everyone please stop being grammar nazis?

  • Tax cuts across the board. Job creation. Reaganomics.
    The damage done chiefly by OBAMA may be too great to undo. America may still be on a path for complete collapse regardless, but at least with Romney there’s a chance. Not much of a chance, but A chance none the less!
    Paul could almost certainly reverse coarse & avert disaster, but there is ZERO chance of him making it into the presidency! Understand!?

    I gauge candidates on principles, record & electability. Not popularity or looks, you fool.

    • David

      What’s the difference between Romney and Obama? Nothing. They are both candidates that the Federal Government agrees with, encourages, and promotes.

      Voting for either of these two will keep our country in debt, in war, and in poverty.

      When Obama made his campaign 4 years ago, he talked a lot about hope and change, and after 8 years of Bush, there were a lot of people taken in by that. The problem is, that 4 years later, people have pretty much lost hope because the changes that we’ve seen were for the worst, and not for the better.

      Obama has also passed some highly questionable bills over the past 4 years, the most questionable this past year in 2012. The idea that anyone, anywhere has considered voting for or re-voting for Obama for the election proves only how blind so many Americans still are.

      As far as Romney goes, he is a clown. He doesn’t seem to be able to make up his mind about anything. He doesn’t seem to firmly support anything for any period of time without changing his stance on the subject.

      Ron Paul is nothing like either of these two. He has been fighting for American Rights & Policies for his entire career. He has Lead by Example, which is something that all of us should not also be doing, but but supporting as well.

      Ron Paul actually cares about what this Country needs, and he doesn’t make un-necessary campaign promises to get votes. He’s as blunt as it gets.

      Isn’t it about time that we quit allowing our Presidential Elections to be Game Show and got back to Necessities?

      Ron Paul 2012 Just Write Him In.