The Real Debate: Obama vs. Ron Paul

  • Capitalism is based on profit. Look where this “profit” mentality brought you. Your health system is lousy and dictated by greedy old men with italian suits.

  • LOL xbox live on hte top right

  • There needs to be an “uhhhh” count here.

  • stop being capatalist?? you’re uninformed…its not capitalism thats the problem, its corrupt capitalism and corporatism that is the problem…its the lobbying that gets laws passed …its the loopholes in the system that helps the elite…but its not actual capitalism that is the problem…

  • Here is the quality of life index for 2012- US ranks 12, and France comes in below it: numbeo . com/quality-of-life/rankings_by_country.jsp

    Here, it is rated #7 most comfortable, right about France: allinfographics . org/top-10-best-countries-to-live-happy-and-comfortable-life/

    Granted, we live in different countries and are likely receiving different results. I couldn’t find much for most “comfortable,” it’s a pretty abstract term.


  • Do you have a link ? I see the US nowhere in the 10th place. The 2012 ranking hasn’t been made yet, here is what I see : rujacksalad com/2012/07/10-most-comfortable-country-at-2011.html

  • US is 7th on the list, friend.

  • Free healthcare is not stupid, but the way Obamas healthcare system work is stupid.

  • Free healthcare is not stupid, but the way Obamas healthcare system work is stupid.

  • he would have destroyed him more than Reagan did when he debated carter

  • THANK YOU!!!

  • Ron Paul would beat Obama over the head in a real debate.

  • one of the main problems is that all candidates exept ron paul, uses simple words, ideas and concepts that male them look like patriots and (“average joe like”), while Ron tell things as they are(with all the terminology included), which none educated people are able to relate to, or even get a glimpse of what is about

  • You’re racist, stupid, and completely ignorant. If you think europe has anything to envy to the US in 2012, you need to travel and get some culture. The euro has the dollar trailing for many years now and we’re ranked first (France) in most comfortable countries to live in (the US was no where near the top 10n rather like 40th place). If you want my opinion, the US should learn a bit from its ancestors and stop being capitalist assholes.

  • Obama is the worst president in American history. I can see why a degenerate continent like Europe would like him. Praising him for being “modern” is a category error; it says nothing about whether he’s good or bad. Oh well, America’s collapse will come after Europe’s. Europe can’t even reproduce itself and will be under the yoke of Islam in a generation or two. No intelligent people I know voted for Obama.

  • The man criticize and wants to remove public and social services. In the mean time he uses them (he admitted it), what an hypocrite. But he’s probably right, lets remove everything that serves the people and helps, lets go back to the 50-60s and let the rich have everything while the poor and middle class die along from sickness. I can’t possibly understand how peoples can support this kind of statement in 2012.

  • 1. You’re distorting things because of your biased view.
    2. You’re probably from texas (I sweat I didn’t look at your profile).
    3. I can take any president in the world, and talk shit like you do, no president is perfect and will never be. If you think your old geezer would have done better with his ridiculous statements, please allow me to laugh out loud.

  • LOL yeah, Obama is a modern president and wants to make the future better by signing the indefinite detention part of the NDAA, using drones to attack Yemen (which will inevitably cause blowback on the U.S.), killing a 16 year old American citizen without due process, and by continuing to remain as a status quo president. That’s definitely someone who wants to make the future better.

  • Well my country topped “the most comfortable country to live in” for two consecutive years, everyone has quality health care, and no one gets shot in schools. We’re doing just fine mister, thank you.

  • yeah cuz Europe is really setting a good example for FIXING economic crisis…. worry about yourselves and try not to drag US down with you….