Poll: Who Should Ron Paul Endorse?

Who should Ron Paul endorse if he doesn't run for President as an Independent or Third Party candidate this year?

  • Gary Johnson (41%, 8,057 Votes)
  • Nobody (27%, 5,255 Votes)
  • Mitt Romney (18%, 3,518 Votes)
  • Barack Obama (8%, 1,634 Votes)
  • Someone else (2%, 424 Votes)
  • Virgil Goode (2%, 367 Votes)
  • Jill Stein (1%, 284 Votes)

Total Voters: 19,539

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Disclaimer: This is a non-binding poll by and for Ron Paul’s supporters to express our opinions and make our voices heard. Obviously, the poll’s outcome has no binding effect on Ron Paul’s eventual decision.

  • jim

    Don’t even bother thinking about 2016. This is it. Liberty, sound money, the end to endless wars; it has to end now. 2016 nothing will be left if it all slips away right now. This is it. Vote for Gary Johnson, and hope and pray that Dr. Paul can point the way to him. This is it.

  • AJ

    Ron should run independent.
    I am greatly disappointed that he had to endorse someone

  • Jnav

    Why is this even a question? GARY JOHN 2012


  • IreneK

    If Obama wins, there may not be a chance for a third party or Libertarian run in 2016. I think there are a lot of people who don’t realize just how dangerous Obama is. Lots of people are saying that there’s no difference between the two (Romney/Obama). I beg to differ.

    Yes, Romney may be the lesser of two evils, but you already know that he loves this country, has a record of financial and turnaround successes, and built his fortune from scratch. Obama has nothing and is a marxist/socialist/anti-colonialist at heart. He has no experience and his background is still shrouded in mystery. I truly feels he hates this country, and frankly, couldn’t give a rat’s @$$ that he’s leaving an unconscionable debt to our children and grandchildren.

    I voted Libertarian in 2008 because neither of the two others appealed to me. I feel that under the present administration, our country is in very real trouble. Hold your nose and vote for Romney. And then start working immediately to make a change for 2016. Don’t cut off your nose to ruin the country.

  • A day late and a dollar short, ron I love you and youve done enough but ill be greedy and say that you should have endorrsed gary johnson back in late august that might have been enough to get him in the debates at least that being said romney is just as bad as obama their both globalists who have sold their ssoul to the devil , ww3 and economic collapse are a guarantee , dig deep fellow patriots were going into this chaos full steam

  • Jeffrey Mead

    The Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same corruption and they are false choices. Both parties have gotten us into this mess because they are bought and sold by special interest and they do not represent the interest of the American people. Unnecessary wars, fiscal irresponsibility and loss of our liberty are the product of both Democrats and Republicans.

    Gary Johnson was a successful businessman, who started a company that employed 1000 people and was a successful Governor of New Mexico for 8 years and left them with $1 billion surplus. The most important factor is that I believe him to be trustworthy, honest, and to say and do what he believes in

    I have to vote my conscience and not settle for the lesser of two evils. If not now when?

    . Live Free!


  • Ray

    Obama is a deuche bag. Romneys a turd bag. And they are both communists.
    Endorsing the lesser of two evils makes the voter pretty stupid.

    An endorsement for Gary Johnson is an endorsement for freedom.
    It don’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

  • Lyn Gonzales

    Ron Paul will always have my vote!

  • Rev. Nagi

    My one and only candidate is Ron Paul. I have absolutely no problem writing his name in. Voting for either one of the 2 parties is the definition of insanity (doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results). Things have to change, we all know this. So why not now?

    Vote Ron Paul!

  • Nobody will lower your taxes!
    Nobody will bring jobs back to the community!
    Nobody will help the poor and take privilege away from gov-endorsed monopolies!
    Nobody will end the wars and bring the troops home!
    Nobody will end the Drug War!
    Nobody will end police brutality!
    Nobody will save America & save the people!
    Vote Nobody 2012 or all is doomed…..
    (P.S. in all seriousness, vote for YOURSELF.)

  • Tim Obama

    Please vote for my brother. He is a good man who believes in the Constitution – at least the parts that talk about helping poor people and giving wealth to those less fortunate.

