Poll: Who Should Ron Paul Endorse?

Who should Ron Paul endorse if he doesn't run for President as an Independent or Third Party candidate this year?

  • Gary Johnson (41%, 8,057 Votes)
  • Nobody (27%, 5,255 Votes)
  • Mitt Romney (18%, 3,518 Votes)
  • Barack Obama (8%, 1,634 Votes)
  • Someone else (2%, 424 Votes)
  • Virgil Goode (2%, 367 Votes)
  • Jill Stein (1%, 284 Votes)

Total Voters: 19,539

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Disclaimer: This is a non-binding poll by and for Ron Paul’s supporters to express our opinions and make our voices heard. Obviously, the poll’s outcome has no binding effect on Ron Paul’s eventual decision.

  • Eric Nicholls

    When asked who he would endorse, he has already said he encourages everyone to vote for whoever they like.

    It seems that political endorsement is a party thing. The only correct endorsement that can’t burn him later would be Romney.

    He could endorse an independent. Gary Johnson reflects a similar agenda. An endorsement is to encourage the people to vote for the candidate that best agrees with his policies. It would be nice if he would enter as independent and receive the endorsement by Gary Johnson. Gary Johnson is popular. But not as popular as Ron Paul.

    Although he hasn’t committed to endorsing anyone yet, if ever, he has given telling responses. As to party loyalty, he has unwaveringly expressed lack of confidence in Romney on all levels.

    I think he is right to not endorse anyone. His character is intact. It seems that all of his decisions reflect his honesty and consistency.

    I am actually more worried about a new Romney administration than an extension of the present one.

    I wish more people would do as Ron Paul suggests and vote their conscience. The problem is most people’s conscience has been compromised by the idea that if they don’t vote for one of the two evils it is the same as voting for your least favorite.

    I have family and friends who are committed republicans and always vote their party. They have all expressed that they liked Ron Paul the best. They do not like Romney or Obama. They are voting for Romney because they are convinced that a vote for Paul is a vote for Obama. I also have family and friends who prefer Paul but are voting for Obama because they have been convinced that a vote For Paul is a vote for Romney. And a have a few friends that are voting for Gary Johnson because at least his name is on the ballot. They also have come to terms with throwing their vote away but they just don’t care who wins between the other two. They want to be happy to vote their conscience. I think there is a psychological difficulty with righting in a name. Maybe it appears to be unofficial? All I see is that everyone feels powerless, confused, annoyed and generally not happy. This seems to be the dance around this time every four years. See what’s going on here?

    I will vote for Ron Paul even if I have to right in his name. I could vote for Gary Johnson but he is not my true choice. I am not happy to vote for Obama even if I were convinced that it would prevent Romney from winning.

    I choose to exercise my power, be not confused, yet still annoyed. I am happy to know that my vote for Ron Paul is actually a vote for Ron Paul.

    Spread the word!

  • windy

    I will write in Ron Paul unless he asks us to vote for Gary Johnson. Very disappointed that Dr.Paul did not go third party. I will never vote Republican again after the the way they treated Dr. Paul in the primaries.


  • MSizemore

    Everyone saying vote for Romney, because a vote for the others is a wasted vote is obviously brain washed into thinking we have to vote for Democrats or Republicans… This is not the case, Gary Johnson is a very good, and known Middle Class politician. Guys like Johnson and Paul are “unknown” because they don’t have the billions of USD behind them the Rich guys do to have the advertising. You yourself as a educated American need to do deeper research to see who truely is worth your vote, it is possible for enough write ins to happen to change and election. Its not a wasted vote.. Enough people in PA for example vote Johnson/Paul, thats a key battleground state that Obama nor Romney has.

  • Pauline Reyes

    None of the above. I want to write in Ron Paul!!!!!

  • steven dittmar

    he better endorse Romney and it better be quick. A vote for any of these other unknowns is the same as voting for obama.

  • DCnKY

    We have been conditioned to vote for the “lesser of the two evils” that remain as a way to perpetuate party allegiance. It doesn’t work & never will. If Dr. Paul does not run – I will write him in or abstain. Voting for someone who does not represent your interests is a poor excuse for exercising democracy.

