Poll: Who Should Ron Paul Endorse?

Who should Ron Paul endorse if he doesn't run for President as an Independent or Third Party candidate this year?

  • Gary Johnson (41%, 8,057 Votes)
  • Nobody (27%, 5,255 Votes)
  • Mitt Romney (18%, 3,518 Votes)
  • Barack Obama (8%, 1,634 Votes)
  • Someone else (2%, 424 Votes)
  • Virgil Goode (2%, 367 Votes)
  • Jill Stein (1%, 284 Votes)

Total Voters: 19,539

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Disclaimer: This is a non-binding poll by and for Ron Paul’s supporters to express our opinions and make our voices heard. Obviously, the poll’s outcome has no binding effect on Ron Paul’s eventual decision.

  • jason

    @ RObert
    Write ins did not get us Obama. OBAMA won in a landslide Becuase no one wanted mccain. He was the least popular person the GOP Could have nominated. He only got as many votes as he did because he had sarah palin on his ticket. ROmney is the guy who lost to the guy who lost in a huge margin to Obama. ANd yet people think he is going to win? He had less votes in the primary season this year then he did 4 years ago.

    The reality is the people who vote for someone else besides the 2 supposed ONLY people that can win do so because they dont like the others. They would either not vote or if that person was not running they would look to someone else.

    People said perot couldnt win and until his family was threatened he was winning. When he dropped out to protect his family he lost allot of votes. But in the end still ended up with over 19% of the vote.

    As long as we support the sham we call elections it does not matter who you vote for the people who control the elections will decide who wins. If the GOP really wanted to win against obama they would have elected Ron Paul. They wanted someone who would play within their rules and would not tell the truth about what is really going on. They wanted someone who would be their puppet and ron paul would not be that.
    There was a documentary a few years ago and they proved that voter fraud was not only easy to do it was happening. And we dont stop it we just pretend its ok to only have 2 choices for everything when these people are the same they are run and owned by some of the big corporations. We need a change and voting lesser of 2 evils will not make any change

    • Roberto

      Amen jason, If I can only add to your awesome comments. McCain got it handed to him, in part, because of the write in Ron Paul votes.
      Mitt will be the McCain of 2008, because as you know, especiallly with Y.A.L. we are even more powerful than in the past, Even Rush recongnizes that: “this could be the end of the republican party as we know it if Mitt doesn’t win”.
      You mean, back to for and by the people and not for Lobbyist to screw people. Thank God.
      Write in Ron Paul and continue the fight against the establishment Ron has fough for 30 years. And screw “jonny come lately, Gary, my ex Choice for 2016 due to his NOW vocal attempt to steal the thunder from Ron, in his last elections, due to his retirement. I hope many more RP supporters will due the same for Gary and make him pay for this in 2016. There would be NO Gary IF RP didn’t fight for 30 years for America and its people. Gary is just another RNC plant, attempting to lower the power and numbers, Ron has earned in his career. God BLess and remove yourself like I did, from all of Gary 2016 emails, e tc..

  • Kudous

    Congressman Ron Paul, surprise them all, and take the land on behalf of the concerned citizenry of our great nation the United States of America, we believe as you do that Liberty and the Constitution will NEVER be outmoded; and we do want a restoration of freedom and prosperity for our citizenry. We believe one alternative would be for the sake of the ecological and economical potential vitality growth and inexhaustible potentials, to eliminate revenue short falls with an abundance of REVENUES that conservatives estimate of its profit potential will surpass $500 BILLION a year. In short, showed as stated by Wisdom TV, everything (the consumer uses) can see and touch can be made from this product. Additionally, this product lessens the stressors of life for all safely; insuring domestic tranquility by allowing the utilization of this natural resource, production and farming for the personal and commercial uses by its citizenry, improving the quality of life, and stopping the drug war, and saving lives! Moreover, it is not harmful, or a violent substance, nor does it push you to harder addictive substances such as alcohol, tobacco, or addictive drugs, as the government would have you believe by their biased propaganda. This product is proven to cause laughter, the best medicine, heals and releases endorphins and enhances the immune system within the bone morrow for excellent health, via a God given product; it eliminates depression and all the negatives that make you ill. Also, it is drought resistant, self-fertilizing, pest-resistant, fireproof, and fast growing for plentiful product; and oxygen producing while absorbing carbon-dioxide from the atmosphere for cleaner air quality along with our trees of more abundance; allowing for a better quality of life and healthy citizens. This product has been around since 8000 B.C. , and there is no recorded record of a person ever being harmed from this single substance, in spite of the disinformational practices of the government. Plus it would create JOBS and clean energy for America utilizing this natural resource, the list is unlimited for the inexhaustible potentials of this product, now that’s real National Security! In reality, there should be a law to prevent unreasonable depletion of a natural agricultural heritage and degradation of a valuable and natural resource that would improve the quality of life in all areas.
    The bottom line is: with a national debt of 16 Trillion+, and at $500. BILLION an approx. year potential profit, we would only need (28) states, or all (50) states, leaving each with 44%, a profit of $220.Billion; to implement this natural resource production, and the debt would be cleared in one year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, this natural God given substance is Cannabis/Marijuana. Cannabis/Hemp/Marijuana, everything from A-Z that the consumer uses, can be made from this product, plus JOBS. It is a win-win situation. Then the entitlements could be enhanced rather than depleted.
    According to Judge, Francis L Young, ruled 9-6-88: “Marijuana, in its natural form, is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known…. It would be unreasonable, arbitrary and capricious for the DEA to continue to stand between those sufferers and the benefits of this substance.” According to Drug Policy News it stops cancer, and has many other positives.
    Airing on Wisdom TV ‘Spaceship Earth Marijuana A Forest Survival Strategy’ by IB&C Ges, m.b.H., Producer Gernot Schreck; in short, showed and stated everything you can see and touch can be made from this product marijuana.
    In addition to the above when implementing and utilizing this product we can use the same machinery in current use, saving costs, before adding on to for specializing productions.
    Lets not chop our noses off to spite our face, or be to stupid to be smart; lets clear the debt, heal our citizens and our nation, while globally cleaning the air; that’s good stewardship of what has been loaned to us, our great planet EARTH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • NoMittNoBama2012