  • jason

    IF Romney gets in you think he wont use EXEC orders and power to get what he wants? After all thats what he did to get the nomination in the first place. Voting Romney over Obama is about stupid. The man lies outright and people still vote for him. The guy has changed his mind on every position faster then the wind changes directions.

  • ck1freedom

    Its not about obama or romney winning, its about those americans with tears in there eyes dying to be heard. We are a nation of underdogs. Some of the greatest wins come from under dogs. Vote gary johnson just to make a dire point. Get rid of this one party system plrase. I beg of you america.

  • Denis

    What did Ron Paul have to lose by running as an independant after failing as a republican nominee? There was far too much moneey time and effort spent on trying to steal delegates whih could have and should have been spent on the graas root effort to get him written in as an independant. Some of that money was mine! Write Ron Paul in. PERIOD! VOTE your concience and let the cards fall where they may.

  • Russ

    This is simple. You vote for the lesser of 2 evils. That is easily Mitt Romney.

    I like Gary Johnson but there is no use in waisting votes on a candidate who will struggle to get 2% of the vote……………………….especially when this election may be decided by a 2% difference between Obama and Romney.

    I just ask that you vote for a person who has a chance of winning in a close election like this one.

    • Arthur Kinney

      Voting for the lesser of two evils is how evil men get elected. And Voting for Romney or Obama is nothing short of committing treason. And besides exchanging Obama for Romney isn’t going to solve any of our problems. Unless you think India and China don’t have enough of our jobs

  • If all hell breaks loose after Obama is re-elected . Good it serves these idiots who are asleep and unprepared, who alienated Ron Paul a lesson. I WILL NOT vote for the the lesser of 2 evils. A vote for Gary is a vote for Gary .. We must send a message. When Obama is re elected there will be chaos.. Some people are actually prepared and have been ready for this for some time now.. Some people know it’s inevitable. 11% of the population is ready , 89% are scared and want to vote for Romney/Obama like he is actually going to save you and bring us back to our roots , like he isn’t some corporate poster child spewing the same thing LOL . Like he gives a flying F about you people. Illusions. Gary at least wants to end the Drug war .. At least he has REAL CHANGE to be offered.

  • Bob

    Without responding to all of the rhetoric above, an endorsement of anyone other than Romney almost certainly gives us more of Obama. I would hope Ron, that you would have a place in the Romney Cabinet where you can truly do some good. I want our country back, not four more years of non governance.

  • I don’t like Romney and I sure don’t like Obama! I served in the 82nd Airborne from 1950 to 1953 and took my oath of loyalty to heart and I still will defend the Constitution to the death. It’s the Constitution that Obama is destroying so please put your petty bickering aside and vote for the Constitution! This may be your last chanch to vote, because if Obama gets in for another 4 years you can kiss that document goodbye! So please take your head out of the sand and vote for the person most likely to defend the Constitution, and by that, I mean someone that stands a chanch of winning. Last but not least is if Obama gets 4 more years all our rights will be gone. The 1st and 2nd amendments will be gone that protects our rights to bear arms, our rights to a free press and our rights to worship God as we wish. Next to my family and country, God is the most important being in my life!

  • If you all think a vote for Gary Johnson is a wasted vote because it’s taking a vote away from Romney , GOOD , Romney cheated out the real man that should be the runner up anyway .. I don’t want some pushy hooked up mega corporate poster children in office . Ones just as bad as the other.

    If you think a vote for Gary Johnson is a wasted vote because it wont help Mittens that is sad , It’s also NOT a vote for Obama , how does every one look through such a narrow minded spectrum. It’s like they just count out the 3rd party when it is the people who can get together and take votes away from both giving Gary the win … It sounds far fetched but it isn’t. PEOPLE are sick of these bipartisan one way track poster child world banker puppet freaks.

    Mittens reminds me of some School principal freak type with all sorts of creepy stuff hidden from the children …

    • Emily

      The reason tha Dr. Ron Paul and any third party are ignored is because the bought and corrupt media makes sure of it.


      It is the only chance we have.

  • pjerin brucaj

    i think everybody should vote for the candidate the like from whats left in the pot but Ron Poul should not endorse nither one. The Revolution has nothing to do with Romney or Obama.