The Real Debate: Obama vs. Ron Paul

  • He’s too good for those tricks..

  • RON fucking PAUL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • money doesnt disapear it just moves and hides in rich fuckers banks and not in paper but in gold


  • fucking newt at 3:00

  • Both want to increase spending. All “cuts” are nibbling on the automatic increases / year

    If military spending is decreasing, look at Canada, and see our cuts, and insistance of maintaining the same combat capabilities, and more (projecting arctic soverignty), with obsolete equipment (Sea King Helis, CF-18’s, Coldwar era British surplus subs still in dry dock, and old warships)
    Make sure the responsbilites of the US military is decreasing, along with spending if you don’t want to emulate Canada

  • i was never asleep sir, and frankly the fact that you assume to know anything about me based on the content of one comment is astonishingly pretentious. no reply is needed because i dont care

  • Would really be a fun experiment to get rid of the federal government for a week, and see how the country runs.

    It wouldn’t run…

  • Or because he didn’t win enough primaries??

  • You should run for president then! Let’s see how you do, since it seems you got the answers for being the perfect president!

    Better yet, lets let the 14 year old kids on the internet who have no idea what they are talking about run our government. That is what you want, right?

  • O, you think america is a democracy…let me know when you wake up.

  • Military spending is decreasing.


  • I love you. From your Souther Neighbor…

  • I vote Ron Paul by voting for Gary Johnson in 2012!

  • agreed. unfortunately more americans are worried about american idol than the pres. election. like george carlin said this country is full of assholes and nitwits, and they all vote, in fact judging from the results it would appear theyre the only ones that do. the federal govt has to keep wars going and the economy in turmoil so the population of the US doesnt have a chance to realize that the federal govt is completely useless and irrelevant.

  • Ron Paul was Americas only chance for real change Obama and Romney are exactly the same there following the same agenda. Dr. Paul never had a chance they would have literally killed him before he became president. Well all i can say is hes our president in my book love my country, hate my government

  • Americans are not smart, unfortunately..

  • Incorrect, his website stated right there he was against it and wanted it gone.


  • Yes, millions of jobs were lost, and the auto industry almost took a shit. No, it’s not getting better because America was resilient, our government simply asked for loans from OTHER countries to fix our own financial system. America’s government reminds me of a gamer that uses cheats to get through the game. If the gamer doesn’t have enough coin to buy the desired items, he would simply type in a code to get the coin that’s needed (in other words; getting a loan or printing money).

  • You don’t see Ron Paul walk around the subject talking about his family. He’s straight to case.