Ron Paul: The Real Bear Market Started in 2000

  • The balls on anyone to argue economics with Ron Paul. Might as well argue about what the moon is like with Neil Armstrong. It’s just ludicrous. Politics and the entire system is so insane that it is neigh impossible for anyone to even comprehend it. Like trying to fathom a zen riddle: Why is a rock?


  • Strange how they pick and choose what they wanna hear Ron Paul say. They should listen to EVERYTHING he says and implement his ideas.

  • ‘mentel’

    Keep on shinin’, Socrates.

  • Why does Fox bother having him on if they are just going to yell over him and tell us what to think? Fuck Rupert Murdock. This guy is just a talking pimple on Murdock”s ass

  • They call him for economic advise and insight, yet cheats him out of presidential seat? Good logic!

  • …you mispelled rick santorum…

  • Why don’t you go dangle a baby toy in front of your face for entertainment.

  • fell asleep after 15 secs mr Paul you are boring

  • Well wear a raincoat bc pig shit really stinks. If not this election the next people are fed up with the insanity of voting R&D and getting same results. More are waking up to the fact that R&D does not work it only gets worse. If you are advocating a violent revolution it is your funeral. It is only going to get worse bc of PEAK OIL without cheap oil this economy can’t win it can only work with cheap oil and peak oil is about prices getting higher not running out like so many think.

  • this comment made my day LOL

  • I Can see a Teeny-Tiny sleeping donkey wearing a Spacesuit in a vast empty universe inside your head .

  • Like it needs a hole in the head…

  • Rick fuckin’ Perry, y’all.


  • Lol your comment to the Rick Perry comment of AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA made me AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  • The day a third party “carries the day” pigs will sprout wings and fly. The MSM, the entire election process from start to finish, and the electoral “college”, of course, are all geared to prevent it. It’s like gambling in a casino; you are allowed to win just enough to sucker you into losing big in the long run. The elections are far more rigged because the stakes are much greater.
    As long as you buy into the vote farce you will have evil; Libertarian revolution is the solution.

  • XD that seriously made me laugh. Good joke, you should have been at the dinner the other night.

  • So god like is mr Paul. How he knows so much amazes me

  • The day a third party carries the day and the electorial places R&D in the seat you will see revolution we have to vote third party first then deal with the electoral but they will have serious issue should they do this? As long as USA votes for the lesser of 2 evils we are going to have evil in the chair. We have got to end growth in government it only leads to war to sustain government.

  • Rick perry, Ron paul, Mitt romney, Obama, or Gary Johnson.
    neither one of these men should be president.