Ron Paul: A Major Event Could Occur during the Next Administration

  • “But still I fear and still I dare not laugh at the madman”- The Prophet’s Song (Queen)

    Most of Ron Paul’s predictions have come true, it’s about time we listen to him.


  • hahahhahhaha so owned

  • also it is inappropriate to call each other names and to comment on spelling, these have nothing to do with gaining knowledge or honing one’s argument. they are just a delay tactic and are childish, be calm assuring and willing to concede when wrong, one learns quicker this way and becomes wise in the ways of dealing with others.

  • first of all both of you are wrong! the federal reserve IS a branch of the government but is ALSO led by a consortium of public servants and private chairman. It does not fall under the authority of another government branch (unless congress passes a bill) and acts of it’s own sovereignty. The danger in it is that large banks have the ability to influence how much money is printed and how it is distributed. This is why auditing the fed is such a big deal, no one no’s how much money is produced

  • This is foolishness, Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil and anyway neither one is going to make a difference in what happens, the presidents have little power and are little more then puppets. that said, it doesn’t matter people can have their opinions whether you think they are stupid or not, you’re not going to convince anyone by going off on a rant and calling people names.

  • it is perfectly acceptable that this makes sense to you but understand that others have opinions and that Ron Paul has very distinct differences in his viewpoints vs romney also understand that calling people losers can come off as childish and is not necessary.

  • not funny, no need to call names, correct him but do so with compassion. We are all ignorant at one point or another. be courteous and show them how true men of freedom act.

  • I’d have to say that maybe you are the loser. If you had followed the primaries and watched Romney fail at all the debates then you’d probably not have posted that post.

  • so true..crazy world

  • so true..crazy world

  • Grow up you losers. Vote Romney/Ryan, it’s the only choice that makes sense.

  • Honestly write in Ron Paul not sure if that’s effective but if Gary Johnson gets 15% of the vote liberty party will forever be included in the ballot and Ron Paul could run under that party
    So my votes for Gary Johnson but I would like nothing more then Ron Paul to win

  • you should be exiled from america

  • I was so sad to here that Ron Paul was not seeking re-election to Congress, but then overjoyed when I heard the second part, that he was not seekin re-election because he was goin to focus on his 2016 Presidential Campaign!

  • The entire point of calling it the Federal Reserve is to give the illusion of public trust and government control. Congratulations, you fell for it.

  • Actually, of course, I can’t speak for all the other Ron Paul supporters out there, but I haven’t heard of Ron Paul dropping his candidacy for President, so if nothing else, I’m writing him in…the RNC lied their asses off to prevent Ron Paul from being nominated, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world, it just means that the Republican Party are a bunch of liars…just like the Democratic Party. Big Surprise.

    Forget Romney. Forget Obama, Just Write Ron Paul in.

  • Guy Launiere

    what will hapen during the next administration is CIVIL WAR.
    Romney will not create any jobs, he did not during the last 4 years.
    remember a few months ago we had this super delegates, 8 democrates 8 republicans with the only mendate to find 1 trillion cut over 5 years, but they din’t, not that they coun’t they just din’t. Those should be fired. Paul have identified 1 trillion cut in his first year.
    What were ask to this peoples in reality is to to make a butjet.
    Making a budjet for the govrn is the easiest thing to do.
    You increase the revenues and decrease the expences.
    Frankley I have more confidence in my corner store depanner 9/11,
    He work 12 hours a day 7 days a week to ballance his budjet and stay aflot.

  • Bush isnt running for president , but how about Obamacare to start with, that mandates several religious organizations disregard a central tennant of their faith in violation of their first ammendment rights under the constitution?
    How about Obama acting without the approoval of congress & in contradiction to the supreme court?
    How about the fact under Obama, welfare spending has increased more to than 30% or the fact Obama has spent more than double what Bush spent in half the time!?
    Need more?

  • Bush is not up for election in 2012, smart guy.
    The choices are Romney & Obama & what they DO matters more than what they say. Even though Romney MAY or MAY NOT act outside the definitions of the presidency, just look at what Obama HAS done & WILL do.
    Obama does not just act against the wishes of congress, he acts against the constitution & the supreme court’s rulings, regularily, & so do his appointments.

    No president has done more damage to the US constitution than Obama. None.

  • is it a wasted vote if i still vote ron paul?i hate both the assholes running for office.i’m not too politically inclined but i like ron paul the best so far.any thoughts?