Ron Paul: The Real Bear Market Started in 2000

  • Where is it flawed? It’s embedded in products as a consumption tax, its not forced out of your paycheck. Plus a prebate is offered. Taxes wouldn’t “skyrocket”..they would diminish over time as a template to no tax. How exactly would the fair tax rip people off?

  • Vote for Gary Johnson most people dont know him /watch?v=XjVTBKVGDFE&feature=related

  • Vote for Gary Johnson most people dont know him /watch?v=XjVTBKVGDFE&feature=related

  • NO! It is much worse than the income tax! The Fair Tax System is so fatally flawed it would make all of the Ron Paul supporters scream bloody murder if they found out that they have been ripped off outrageously by the skyrocketing higher taxes!


  • To all of the Gary Johnson supporters that hate Ron Paul and all of his supporters as well!

    Gary Johnson is a liar! He did NOT leave a budget surplus at all! He left a budget deficit much worse than Bruce King and Barack Obama! He increased spending by 240% much worse than Arnold Schwarzenegger by 40% and lost thousands of jobs under his watch!

  • A consumption tax is a hell of alot better than income tax, and with a prebate – Gary Johnson said its a template for no tax, but in the meantime it will bring some money in…so what if Gary Johnson has tweaked Ron Paul’s basic message a bit. It’s not necessarily about the details all the time, it’s about principles and the big picture.


    RON PAUL 2012!

  • Facts are more relevant than insults. True story!


  • You are wrong actually but so is the guy above you. Ron Paul and Gary DO differ on taxing. Paul wants NONE. Gary wants FAIR. Ron Paul has stated for a FACT that he WOULD vote for fair tax if it was an option!! RON PAUL SUPPORTS GARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • OK, I’ll go ahead and do that. Which box do I check on the ballot, again? The one that doesn’t get counted at all? Yeah, that’ll show em!

  • If it’s not Ron Paul, we’re just going to have to settle with Obama again.

  • im not a fan of the lesser of two evil’s voting, in doing so you pull back the support for the person you believe in to be fit for presidency, like martin luther king jr said, “there comes a time when silence becomes betrayal”. vote for who you believe is fit to run the country, don’t worry about what the media is showing you, why limit your choices.

  • Words of wisdom from a vacuous mind. If blithering dunces like you are the future of America, then they’ll be building fences to keep you looney paultards from contaminating the rest of the world!

  • Please read the damn fine print at fairtaxfraud . com

  • I wish this man was 20 years younger today.

  • economist. com/ content/ global_debt_clock
    People of the sun there is a problem here. Don’t hide it under the carpet with another problem as usual and don’t pretend that doesn’t bother you. Global poverty increase above 60’s and I believe that THE FORCE which is behind that issue is ALSO against anyone.
    The important here is that the increasing speed seems to be related by how many people really stand up against it. It is anything happened in your life, if you will continue to “let go”.

  • Gary Johnson is an establishment shill. He prides himself on making decisions with cost-benefit analysis. Drugs, gambling, prostitution shouldn’t be legal because it is cheaper than having them illegal. They should be legal because we live in a free country which (supposedly) allows citizens to make their own choices, good or bad. Cost benefit analysis’s can be subjective.
    Write in Ron Paul. Everyone knows Ron Paul shares our ideals while Johnson sounds like another businessman.

  • i believe this is where most stimulus went to.

  • i believe this is where most stimulus went to.