The Real Debate: Obama vs. Ron Paul

  • Scott R

    Folks, it’s time to start preparing for the worst. Pay off as much debt as you can before December 31st because the budget crisis is coming for the US. Unless of course they kick the can down the road again. lol The farther down the road they kick the can, the worse this will get. Just a theory.

  • French Canadian

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  • If anyone has a hint of how screwed we are that is if any of the candidates win, we will be in a rut.

  • He has a better chance of winning than Romney if people start to go into real awareness

  • Mike “Vag Pounda” Smith

    I heard that Ron Paul may have a sex tape that will be leaked. Any word on that? I hear he loves to get down will loose wh0res every night. I hear that he reams b!tches two at a time. Way to go Ron, if true!!!!!!!!! You are a fvcking pimp and we need another president that is getting strange on the side, ya hear. Fvck yeah, Ron. Drill some side piece pu$$y!!!!!! Your wife is nothing but an old bag piece of sh!t anyway.


  • How could someone vote for a dickhead instead of Ron Paul?
    He knew and told everyone about the real problems inte America like the War on drugs and the central banksystem, but nooo you all fucked it up, and meanwhile we Europeans for example just has to sit here and watch America fuck up the global economy. How can you all be so blind.

  • Ok… then out of Romney and Obama, which one is Beeker and which one is the Swedish chef? lol

  • Dennis

    Ron Paul he’s the only one who can bring back credibility to America by trying to put it back on the right track. Good luck American’s and vote for Ron Paul or Gary Johnson, otherwise you will never rise again as the America we knew.

  • Ron Paul is not out of the race at all. You can write his name in on the ballot. Never compromise. Stick with him.

  • 06:23 the fact that obama signed the NDAA martial law alone should awaken these obama zombies from there sleep. Damn….

  • If you are a good person with good moral values and intelligence you vote for ron paul, period.

  • i like muppets. so there

  • its not gonna happen faggot. give it up

  • Ron paul: The best president, for middle class and upperclass white men.

  • Maggie “D!ck Sucking Lips” Smith

    I loved hearing RP’s analysis last night. I say hearing and not watching because my back was to the tv so that the guy I picked up could watch tv as I sucked his c0ck. The guy (dont know his name! lol!) didn’t notice, but I started fingering myself when I heard Ron! I was imagining it was a ron’s fvckstick I was sucking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, I would love to taste his cvm…

    Filthy wh0res for Ron Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lolol ron paul getting elected is like jesus coming back to be our savior

    hate to say it but it will NEVER happen

  • WHY would they be attacked for Romney’s loss?
    Don’t Ron Paul’s supporters have a right to vote their conscience?
    Romney is no better than Obama and probably worse as he’s more of a corporate puppet.
    Ron Paul or Gary Johnson, who is on 48 if not 50 of the state’s ballots, are the people to vote for. Voting for anyone else is a wasted vote and anyone than does is either a corporate suck-up, a moron fed BS from the media or has no conscience or foresight to the devastation to come.
    1984 for ever?

  • I think in most ways Romney would be worse than Obama – im not talking abt my preferences. But most RP are conservatives – those are valuable allies for left libertarians like me – his movement would be viciously attacked if he was seen as responsible for Romneys loss.

  • you’re so blind.

  • Romney should lose. So should Obama.
    Better to have Gary Johnson than either of these Muppets if you can’t have Ron Paul.