Poll: Who Should Ron Paul Endorse?

Who should Ron Paul endorse if he doesn't run for President as an Independent or Third Party candidate this year?

  • Gary Johnson (41%, 8,057 Votes)
  • Nobody (27%, 5,255 Votes)
  • Mitt Romney (18%, 3,518 Votes)
  • Barack Obama (8%, 1,634 Votes)
  • Someone else (2%, 424 Votes)
  • Virgil Goode (2%, 367 Votes)
  • Jill Stein (1%, 284 Votes)

Total Voters: 19,539

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Disclaimer: This is a non-binding poll by and for Ron Paul’s supporters to express our opinions and make our voices heard. Obviously, the poll’s outcome has no binding effect on Ron Paul’s eventual decision.

  • Ole Johansen

    I’d prefer somebody else.

    And that is Mr.Miller, who have his political awakening thru Ron Paul’s politics,especially his foreign policy views.

    Here’s his website:

    And here the party he runs for:

    Always remember:Anti-racist is codeword for anti-White.


  • Curd Eagle

    ☞Ron Paul: Real Unemployment Is at 22.8%☜

    Is that enough? How many people do work less than full time but like to work more? Aren’t they also a kind of unemployed?

  • sarah

    Ron Paul should endorse himself. I know I still am. =)

  • Marlene

    Roberto, a vote for Romney IS a vote for Obama and vice versa…you are getting the choice of either white or wheat…but in the end, it’s still a sh*t sandwich.

    • You must be brain dead…

  • David

    I hope and pray that Dr. Paul campaigns for the same man I do: RON PAUL! The worst thing we can do is believe that we have already lost; to choose or accept one of the “lesser evils.” I WILL be writing “Ron Paul” on my ballot. If every one of us does the same, my vote will NOT be wasted.

    • I guarantee you that your vote is a total waste of time. How stupid can you get.

      • Andrea

        You are the one that looks stupid. Everyone knows that nobodies vote is wasted!! Grow up.

  • zg7666

    After Dr. Paull dedicated his life to political action, I think it is only rational to acknowledge that there is no next or new Dr. Paul. We should put all this energy and resources into non-political action and finally withdraw our support from monopoly on initiation of force (state).

  • Robert Solitario

    I do not in anyway hide the fact that I’m a Reblican, and like Ron Paul, feel that the designation suits my political beliefs. Regardless, if you are so small minded that you do not see what another four years of Obama will result in, I feel sad for you and our county. If Ron Paul had won the primary, I would have gladly voted for him. He didn’t, so we have to get behind our candidate. Remember, had the Hillary Clinton Democratss not voted for Obama, he likely would not have won. They were smart enough to know that writing her name in was a wasted vote.

    • Steve L

      In the words of Mitt Romney, who personally, I like a lot. “…we should not have to settle for this… We deserve better!…”
      The less of 2 evils does not solve the problems of America. I am personally very tired of both Hippocratic Parties, who regardless of who wins, will continue their own agendas.
      It’s time to stop settling on the false choices presented by the groups in power, and support the principles, that made this country great. Economic and social freedom. Understanding the the rights in our constitution are not exclusive of Americans, but mankind. Republicans can not accept the idea that they can choose how they live their own lives, but can not shove their values down the throat of others. We should all oppose this gang bang mentality, of voting AGAINST instead of being honestly in favor. Not voting to destroy but instead to keep constructing the America our founders dreamed of.

  • French Canadian

    In a way, I hope Obama wins. He clearly stated last night that he wants to take your guns away. Maybe THIS is what will be the tipping point for Americans to really wake-up and start a new revolution. I was always asking myself: “What are Americans waiting for?” A financial collapse… Martial Law… FEMA Camps, NDAA or what? I think THIS (the gun grab) might be what they were waiting for. I hope I’m right and that this is where they will draw the line in the sand.

  • Roberto

    Just like Gary Johnson in this election, looks like Robert Solitario may be another RNC plant, Attempting to persuade the weak minded, not to write in Ron Paul.

    Could you imagine if Hannity, Fox News, RNC actually had to face the fact that RP and his supporters, are a powerful group of Americans, especially after a decade + of attempting to demean the military, college students, middle class, African Americans, Hispanics, etc.. that supported him.

    I say, lets band together and give RP a great going away gift of winning the elections or atleast, shoving it down the RNC throats, for the disrespect, voter fraud, rigged elections, Convention disrespect, etc.. The RNC don’t really deserve our America First vote, anyway do they???

