Poll: Who Will You Vote For This November?

Who will you vote for this November?

  • Ron Paul (write-in) (46%, 7,829 Votes)
  • Gary Johnson (27%, 4,488 Votes)
  • Mitt Romney (14%, 2,398 Votes)
  • Barack Obama (6%, 1,014 Votes)
  • I won't vote at all (4%, 743 Votes)
  • Virgil Goode (1%, 186 Votes)
  • Jill Stein (1%, 132 Votes)
  • I'll vote for somebody else (1%, 87 Votes)

Total Voters: 16,877

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  • Emma

    I know I’m getting to get in trouble for saying this, but the bottom line is if you really love your country you need to vote for Mr. Romney. Four more years of Obama will do even more damage and really we may really suffer significant losses of our liberties. While Mr. Romney is not the best choice he is the close enough candidate if we are going to attempt to balance the extreme tilt we are on. I’m crazy about about Ron Paul and I’m thrilled that his son Rand is shaking up things in Ky. Rand Paul is not afraid to speak his mind or the tell the truth. Please reconsider voting for Mr. Romney this time in order to preserve what’s left of this great country. Ron Paul will have more opportunity under Mr Romney than Obama.

    Thank you!

  • Will Davis

    I am voting for Gary Johnson. My first choice was Ron Paul, but he should have been more aggressive and exposed the the cheating against him in the primaries. He could have chosen to run as an Independent, but he didn’t. I would love to have him as a president, but he no longer has a chance.

    Gary Johnson is on the ballot in all 50 states. Gary Johnson has a good platform. Also, Gary Johnson is not Obama or Romney. For once I can vote for somebody and not just select the lesser of 2 evils.

    If enough people agree with me, then the United States will have a future. If not, we are doomed.


  • In Oklahoma a write in vote voids the ballot. The only two choices on the ballot are Obama and Romney, therefore, I won’t be voting for president this time. Besides I am highly doubtful this supposed exercise in democracy is really accurate. Bev Harris in Hacking Democracy and others have clearly proven how easy it is to tamper with the voting machines. So, I say vote local Constitutionally sound, liberty lovers into office. Concentrate on the state level so that if the Feds push in at the state level there are those in place to thwart the Feds overreach.

    • Ken

      Be sure to check into R J Harris. He’s a good liberty Oklahoman. Not sure if he’s on your ballot, but if he is, be sure to vote for him, please!

  • Justin

    PLEASE please please don’t waste your vote on Ron Paul… we all love him but he isn’t running! Virgil Goode agrees with Paul on practically EVERYTHING. It was never about Paul, it was always about breaking the two party system and bringing liberty, which is what the Constitution Party and Goode are trying to do. Help us carry on Ron Paul’s legacy!

  • when is america going to wake up,the president is only a stooge for the rothschilds and the rockerfellers and always will be because they fund, feed and control all the major candidates from their beginning,you might say that they are all almost MK ULTRA MANCHURIAN CANDIDATES,but we must exclude george w bush from this equation because there was nothing there to work with,so were you not ashamed to vote this cross breed into office,and yes i said crossbreed thats a cross between a baboons arse and a mongolian idiot,only two presidents were not bought and paid for,and they were ABRAHAM LINCOLN and JF KENNEDY,so you see what has happened america has along with the united kingdon and israel,has betrayed or made wars with every nation on this planet including the american people,so is it not past time to reopen devils island and throw all the rothschilds the rockerfellers and their minions like the jp morgans there and throw away all the keys.of course there is much more to do but this will be a very good start.yours sincerely TONY LANE

  • 2UWrangler

    I CANNOT in good conscience vote for either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney.
    NEITHER of these two candidates has the best interest of the American People at ‘heart’. They are BOTH PAID LACKEYs of the Federal Reserve Oligarchist.

  • Mike

    Every 4 years it’s a vote of the lesser of two Evils. The fact remains the same that there is no Dem or Republican. They simply get people to argue amongst themselves over nothing while passing the most abhorrent legislation to the constitution imaginable hand and hand while the masses continue to argue. I am awake now and can never go back into the Matrix. I will never vote Vote Dem or Republican again..I am an American. I believe in Freedom over all…That being said I am disappointed in RP for not fighting harder to get a place in the Convention. Seemed to me like he just gave up.

  • tom grunzinger

    I would vote for Tom A.Grunzinger father of 17 children and one of his children the founding father of three organizations[UNITED CHURCHES OF AMERICA]O’DAMA PRO-LIFE COALITION]and[POBOXES FOR THE HOMELESS]to establish a new political party by the year 2024.The party name possibly[THE INDIEREPUBLICRATS]Joining people together,we the people,starting at the small community level.

  • Todd Barton

    Texas allows the write-in vote. They just count any write-in generically and if there are enough then they look at the names written in. Still a crock of shite and on the verge of pointlessness.

  • Will Wynne

    Hey Paulies!

    Willard was not my first pick either, but I voted for him because voting for anyone other than him helps Obummer. Why can’t you hard core Paulbots see that? Oops! Never mind, it is BECAUSE you ARE hard core PaulBots.

    • Todd Barton

      I’m so tired of the people that keep perpetuating the BS that any non-bipartisan vote is a vote for the incumbent. The numbers probably do support that supposition but only if people keep believing it will it never change.

  • Jenasus

    Ron Paul I am voting for who you endorsed for President, Gary Johnson.
    Demoncrats and Republicons are on different sides of the same Totem Pole.
    Romney is the same book as Obama with a different cover.
    Obama and Romney are on different sides of the same coin.