  • I have watched Dr. Paul for around 20 years, and in the last 5 I have watched him fairly closely. After all this time I cannot readily think of a position he has taken or something he has done with which I disagree. I think he is BRILLIANT, and he is an exemplary human being. I find his judgement and his principles to be have been so pure and good that I would not second guess what he “should” do, in terms of him endorsing a candidate. He is the only person to make that decision.
    While not specifically endorsing Gary Johnson I think it clear that Dr. Paul has given him, by far the strongest support of any of the candidates. While I personally agree with the totality of Dr. Paul’s positions on all issues more than Johnson’s I respect Gary Johnson a great deal for his accomplishments as governor and as a businessman.
    I am bitterly disappointed with the dishonest, indeed criminal methods and tactics the Romney campaign and the RNC used to disenfranchise all the voters from the Paul/LIBERTY campaign. I think it is clear that much of these activities were directed from the very top of Romney’s campaign, with either his personal direction or at least his tacit approval. Additionally, much of the national, state and local mainstream Republican Party leadership chose to promote or at least allow these tactics and practices. Had the same been done to them they would have raised every manner of protest and legal challenges.
    That the party leadership conducted and/or abetted these tactics/practices in several instances and locales puts a lie to the Republican claim that they are about COMPETITION and FREE MARKETS. If competition and free markets are truly the goal political results do not supersede principles. If Romney and his campaign are going to promote or even allow unethical or even criminal activity how can he be trusted with power, especially the type of power Presidents now have (which NO man should ever have).
    If the LIBERTY folks are to succeed we MUST commit to cooperate and operate from and for PRINCIPLES.

  • Michael Flomer

    Pat Paulson for President,
    Phyllis Diller for vice President
    Rodney Dangerfield, Secretary of State
    Grouch’O Marx, Speaker of the House
    BOZO, Secretary of the Treasury

    Welcome to the Bottney Bay of the Milky Way,
    Planet Earth, ‘The True Man Show’, of the Galaxy!

    That’s Right Folk’s, See ‘Joe Blow’ from CoKaMoe,
    the Only Two-Faced boy in Captivity!
    He Walks and Talks, and Crawls on His Belly,
    Like a Reptile!

    Vote for ‘Ron Paul’, ‘we won’t be fooled again’!

  • Alan

    I didn’t contribute to you for you to endorse anyone else. The other canidates can bugger off. I will do a write in for you. Even if it causes Obama to win he will have to lie his way out of an economic collapse, hope that goes well!!!

  • RC Andrews

    This poll is very telling for those wanting Ron Paul to support Romney.

    They are the very people who infiltrated the movement and broke our bones and their own rules back in 08 and this election cycle.

    Romney Republicans only have themselves to blame for the lost they are about to get in November.

    I am VERY happy to see 23% chose the correct answer to this poll’s question, nobody.

  • Hi, I’m voting for Romney and Ryan they are the only ones that can save this planet at this time Obama can’t for sure he has never even had a job, including being president!

    • freedomjones

      You have got to be kidding me, save the planet . choosing between obama and romney are the same, they are both pieces of shit the only difference is the smell. Id rather not vote than to vote for either of them.

  • Philip

    Ron, please either endorse yourself or Gary Johnson. Are you really thinking about awarding the Republican party after all the BS they pulled to keep your ideas out of public debate? You cannot endorse Romney or Obama, Goldman Sachs cannot win.

  • Jonathan

    Dear Dr. Paul,

    Please endorse Gary Johnson. Even if he doesn’t win, sending a message is still extremely important. It’s the message that Americans are tired of the status quo and so called choices from Democrats and Republicans.

    Mitt Romney certainly doesn’t deserve your endorsement. Not after all the bullying techniques, fear mongering, and flip flopping by his campaign, supporters, and even the party. He is an empty suit with no convictions and will say anything he thinks people want to hear. He’s also far too close to Obama on so many issues.