    In Nevada we cannot write in candidates in by law… since i can’t vote for ron Paul i am voting for virgil goode & the constitution party… would not vote for romney or obama with a gun to my head & amnesty, green cards & drivers licenses for illegal aliens gary Johnson is the worst libertarian candidate ever that leaves virgil goode for me. And voting anyone but a rep or dem for all other office…

  • Lewis

    Ron Paul has already won. He has changed the diaglogue and direction of politics in America. Read Krauthhammer’s comments on him. But you may undo all that with your “PRINCIPLES”: The VERY problem with LIBERALS is how their IDEALISM prevents them from accepting and therefore dealing with REALITY. It’s alarming to me that the party I hope will save America seems to share the very same achilles heel. Life is full of grating, depressingly hard choices but this one really shouldn’t be that hard. Choose your “PRINCIPLES” or your CHILDREN’S FUTURES. Now hit thumbs down but mull it over. THEY’RE worth it.

  • john smith

    ron paul will take more votes from obama then he will from romney . do you really think the occupy people will vote for obama after he had them arrested , of course not if the republicans wanted to win they would have nominated ron paul. they, dems and repubs are not looking for change . the people are

  • Steven wheeler

    If you really like Ron Paul then how can
    You vote for anybody but Ron Paul . I
    Think know one will do a better job them
    he will. Don’t blame me because I voted for
    Ron Paul. Mitt Romney is no different the
    then what we have right now. If you like
    what we have right now then keep Obama
    in office. If you want change then right in
    Ron Paul. I am.

  • Marilyn Damon

    Ron Paul should have run as a Libertarian candidate. There was no way that America’s Plutocracy was going to allow him the Republican nomination & his tremendous support movement was not represented in the Republican Primary.

  • AK Wilks

    Romney is no libertaian. AT ALL. His views on the war on drugs, torture, civil liberties, attacking Iran and Syria, blind support for Israel, use of troops overseas are TERRIBLE. On some of these issues Obama is slightly better. On other issues Romney is slightly better than Obama. Don’t forget Romney created Obamacare and supports big government. I can’s see Ron Paul endorsing Romney. Better that he not endorse anyone, but do what he did last time, INFORM voters of third party candidates like Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party, and mention the Constitution and Green candidates.

  • Robert Solitario

    Sad that you just don’t get it. Your kids will pay for your wasted vote…another 6t in debt. It’s time to unite and remove this man from office. If he wins again, you can be assured your convictions will be unheard for generations to come. It is only going to get worse.

    • Ashley

      Sir, please do not belittle those with conviction – it’s surely not a wasted vote. Do you not honestly see that Mitt is no different than Obama? Do you not understand that it doesn’t really matter as we will all will have to pay for the dense decisions already made for generations to come? The trouble that this nation is in will not improve just by voting another in to office. It’s rooted much deeper than that.

      • Robert Solitario

        No wonder why we have Obama. You confuse conviction with reality. There is absolutely no way Ron Paul can beat Obama. His chances went out the window when he said he would not take military action against Iran if they were close to developing a nuclear bomb. I have no love for the fed, and know that they were the cause for our economic collapse, but we have to get Obama out of office or there will never be an opportunity for a Ron Paul to take office.

    • Bob in Boston

      Romney wouldn’t bring down the debt any better than Obama would – he’ll just waste it on different things. There are only two candidates I’ve heard address the hard decisions we need to make to shrink the national debt and cut the deficit – Ron Paul and Gary Johnson. Since Ron Paul isn’t in the race anymore, and write-in votes won’t be counted or reported, the only choice for me is to vote for Gary Johnson. He’s no Ron Paul, but he’s still an infinitely better candidate than either Mittens or Obama.

