Ron Paul: The Real Bear Market Started in 2000

  • i believe this is where most stimulus went to.

  • Anyone with a lick of sense can surely see this is the Rothschild’s manipulation of moneytary policy so they can try to appear to be in control. Meanwhile corrupt politicians play along as if the FED were actually contitutional, when in fact they aren’t.

  • Lower corporate tax rates in other countries should be a good example of the free market in action (partly) where the people actually determine the value of (American) products..on marriage – the feds should have no role in who you should marry, period. I don’t recall him ever saying that he wants to force states to do anything – I think his stance is that marriage is a Constitutional right (his personal opinion) – but I don’t think he wants to enforce it.

  • Nick Angelo

    Need some input on write in votes. I understand that not all states allow write in votes. Not voting obama or mitt. The way our country is going scares the s*it out of me. Stuck again….

  • RC

    Ron Paul is just as evil as President Obama. There is no difference between the two. President Obama is as far left as you can get. And Ron Paul is as far right as you can get. Do I need to remind you that there are 320 million Americans! If you want to force your agenda on all 320 million of us, then, with that same corollary, President Obama can force his agenda upon you and the rest of us. So quit tooting your holier than thou attitude horn at me. You Ron Paul supporters are just as evil as the other side of the fence.

    I want a centrist. I want a moderate who can govern all 320 million Americans from the center, period.

    • Citizen

      Dear RC,

      No need to “toot our holier…”
      Libertarians are neither rigid conservatives nor soft progressives, that’s where many people like you don’t understand the Libertarian movement.

      Libertarians promote the greatest amount of Freedom and personal Liberty for all parties.
      SOCIALLY they want :
      Personal freedom to smoke, snort, eat or drink whatever you want
      Choice of personal companions, not sanctioned by government
      NO entitlement special previlage groups
      POLITICALLY they want;
      Sound Money, NO taxation by Inflation (both parties)
      A strong national DEFENSE…. NOT a world wide GOP Offensive Empire
      NO more transfers to the Welfare state

      AND there is NO such thing as a MODERATE who can please 320 million people.
      Government is not the solution, it is the Problem….
      Government should be near invisable and unobtrusive in our lives
      Libertarians know that!
      Them DEMS and GOP still haven’t figured that out


  • Ive been to countries with lower corporate tax rates than america, yet american goods still cost more. I just dont think in practise cutting Corp Tax will automatically reduce prices for most goods.
    On Marriage he wants to force the States to change definition of marriage and allow homosexuals to get married. States have different divorce laws,different laws on adoption, the feds have no role in family laws.

  • I take it you were never hooked on Phonix

  • I don’t oppose those that vote GJ as I understand we work towards the same goal of Liberty but I don’t think it is the right strategy. First of all, there’s no “two party system”, we have essentially a one party system, what we need is a true second party. Second, LP IMO will never become that second party even if it gets 5% and in fact could be counter productive to those trying to reform the GOP -it would fracture the vote in 2016 for Rand, among other things-. Wrong strat IMO

  • Surfisher —

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    • Surfisher

      Unless this Ad is taken down, I’ll boycott this site, and urge all of you to do so!

      • Surfisher

        My FINAL POST here — until this perfidy of asking to donate to Rmoney Ad is removed from Ron Paul’s Fan Site!!!!!!!!!

        The BO creature wants to destroy our Freedoms and our Nation!

        But, If Mitt gets into the White House — expect An American Tragedy!

        Mormon Mitt won’t allow Catholic Ryan to be anything but his doormat (to be disposed of when the time comes).

        His 5 Mormon Sons are getting groomed to take over…and create a Dynasty of little Mormon Mitts for decades to come!

        Now, that is truly scary!

  • French Canadian

    What an incredible interview!

    David Icke / Alex Jones Infowars – 19 Oct 2012

  • Gary Johnson’s Fair Tax Plan would destroy the middle class!

    Fair Tax is a fraud created by the neoconservatives!


  • Speaking from across the water, Ron Paul speaks a lot of sense, people would be advised to listen and heed! As things stand at the moment, Europe is teetering on the brink of financial collapse, budget deficits in many countries will take many, many years to pay back and deficits are still getting worse! The need to turn to a more secure financial market system is absolutely imperative and if you think things are bad now, there is much worse yet to come, if things continue as they are!-

  • French Canadian

    Do not miss this fantastic interview done on October 20, 2012 on the 48 broadcasting: TWO DAYS TO WAKE UP THE WORLD:

    Gerald Celente: Return of The Money Changers

  • 42 states allow it… far from some states…

  • LIAR!

  • YOU CAN’T VOTE FOR RON PAUL!!!!! Only some sates will allow you to write him in!!!

  • Don’t think they will do what they are saying they will do right now… There is already a plan that both of them will follow, no matter who gets “elected.” They are both the same, so there is no “lesser of the two evils.” They are just putting on a show for you right now, it means NOTHING.

  • Wrong Way Gary Johnson wants to tax us to death! Fair Tax is a fraud created by the neoconservatives!


  • When we write Dr. Ron Paul’s name in, it does not mean that we are throwing our votes away. It actually means that we are speaking loud and clear by expressing that we are not like the rest of the sheep who are leading themselves to the slauter on their own because simply they are close minded. I am in the Navy and I voted, donated, and knoked on doors to talk about Dr. Ron Paul! I am awake and proud of it too!

  • End the Fed! Ron Paul should have been President