  • joe

    Ron don’t endorse anybody! It’s not worth the criticism and will only be used to destroy/discredit the cause (because of the stupid msm). We’ve lost our shot this cycle to get the president we wanted but we gained key political counties throughout the country with our people. Let’s work ground up now and for the next 4 years. If you see what Rand is doing, it the the model we must adopt because its working; sound republican/democrat, while slowly inserting our goals into the mainstream, until our ideals become the status quo!

    • Roberto

      Rand is traitor, plain and simple. If not, he wouldn’t have went to the Lobbyist dark side and he would have stayed with the NON Lobbyist supported, candidate, his dad….
      To show you how much Rand now has messed up, even his own dad won’t throw his support behind him. And also, as you all have just seen, Rand “NOW” is at odds with Mitt, the guy he supports, over his foriegn Policy. Yet, Rands foriegn policy is like his dads, yet he sold out his dad for this Lobbyist Mouth piece Mitt??

      Areas around one of largest military base in America aren’t to happy with Traitor Rand or thier New Neighbor Mittens. … Yes, the draft dodging, coward who now wants to be commander in chief of the same military he ran to France from.

      • Rand Paul is not a traitor. If I were him I would do the same. I’m voting for the conservative Mitt Romney. Rand has enough sense to understand we don’t need 4 more years of the ultra liberal Barrack Obama. Obama will totally destroy this country yet you idiots want to re-elect him. Your vote for Gary Johnson or Dr. Paul are a complete waste of voting power for the conservatives. You’re just a bunch of sore losers.

  • Golden Rule

    I already officially voted for Gary Johnson. If RP had been clear about his candidacy I would have voted for him in a heart beat. They have similar views and Gary shows much admiration for RP so he got my vote.

    If you think mitt Romney is going to save the economy you will be as disappointed as democrats were after electing Obama. Also if you think taxes will go down with mitt you are in for a rude awakening…the gov will still take 25% and, instead of mismanaging it on redistribution policies, will nation build in other beside America. It is funny that this whole election is focused on THIS NATIONs economy, yet neither candidate is willing to stop dumping money into other countries. Where do we get the nerve to try and fix other countries when ours is in the shitter?

  • Steve Wrubel

    Where can I write in – Ron Paul? Almost everyone I know has vowed to write in Ron Paul where possible on the ballots. I sure hope he doesn’t mind winning by default when his write ins surpass the Romney, Obama tallies.

    • Roberto

      We are again, writing him on the ballets that you get, that states other. Keep the faith, God Bless, and glad that your not part of the sell outs.

  • jason

    Ross perot took NO votes from anyone. The people who voted for him did so because they knew he was not an elitist and he would change things. He was more liberal in his moral views but then so was bush and clinton.
    Remember Bush was not popular. After having a conservative like Reagan then bush came in and 4 years later people didnt want him anymore. He was not well liked at the time and he would have lost either way Perot in the running or not.

    This idea that voting for 3rd parties takes away votes is just stupid media lies. If everyone was truly honest then why did Bush and Clinton both threaten Perots family? They made sure that he would drop out. There is no difference between obama and Romney. They both are the same have the same agenda. Its a falshood propeganda put out to make you think you have a choice. You have no choice as long as you keep voting lesser of 2 evils.

  • Roberto

    Maybe Gary is a plant for the Repub. Party to split up the RP voters so as “NOT TO SHOW UP MITT, THE RNC, and all the Lobbyist who have denegreated, demeaned him, the military, his supporters, all these years.
    I bet the RNC would love the fact to be able to say that Gary had 5%, Paul had only 15%, etc.. instead of Gary not bandwagoning Paul supporters and letting RP keep the 20%+, for example.

    The way I see it, after all these years, 30 years in fact, that Ron has been fighting for America and its citizens, I personally find it offensive that when RP’s supporter is even stronger, with the Addition of Y.A.L. (sworn RP and Freedom movement supporters), “NOW” Gary Johnson is in it and is being heard.

    Remember, it was Rush about RP supporters who claimed: “this could be the end of the republican party as we know it, if Mitt doesn’t win”. Now, when RP has the power going forward, Gary is going to come in and split those same voters, that Rush claimed could ruin the republican party??? Is Gary a selfish traitor, helping the RNC make Ron and his supporters, look powerless.??

    It has nothing to do for me now, with what Gary stands for, it is more that he has or is, attempting to bandwagon Ron’s supporters, because he couldn’t get his own. Gary hasn’t been fighting like Ron did against the establishment.

