Poll: Who Should Ron Paul Endorse?

Who should Ron Paul endorse if he doesn't run for President as an Independent or Third Party candidate this year?

  • Gary Johnson (41%, 8,057 Votes)
  • Nobody (27%, 5,255 Votes)
  • Mitt Romney (18%, 3,518 Votes)
  • Barack Obama (8%, 1,634 Votes)
  • Someone else (2%, 424 Votes)
  • Virgil Goode (2%, 367 Votes)
  • Jill Stein (1%, 284 Votes)

Total Voters: 19,539

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Disclaimer: This is a non-binding poll by and for Ron Paul’s supporters to express our opinions and make our voices heard. Obviously, the poll’s outcome has no binding effect on Ron Paul’s eventual decision.

  • John Public

    Ron Paul should support Ron Paul. I’m writing him in. If I’m going to “throw my vote away” I might as well throw it for who I believe is the best person for the job.

  • Ron Paul is the champion of the Constitution. That’s why I’m voting Constitution Party. I put up my Virgil Goode signs and bumper stickers up last week


  • Greg Duhon

    I’m also writing in Ron Paul

  • Linda

    Write-in at the very least.

  • I was one of the first to send a check to Ron Paul I wish he were the candidate of the Republican party, But….he is not and we are left with a choice – I think the choice is clear vote for Romney – remove Obama..pave the way for the future run of Rand. Don’t help Obama by digging in your heels in an attempt to show how committed you are – use your political power to help defete Obama and gain some real concessions from Romney in the bargin. DON’T HELP OBAMA BY THROWING AWAY YOUR POWER -USE IT TO WIN AND FIGHT FROM YOUR BASE IN D.C. FOR YOUR ADGENDA.

  • Bank

    ^^ I couldn’t agree with Rooco more. The media now runs the elections. Not the people. It is a sad world we live in. We need to create an equal rights media act. Just saying.

  • Jaygar

    I’m writing Ron Paul in on the ballot.

  • ReasonableVoice

    Sorry, but the UN-fair tax that Gary Johnson wants
    lumps him in with those two Bilderberg puppets.

    A consumption tax hits the lower earnings families much harder than higher earning families. Besides, there is NO NEED for ANY taxes
    other than on big business especially banks(End the FED).
    The majestic historic buildings of Washington DC were built without taxes from WE THE PEOPLE

    infowars dt comm

  • Joseph Velder

    If my own son had stabbed me and our followers in the back and endorsed someone else before me, my will to live would be gone too.

  • Rooco

    Still endorsing Dr. Ron Paul. It is a BIG shame that the media and the powerful and rich people are controlling everything in the voting process. This is simple, if you suppress Ron Paul’s voice you are losing or are scared to loose… Shame on you Mr. Romney.

  • JohnG

    Ron has been soo overlooked. I have a hard time fathoming why he did not rise to the level. America lost its chance for a real President who could have made some super meaningful changes to the US agenda. Sad. Love you Ron!!! Best to yoU!!

  • Jon

    Dr. Paul is smart enough to know a vote for Obama or Romney is a vote for the same failed policies of the last few decades. I hope he endorses Gary Johnson!

  • Ernst Friedel

    Ron Paul should endorse the canditate who will most likely keep the USA out of another war and who will bring our solders home.

  • Zeran Smiles Davis

    Ron Paul should run but if he is not then anybody is better than Oboma who has increased the fed debt by 600 and 50 trillion dollars as well as increased the regular debt by billions. our money is worth less than ten cents on the dollar in reality sense he took office. But the nice thing is that you can’t prove this the fed is unaccountable as far as I know.

  • Jeff

    Yeah, I’m writing him in here in Baltimore too. I vote my conscience and to God !
    “one nation under God.” I will not vote for the status quo or wall street, I vote for America !

  • Roger A. Robinson

    Sorry Ron Pual didn’t make it, But I think he should endorse Romney! because Romney now has the only chance of unseating that flipping Cloward and Piven Idiot, Obama the looser.

  • Tim

    I’m writing in Ron Paul so it really doesn’t mater who he endorses

  • G-FLO

    Keep the bar hide and endorse No One!

  • Boe Jangles

    whoever voted Obama or Romney- they be trollin’ haha

  • tobias

    The lesser of two evils is still evil.