Ron Paul: Real Unemployment Is at 22.8%

Ron Paul

Last week, supporters of the current administration rejoiced over job numbers released by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS). For the first time since the administration came to power, the official unemployment number fell below 8%. Keynesian cheerleaders all claimed the numbers meant we are surely on the road to economic recovery, just in time for Christmas, and also, the election. Others saw through this ruse.

[pullshow id=”nothing”][pullthis id=”nothing”]The situation on the ground looks nothing like a recovery. 23 million people are still out of work or chronically underemployed. This number is expected to rise dramatically next year.[/pullthis] The situation in Washington should not give anyone cause for optimism. Politicians refuse to look honestly and intelligently at the cause of our economic malaise, and so real solutions are not taken seriously or acted upon. It is much easier and less painful to simply recalculate the numbers and redefine the terms until a rosier picture is presented. There is only blind hope that at some point, for some reason, things might change. But nothing will change for the better if we only stay the course.

The truth is the long term solutions to our economic quagmire involve some short term pain. Re-evaluating the economic role of an institution as insidious and behemoth as the Federal Reserve will inconvenience some people, and those people happen to have a lot of power. Similarly, the idea of ending government programs and closing down superfluous departments will always upset someone because it means someone will stop getting a government check.

No one wants to upset the apple cart, even if all the apples are rotten.

Not all of the unemployed are counted in the BLS unemployment numbers. This is no secret. In 1994 government statisticians came up with the term “discouraged worker” to remove entire swaths of people from the unemployment statistic. Now all the government has to do to improve the unemployment numbers is discourage people from looking for a job.

Far more unintended consequences are created in Washington than jobs.

Ideally, the business sector should be able to depend on sound numbers from the BLS, but smart business leaders know that trust in these numbers leads to bad decisions and failure. In regards to the recent jobs numbers, investor Jim Rogers recently stated “I have learned not to take advice from the government, especially the US government, which frequently misleads its citizens.” He also noted the election just around the corner, suggesting timing as an extra incentive to keep fudging the statistics.

[pullshow id=”stats”]The real drivers of the productive economy can’t afford to take risks based on false numbers. This is why economist John Williams created Shadow Government Statistics, utilizing more traditional methodologies and definitions to show business decision makers the real economic picture, warts and all. He shows the real unemployment rate to be a staggering 22.8%.

[pullthis id=”stats”]This is a difficult figure to accept as the actual truth. Perhaps if the politicians did, the people would finally demand real change and real solutions. [/pullthis]Perhaps they would consider that all of the so-called stimulus spending, quantitative easing and mountains of regulation from Washington has only crippled the economy. Perhaps people would come to understand that fewer checks handed out from the public sector would mean more checks available in the private sector, and a return to real prosperity instead of just the appearance of it.


  • This coming November, don’t vote: Revolt.

    • Cal

      Instead of not voting, why not work to get those who committed election fraud arrested and prosecuted?

      Then REQUIRE low tech voting with count visible to us – and on video to stop election fraud. Require it of your state representatives NOW!

  • You see, if Ron Paul was our president, we would of have to pay 50 cents for a great quality drink somethime during his term. 🙁 FUCK OBAMA AND HIS SOCIALIST POLICIES! Ron Paul or Gary Johnson should be at the white house!

  • The RNC rule change made it so no liberty candidate will ever get nomination or even a seat on the committee. All those new republicans over the last few years are gone. The GOP is divided.Many have stated unless the rules are changed, they will be leaving like so many others. The GOP is no longer for small government and haven’t been for a long time. Romney does not have the indy vote, he barely has his own party and he won’t pull from Dems. Johnson would have more chance if they would show him

    • Cal

      So we dump the Republican party. They want to be corrupt, we do not use them for OUR candidates.

      The DNC is corrupt also. how many realize that Obama was put into place as a candidate in 2008?

      The 2008 Democratic Nominating Committee (DNC) form did not include language stating that Obama was qualified to be a candidate. The 2008 Republican Nominating Committee (RNC) document did, as is normal. This shows that the DNC knew that Obama was not qualified, or why change the form to reflect that?

  • the federal reserve is only a problem because of the government intervention, and absolutly no controls or audits, they are given free rain to print money QE1, QE2, QE3……. and the federal reserve has nothing to do with government spending or borrowing! it’s moron politicians who have continualy voted on more debt and borrowing, that has driven our economy to the brink!

  • Romney would keep The Federal Reserve system which is the reason we are in this mess. Romney would also continue the wars in the middle east. you do know that cost tax payers billions, right.

    • Cal

      Obama has also kept the Federal Reserve. He has us in more wars in his almost four years in office then Bush (who needs to be arrested and prosecuted for war crimes, murder, etc).

      Bush had US Special Operations in 70 foreign nations. Obama now has US Special Operations in over 145 foreign nations.

      I bet Romney would like to beat their records – but that is personal opinion.

  • Gary Johnson supporters are delusional, hardly anyone knows who Johnson is the best he can do is to split the vote & give Obama a better chance to win another 4 years & even higher unemployment, higher gas prices, higher food prices, even more people on government welfare, while destroying opportunity for those of us who want to get a high paying job or start our own business, his policies and programs like Obamacare will eventual if not quickly lead to an economic collapse of the US economy!

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  • Actually, socialism (communism hasn’t existed in recorded human history) failed miserably in less than 5 years; however, our “pipe dream” lasted well over a 100 years, not so much a pipe dream more like the American dream. It may not solve all the problems in the world, but at least it doesn’t create more problems like government intervention does.

  • Corporations are starting to reduce the hours of full time employees to part time because of obamacare. Which will end up with many Americans working two part time jobs, more than forty hours per week with no health insurance and still not able to make their bills.

  • I’m not religious but When I was younger my church had various community programs like feeding the homeless, food banks, and care for elders in nursing homes. I don’t care much for religion but I get your sentiment and cynicism of it, though you over generalize it. BTW the gov created the fed and monopoly on money supply in 1913 to control depressions, recessions. 1931 came after 1913, great depression started in 1929. How awesome the government did perpetuate a depression for 15 years.

  • how many of you guys are paid to write comments on related videos? I dont care about morals, how do i get in on that deal?

  • With the Unemployment Rate and Jobless Rate going down, how is it that IRS tax collection based on salaried employees are down? …and why is the BLS reporting the lowest labor participation rate relative to population growth? …and why is the Debt of Agr. reporting more people on food stamp and welfare? The numbers just don’t add up! It’s because, tax collection, labor participation and food on the table and paying for housing requires a job, not some imaginary number called jobless rate.

  • Unemployment Rates are a figment of imaginary numbers, a calculated value; it is not a job. It’s not a job because …it’s spelled differently. Unemployment Rate or Jobless Rate do not pay a salary, do not put food on the table, don’t cloth children, cannot pay taxes and cannot pay mortgages. Jobs can do those things. Americans need jobs, not imaginary numbers. 250K new 18 – 21 yr old enter the workforce every month, with only 114K jobs created leaves 136K non-working adults added to 22.3M.

  • The government’s job is to practice the constitution, not coddle anyone.

  • First of all, religious institutions don’t give a shit about the poor; they care more for proselytizing especially in the light of eschatology. The government’s job is to support people who are out of work in a slumped economy. That has been the case ever since 1931. If you want to make a case about the government before 1931, go ahead. It is not a tenable position. The industrial revolution’s lack of regulations plus the WWI had caused the G.D., not too much govern intervention. Please Asshole.

  • Learn some goddamn US history before you make stupid comments and talking point rhetoric “But who will care for the sick, if not the government?!” Gee I don’t know, doctors, community, charity, religious institutions, volunteers.