Ron Paul: The Real Bear Market Started in 2000

  • Kinda-sorta….you believe that? LOL………I’m a Paul guy too and Romney is no better than Obama but no worse either. We’re screwed in this “election” no matter who wins so don’t be looking to political leaders….better be looking to God because He is the only one who can save us.

  • Register Libertarian – Vote Libertarian…..90% of write in votes don’t count.

  • He’s ahead of his time. I wish somebody could fill his shoes, we will need him. Too bad his son sold out, maybe he can still stand up and continue his father’s great work one day.

  • I’ll probably write in Ron Paul too. If the race is real close, I might have to give it to Obama. Lesser of the two evils type thing. A Mitt presidency may turn out even worse than Bush’s. He’s a corporate prostitute to the highest bidder. That means even more wars, and the top 1% will become Kings, and the rest of us will become peasants. Not really implying Obama is too much better, but atleast he kinda-sorta gives a fuck.


  • I learned nothing from Johnson and I share not his nationalistic approach, but he is undoubtedly a sound politician for american state affairs. RP could and should be governor, and so should Johnson and a dozen other ‘BS free, principle driven’ candidates. Nobody in this planet stands a chance unless a significant minority retakes counties, states, towns and neighborhoods from the fascistic political structure. A civic response is needed, indeed. It is not either RP or GJ. It is both we need.

  • Is it me or does Neil Cavuto love having Ron Paul on the show ?

  • Gary Johnson 2012

  • that’s my boy, ron paul!!!

  • Vote for Ron Paul NOT Gary Johnson!

    Still Report #38, #39, #40 and #41

  • Still Report #38, #39, #40 and #41

  • hate to say it, but if you live in a state that you cannot write in a candidate, you IMO should vote for the lesser of two evils, though it is not perfect, gary johnson would be a step in the right direction

  • Gary Johnson supported humanitarian wars! He is a sell out to the Wall Street Banksters and to the Military Industrial Complex as well!

  • so there is another action and they have to count this. Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson.

    forwarding movements of life,liberty,pursuit of happiness and making sure our money is never abused again to bring entire country’s to its knees.

  • This Guy had he been the republican candidate instead of Mitt Romney would have Dominated over Obama and Saved all your asses!

    While I understand you wish to rebel and show your support for Ron Paul.

    The amount of opposition Ron Paul has gotten to keep him out of Mitt Romney’s spot tells me the system will trash every single Ron Paul write in with out a second thought.

  • Kill yourself! No, really. You need help in a mental asylum!

  • I’ll say it once. I’ll say it again. I wrote in Ron Paul and this is the first Presidential Race I’ve voted in. And damn proud of it.

  • And I thought my jokes were bad.

  • Good! Gary Johnson deserved be shut out of the debates for supporting wars!

  • Gary Johnson is a liar!

  • We beat the commies and national socialists once. We can and will beat them again.
    Human nature doesn’t change.