    I say, screw you Gary… There would be no Gary if not for Ron Paul and his 30 year fight against the establishment.
    You were going to be my 2016 candidate, but to me, now as Ron is retiring, to now attempt to pull a few voters, Ron “HAS EARNED” over the past 30 years, for your self greed and self importance, well I say enough.

    I hope all those non lobbyist who backed and fought for Ron all these years, give him “ONE MORE WRITE IN VOTE FOR A PROPER SEND OFF FOR ALL HE HAS DONE FOR AMERICA and OUR PEOPLE>.

    Gary, either wait until the elections are over or take the chance on angering RP supporters and then never getting your trust in 2016. Ron deserves the respect to go out on top, from all of us. Not by having some of his supporters, now back “quiet all these years Gary” now. ..

  • Gene Greek

    He has never endorsed anything before to be popular why would he start now


  • Robert Solitario

    When this election is over, and your lack of support for the Rebulican candidate causes Obama to win a second term, you will see the mistake you have made. I have a great deal of admiration for Ron and Ran Paul, but know what has to be done to protect my children’s future. I hope you all come to the same state of consciousness. This is not a decision of who’s the better conservative, this an election to remove a Marxist from our presidency.

    • Roberto

      Robert, your statement proves your not only a dumb, uneducated sheep, but that you have no morals or values. What do you tell your kids, better to be friends with the people that robbed a small bank, instead of the larger bank, because the small bank isn’t as bad as the big bank. Forexample.

      Education Robert = better voters. Stop listening toFox News propaganda, educated yourself, and more importantly, GROW THE FREAK UP you propaganda, repeating sheep. Your as bad as Lobbyist mouthpiece Mitt.

  • Bob smeckel

    Who counts the votes?

  • Bob Vondruska

    The 19% that Mitt Romney is getting in this poll is pure BS! The Romney camp has their whacked out Mormon people surfing websites like this trying to create the illusion of support for Romney. In reality, support for Romney from liberty-minded individuals is next to zero. Only truly stupid people are supporting Romney!

    • Harrison

      Hey don’t attach mormons to romney indefinetely!! Geez i mean i’m mormon and was a huge ron paul supporter. While I do admit the majority of mormons support mitt romney, it isn’t only because he’s mormon. it’s because he represents the republicans now, for better or worse. I’m libertarian mormon all the way and always will be (though i’ll vote independent) It’s also interesting to note, the only pres. candidate in the republican primaries with a “Latter-Day Saints for …” in their campaign was RON PAUL, NOT MITT ROMNEY

  • Ray Storla

    All of us here are here because we are very concerned for America’s future. We have to make a stand against the status-quo. We already know Ron Paul is not going to win, the media has seen to that pretty well. The best that can be done is for Ron Paul to think of America’s best interest instead of the Republican Party, and throw it all to Gary Johnson, and hope for enough numbers to have a viable third party.

    Paul has been too quiet, leaving the election at a two possible choices. If he is about saving America, He needs to use these last three weeks for pumping up Johnson. I feel Ron dropped us in 2008 when he dropped out. I feel he is doing it again. (Making him just a Ralph Nader poser.) His inaction to make waves, to make his presence known tells me he has dropped out in heart.

    At this point, Ron Paul is not a choice, just a statement. Can we afford having Romney as President? NO! Nor do we need the continuation of Bush by Obama. Between Obama and Romney, Obama will have my vote unless Ron Paul throws what he has got towards making a real play for Johnson.

    I won’t be back for this Paul crap in 2016. You wasted our efforts once again. Ron Pauls son is a crock of hooey, and he isn’t like his father, he’s like Romney.
    Once again, Obama has my vote unless Ron Paul gets off his butt and tells us he supports Johnson. It’s for America damn it.

    • Roberto

      Sell Out then, but leave your lobbyist, propaganda, mouth piece repeating views to the other cowards that make excuses to sell out your vaules. That is, unless your values are supported by Mitt, then vote away.

  • Twy

    Ron Paul hates wars and he is very fair minded. He should endorse Obama who, in Ron Paul’s words, is “not a bomb thrower”.

    • RageFury

      Endorse Obama because Obama is not a bomb thrower you say? What about Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan and escalating the war in Afghanistan?
      Endorsing Obama, who does not follow any of Ron Paul’s issues at all, would betray Ron Paul’s principles.
      Such a move will never happen so don’t hold your breath there bub…