Ron Paul: A Major Event Could Occur during the Next Administration

  • You are buying the fear mongering from the left claiming that Obama is an unprecedented evil force that is trying to bring America down, I bet you think he’s a Muslim too (which I could care less if he was but he’s not)

  • Explain to me what makes Obama more anti-libertarian than Bush, Remember the Patriot Act, Now try to explain to me what separates Romney from Obama without using vague, opinion based statements like “Obama is the most anti-libertarian, radical statist president in history”

  • Why the fuck would Romney tell us he is going to act with or without approval of congress like both Bush and Obama have done, They lie to us smart guy, I can guarantee you Romney will attempt to attack Iran without approval of congress if he is elected, When Obama was still a candidate debating John McCain did he say “if I’m elected I’m going to act with or without approval of congress?” Of course not

  • Read the damn fine print at fairtaxfraud . com

  • Buck

    First of this country was founded on Masonic Principals. But true tho these principals looked like a Lamb, they are certainly speaking as a Dragon as these very principals are being ripped apart by this Dragon and given right to the Synagogue of Satan. Follow the money follow the trail.

  • Get over Romney fags Ron Paul supporters would rather vote for Gary Johnson then Romney



  • Ron Paul we fight in your corner brother!
    Enjoy your hard earned holidays

  • I hoped your listening to the swift logic displayed here in response to your stupidy, wake up to yourself, today or tomorrow

  • Yet you still can’t refute me, only mock. If it is idiotic and you also engage in it, that means…you’re an idiot by your own logic. lol indeed.

  • Fuck sending a loud message! If Romney loses this election, Obama, the most anti-libertarian, radical statist president in history will set about “fundamentally transforming” America into Ameritopia. Any gains libertarianism has gained over the past few years will be lost. Understand?
    It isn’t like America is unclear on what libertarianism is about. America has already made it clear it is simply not ready for a libertarian president!
    Now is the time to vote AGAINST Obama by voting FOR Romney.

  • Because it’s idiotic to try and convince idiots on youtube much the same like your doing as well kid, the only difference is I admit its idiotic while your still on your little crusade to convince people you don’t know. Unless your looking to be nominated for the Youtube argument of the year award, LOL XD!

  • YUP, on the NDAA, Romney is just as guilty as Obama.

    But here is why you’re the uninformed & ignorant one.

    -When did Romney declare that he will act with or without the approval of congress?!
    Obama has said & done this. This alone is an impeachable offense.
    -When did Romney say he would declare another branch of government in recess & make 4 appointments? This is yet another impeachable offense that Obama is guilty of.
    Romney isn’t Paul, but he sure as fuck isn’t Obama either.

  • …Still waiting for a rebuttal.

    “.I have no reason to convince a stranger about anything””…so why did you try in the 1st place?

  • What part of “I have no reason to convince a stranger about anything” don’t you understand? Sorry that reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit 😉

  • Typical informed Romney supporter.

  • Still waiting for a rebuttal.

  • Everybody like this video so more people will watch.

  • You done yet kid?

  • Well God bless you for it. The word “honour” gets misused a lot so I avoid it in political discussions. My original point was that people should not think that Rand Paul is like his father, because he is NOT. Rand is a “tea party” style statist and imperialist, while his father is a Libertarian. Too many people think that Rand is a “good guy” when he’s just one more statist slimeball. You chose to be like your father but that does not mean that all men do.