    Gary Johnson is on the ballot in 48 states, plus DC. Votes for him will actually be counted, whereas write-ins are ignored or thrown out in most states. The ideas of liberty are not about one man, but of a movement. As much as I wanted and tried to nominate you, the establishment shut you out. I won’t waste my vote on a party of bullies and thugs, or a “lesser of two evils.” My vote is worth more than that. Everyone’s is, and it’s too bad most don’t vote based on principles rather than fear. Sadly your endorsement would probably be far too late to help Johnson build enough momentum for the White House, but it still might be enough to coalesce the die-hard Paul troops that plan on writing you in. Show them how to continue the revolution and move beyond the legend that is Ron Paul.


  • Tracy

    I did Vote for Ron Paul!!! so don’t even say I didn’t vote my conscience.. If the rest of the Ron Paul supporters will vote for RON PAUL how can he not win? if the majority vote would be for Ron Paul? write in Ron Paul and vote what you believe is the right choice. I will not be influenced by the stupidity of this election in the first place. I am not a sheeple wake up!!!

  • John Odell

    I’m a realist. A third party candidate can’t win at this stage of the game. Romney is better than Obama so I will vote for him. And it isn’t the President anyway. We need a whole bunch of Congressmen and Senators just as dedicated as Ron Paul. That is the only way we are going to take our country back. The American people are hoodwinked every four years by the R&D circus and some clown gets in office and we the people pay no attention to the congressional and senatorial races and elect our same “good old boys” back into office without even bothering to check on how they voted. We had better find some good Constitutionalists to vote for in our states.

    • Tracy

      Then you should write in Ron Paul and be against this R & D Circus Romney is EVIL!!!

  • Sad to see so many who believe in change give up so easily. I as well am disappointed in Ron for not going Independent while he had a chance.

    I will still VOTE for who I believe in and its not a corrupted RNC or DNC candidate. I like Gary but he has too many fiscal ideas… We need real change from the grass roots.

    Jill Stein & Cheri Honkala 2 Decades of service to the people and advocated for the middle class and poor. (My Vote) Call it wasted if you like, but I will sleep good at night knowing I did not support the Corruption of America any further.

  • Steve Johnson

    I’m writing in Ron Paul because I still can.
    Steve j.

    • Tracy

      Thats what I did 🙂

  • Ron Paul shouldn’t tell anyone how to vote. It’s not in his nature. If he makes an actual endorsement it should read either

    “I endorse the vote of conscience”


    “I endorse any and all third party candidacies”

  • Wow! just read all the comments…. enough to scare the **** out me. Ron can not win anything at this point…except a position of influence in the Romeny – administration but he needs to endorse him…if some of you die hards would only think ahead as vs behind you would vote for Romney. If some of you heel diggers want to pretend that anyone cares about your individual convictions – you are wrong! Consider America and the concequences of 4 more from OB. Vote for concervative senators – let’s get back to love of country and patriotism and…reality. PLEASE remember how the senate race in Delaware turned out …thanks to the help of too many of those that have added their opinions on this survey.

    • Delaware! Who’s fault was that?

      Establishment Republicans plain and simple. They shoved someone down our throat and they thought they wouldn’t have to face the consequences for it?

      Quit playing the game man. Its their rules, not yours.

    • DCnKY

      There is the analogy about “breaking some eggs.” Well, Romney’s eggs (and those belonging to RNC Perpi-Traitors and those that support them) are as good as it gets. It might be painful to fry this omelet, but this criminal BS has to stop. A vote for Romney is a vote for continued blocking of Real Quality Candidates. Put your foot down & stop drinking the Kool Aid.

  • Rmcnnlly

    Honestly, it’s too late.

    For one thing, Obama clearly is the worst option.

    The Best option is Gary Johnson.

    Obama will speed up the collapse, Romney will just be a “finger in the dike”, but Obama would be like a bulldozer breaking the dike down and then if you try to escape the flood waters he’ll show his tyrannical teeth yet.

    I’d rather vote for the lesser of the two evils in this case. I’d rather have a clueless bafoon at the head of the Federal Behemoth then have a Viper like Obama. At least we would have a chance at survival at the local and state levels with Romney after the Federal Government totally collapses.