  • Ashley

    What ever happened to voting your conviction? To vote for Mitt to get Obama out of office is to get one in the same. To think that Mitt is going to do anything different for our country than what Obama is doing is so easily deceived.

  • denise

    It is time to realize someone other than a republican or democrate can be President. Quit looking at this as a lesser of two evils and vote for who you honestly think will be the best. Otherwise, we are stuck with evil forever.

  • Robert Solitario

    Vote Mitt. You write in idiots gave us Obama. Unify and get Obama out!

  • jona

    Don’t endorse nobody but perhaps denounce a certain candidate as the worse. (Obama ofcourse). That will make the GOP and the liberty movement happy 🙂

  • jona

    No endorsement, no compromise. Also a public endorsement from Ron Paul can harm the unity of the liberty movement just like when Rand did. RP has a reputation to stand for a message and not the political game behind it. Let’s keep it that way.

  • Kim Estes

    If people write in a name or vote for another- then Obama will win again by default. Does anyone remember when Ross Perot was the most liked third candidate and people voted for him- it only took votes away from the others? I support Ron Paul! But I do not want 4 more years with Obama. This election is the lesser of the two evils. If you do not vote Mitt- then get use to the way things are and expect them to get worse. Maybe next time Rand will run and carry on for his father…

    • Marilyn Damon

      If you reason that way we will always get the “lesser”. This country is ruled by corporate interests that support both major parties. Alice Walker recommended that people should determine their own values & then vote for a candidate who shares those values.

      • Roberto

        Amen Marylin,
        That is the pupose as you stated, of the vote. Not necessarily to win, but to use the vote, to put those people in leadership, that shares your values and beliefs. If you vote to win, you vote for the lesser of 2 evils = evil.

        Also, Gary should wait until 2016. he should tell his few supporters, to joinRP writein now. To give Ron a retirement present for 30 years of working against the establishment.

        If he doesn’t, and bandwagons, pulls a few votes, disrespects Ron by any means, there are others we libertarians can chose. To Me, Gary would be nothing but the typical, disrespectful, RNC helping Lobbyist. God Bless.

    • Roberto

      Kim, are you serious??? Seriously??? Grow up kid. A vote for a less of 2 evils is a vote for evil, PERIOD.
      If your worried about Pres. Mitt Obama or Pres. Barak Romney, then you better get those voters to back the NON Lobbyist, America First, Veteran Write in Ron Paul….
      Remember, if you vote Mitt, you vote for Obama because they have the same agenda…. Plus, as I am sure you know, votes aren’t for winning. Votes are used to let leaders know your values and beliefs.

      If your values and beliefs are to sell out America, to continue to use poor/ middle class to die in useless wars for Mitts lobbyist supporters profits, etc.. then vote Barak Romney/ Mitt Obama.
      But what ever you do, “PLEASE DON’T COME HERE SPEAKING ABOUT STUPID LOBBYIST PROPAGANDA B.S. SUCH AS “ABO” OR ANYTHING ELSE YOU LOBBYIST FORCE FEED YOU AND YOU REPEAT. Start thinking on your own and start educating yourself Kim. Educatin makes for better voters.

  • Brandon

    Before this election gets any closer Dr. Paul needs to make a stand, so we can follow his lead!

  • Shannon

    Voting for anyone other than Romney is voting for Obama

    • RageFury

      A vote for Obama is a vote for Romney. A vote for Romney is a vote for Obama.

      A vote for anyone else, is a vote to save this country…

  • Ron Benn

    I am a Canadian and that means I have no vote in elections that greatly affect my family’s future. In that light, here are my “outsider” observations.

    Obama is preordained to win this re-election. He is the first affirmative-action president and Americans will not admit they made a mistake no matter how incompetent he is. All the rest is just for show.

    In any case, after listening carefully to Ron Paul, and following up on the arguments and history behind his positions, I have changed my views and realize that it doesn’t matter whether the Republicans or Democrats are in charge. Either way, the politicians and bankers are colluding the shear us sheep.

    Good luck.

    By the way, has anyone noticed that because over 96% of blacks voted for Obama, it is now fair to say with mathematical rigor, that blacks are racists?

    P.S. You Americans are about to find out that public health care is all about transferring wealth to the entitled class (i.e. to the trough-suckers). You will also find out that there are many tiers in a “one-tier” system. Get in line behind health care workers, police, government bureaucrats, the army, athletes, and anyone else who has a special reason to be ahead of you in the queue.

  • Rhonda

    I plan to write in my vote for Ron Paul. I cannot vote for Obama or Romney and look myself in the mirror.

  • Tom

    I am beginning to see by these comments that there are more democrats that are Ron Paul supporters. So please, by all means write in Ron Paul! If you have 3rd grade math skills, you will get what I am saying.