    Johnny Pot Seed says’ “A joint a day keeps the doctor away.”
    Support your local marijuana grower. Buy American Grown Marijuana. (BAGM)

  • Ken

    You can write in Ron Paul in these states NH WY WI IA DC MD WA OR RI + (ME voters got RP on ballot) (CA voters got RP on ballot) +DC so far!! – Follow @TweetAmiracle and @USA_Free_Press on Twitter to track the Lawsuit!

    If your state Attorney General denies you your Write-In Rights, VOTE THEM OUT!

    If your state Attorney General denies you your Write-In Rights, follow the instructions at http://www.wagthedog247.com/ and Write In Ron Paul anyway!

    • Ken

      That “WagTheDog” site is soliciting donations for some other person’s US Congressional Campaign. I don’t trust it. It doesn’t pass the smell test. Ron Paul warned that people might try to use the liberty movement to profit at our expense.

      That lawsuit won’t work in my state, anyway. There’s a simple, unburdensome process to become a legal write-in candidate. In my state (Kentucky) it’s $50, and a form with 8 electors and the candidate’s signature. That’s not a big hurdle. You can’t force someone to be a candidate. Therefore, any lawsuit in KY won’t have standing and it’ll be thrown out.

      (Not the same Ken)

  • Tek

    Neither Mit or Obama – if Ron Paul is allowed a write in Kansas, I’ll vote for him. If not then Gary Johnson is it.. I can not vote for either of the supposed leading bullshit artists. We need someone with more vision than his pocket book or making the family in the newest bill that is passed by EO. if your going to pass a bill make sure its for everybody and not making it so only your family is excluded from it. stop screwing up our Rights!

  • Marilyn

    There has been a suit filed to make sure all states that didn’t allow write ins to do so. So far the suit has been successful in many states. In the states where this has not been decided, like Texas, if you want to write in Ron Paul you need to make some noise to the Secretary of State and the Attorney General.

    Tell them you are aware of the suit and you would appreciate them allowing the write in votes for RP to count. Otherwise they are not allowing you to vote your conscious and have it count. Another thing to point out is that the the Federal election laws do not allow the states to interfere with a Federal Election!

    My conscious will not allow me to vote for the choice of 2 evils the media dog and pony show has led us to believe are our only choices. The Republicans and Democrats have clearly become 2 sides of the same coin, vote for them and you get no real change!

  • George B

    In California I am an “Official Elector” for Ron Paul. Certified signed and delivered before the cut off date. Our votes will count as an Official Write In Candidate for the only person who my conscious could vote for. I’m happy for Gary Johnson and I’m sure he’ll get his “5%” to help out the Libertarian Party for 2016 as I know many of you are voting for GJ who were dedicated Ron Paulers – and that’s awesome! Gary Johnson is close, but not enough for me to vote for him.

  • Therese

    Aside from those 7 or 8 states that allow write-ins, so far Ron Paul is also registered as a write in candidate in Maine and California. Other states are working on getting him registered before their deadlines.

  • J. E, B. Stuart

    Dear Dr Ron Paul,
    I was behind you Dr Paul through the primary election.
    With this race as close as it is between Romney and Obama, I find it my patriotic duty to now vote for Romney. A split in the vote would bring in Obama for the rest of his life along with his totalitarian Communist agenda.
    They never expected the Agenda put forth by Saul Alinsky to the SDS and then Democratic Socialist Party back in the 1960s to come this close this quick. The instruction we had when recruiting Community Organizers was to infiltrate all aspects of American Life primarily Labor, Education, and Media. Bring up questions on race, present Capitalism as Competition among unequals through exploitation of the working class. The goal of the revolution was a USSA.
    In time confiscate private industry, private capital, private income and private property and make it the property of the Elected Assembly of State. Guess what? Obamalinsy has set this up in his first term and will swiftly execute the confiscation in his second term. Above all you will lose your individual freedoms. (how do I know this? My source had spent years deep within their radical organization conducting his clandestine investigation into this subversive organization)
    This election is now to close to call and Romney can be replaced after his first term where Chairman Obamalinsky will not be able to replaced as he will be to deeply rooted and elections will be a process of the past.

  • Carol Goodwin

    I was told that unless a candidate was not at least registered as a certfied write in, if we wrote in their name, it would invalidate the ballot! I picked the only write in who came closest to Ron Paulian and I wrote in his name. I wish I had gone ahead and wrote in Ron Paul just purely in rebellion. I voted for him in 1988. I voted for him in the 2008 and 2012 primaries as well.

  • Of course I will vote for Ron Paul. Who else would I vote for? The great socialist lier, or Mr. I’ll-say-whatever-the-audience=wants-me=to-say.

    • Tony

      Warren, Ron Paul will not be on any state ballots. Gary Johnson will be on, I believe, all 50 states, I know for sure he will be on 48 state ballots. The only difference between Gary Johnson and Ron Paul is on abortion. They have the exact political views. Ron Paul has endorsed Gary Johnson and Gary Johnson did endorse Ron Paul. Vote for Gary Johnson and you’re voting for the same principals that Ron Paul stands for.

  • Already voted for Ron Paul, and it is in Iowa, so it counts.

    • Johnny

      How are you posting from the future? I live in Iowa and it is 10:38pm Oct 28!

    • Tony

      Ron Paul will not be on any state ballots. Gary Johnson will be on, I believe, all 50 states, I know for sure he will be on 48 state ballots. The only difference between Gary Johnson and Ron Paul is on abortion. They have the exact political views. Ron Paul has endorsed Gary Johnson and Gary Johnson did endorse Ron Paul. Vote for Gary Johnson and you’re voting for the same principals that Ron Paul stands for.