Poll: Who Will You Vote For This November?

Who will you vote for this November?

  • Ron Paul (write-in) (46%, 7,829 Votes)
  • Gary Johnson (27%, 4,488 Votes)
  • Mitt Romney (14%, 2,398 Votes)
  • Barack Obama (6%, 1,014 Votes)
  • I won't vote at all (4%, 743 Votes)
  • Virgil Goode (1%, 186 Votes)
  • Jill Stein (1%, 132 Votes)
  • I'll vote for somebody else (1%, 87 Votes)

Total Voters: 16,877

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  • KC Ted

    5%+ elevates the LP to Major Party status. That would be historical.
    This movement, as a whole, has no political strategist. Paul was the core of the political strategy for the liberty movement but is now unable to motivate people to switch tacks over to Johnson, because of obligations to the Rep. candidates he has already endorsed, plus the pending Fed Audit bill needing passage in the Senate.

    Paul has come as close as he can to encouraging people to look at Johnson and consider a third party. Those who suggest he should just come out and endorse Johnson (or those who say they can’t vote LP because of no Paul endorsement) simply have no idea of how political strategy works. Paul has 2 1/2 more months in office and a LOT on his plate. He can’t endorse outside the party with so much at stake.

    We need a prominent figure who is 100% respected by Paul supporters, who can develop a strategy to unite all of the liberty movement. We NEED that 5+% more than anything else right now. Doug Wead has indicated that people should vote for Johnson but hardened Paul supporters aren’t listening. They aren’t even listening to Paul’s subtle gestures (some not so subtle). If all Paul supporters and all Libertarians (along with disenfranchised Ds and Rs) voted Johnson, that 5% would be a cake walk. I have supported Paul since 1988 (and still consider him the key leader in the movement) but see the need to vote for Johnson.

    • Dan

      Please vote for Gary Johnson, He is the libertarian on the ballot in 47 states.

      • Ken

        Actually, Johnson is on the ballot in 48 states (we won PA) + DC and Guam, I believe. We’re only missing OK (because their ballot access rules are stupid) and MI (because Romney hack Sec of State bounced us).

  • Angela Sullivan

    I was a very huge supporter of Ron Paul but since Ron Paul Stated himself he would not accept the Presidency if there was a write in vote, I would not waste my time. I love Ron Paul but he WILL NOT accept the Presidency with a write in vote so that is plain stupid to vote for him. I am voting for Romney since he is a serious candidate and Ron Paul is not. Paul could have run on another ticket, or could accept the Presidency if he won with a write in Vote, again and again Paul states he will not accept a write in vote so Of course he can say anything he wants. Ron Paul’s Son is supporting Romney.

    • Dan

      Please vote for Gary Johnson, He is the libertarian on the ballot in 47 states. Ron Paul would highly approve this logical decision.


    • D Bro

      After what the Romney people along with the republican party did to Ron Paul supporters you want to help this Obama in white? What are you thinking? Romney will put the republicans back to sleep as they will think we have won and quit paying attention to the debt, the deficit, the war, the federal reserve, the TSA, protecting our civil liberties, restoration of the Constitution. Obama winning will be punishment to the republicans for not really caring about freedom. Apparently, it will have to get much worse before they wake up. I am Ron Paul!!!

  • I see that our vote is suppressed by the MSM, and really isn’t any choice at all. As we each have to vote our conscience, I’m appealing to a higher power and I’m voting for Jesus Christ, along with 1.5Million like-minded people:
    He is our only hope for real change: the Way, the Truth, and the Life. [John 14:6]

  • Victoria Winters

    All of us in our home here all five are voting for Ron Paul we can no longer vote for the lesser of evil and only vote for freedom and liberty. The democratic party seems to be nothing but communists and the Mitt vote is just a moderate.

    • Michael

      Ron Paul is still the “lesser of two evils.” You can only vote for more evil or less evil, as no perfect candidate has ever or will ever run. A vote for Ron Paul this November is a vote for Barack Obama. We failed in the primaries to give our best candidate a chance, but now we must vote for the only candidate who will prevent us from another four years (or more) with Barack Obama: Mitt Romney.

    • Dan

      Please do NOT waste your vote! Vote for Gary Johnson, He is the libertarian on the ballot in 47 states.

  • Alan

    I believe many who are supporting Mitt Romney, as myself, believe in liberties, with certain needed regulations. I hope many Ron Paul supporters in crucial battle states will consider the necessary support Mitt Romney needs. I love Audit the Fed Hoodie. 3rd Party folks, we can’t separate ourselves from the rest of the world. Keep standing for liberty and accountability…

    • Dan

      Please help us achieve and exceed the 5% needed and vote for Gary Johnson, He is the libertarian on the ballot in 47 states.


      Unless you want another war and this time against Iran…so yes vote for Romney…GET A CLUE

  • robin

    Let’s pray today for all the people in the path of hurricane Sandy. According to Arnie Gunderson nuclear scientist and whistleblower, there are 26 nuclear plants in it’s path and none of them have a back-up pump for the spent fuel pools which is what happened in Japan. People went back to sleep after the Japanese disaster and no one is doing anything about all the nuclear plants across America.

    • Scott R

      Good point Robin- I did not think about that! I hope that these plants are farther from the coastal flooding then they were in Japan. Seems obvious, but why would you build a nuclear power plant where there are high risks of dangers such as flood, earthquake, ect. Really- no city should be built at or just above sea level. It is just asking for it!

    • Enlightened

      We finally have a chance to clean out the scumbags on the East Coast and you want to warn them about the Power Plants?

  • Charlene Dryer

    Got to love you, Ron Paul! Diluting the Republinut vote has got to help Obama.
    Yeaah, Obama.

  • Until they get away from using electronic voting machines owned by the candidates and monitored and counted by others, including George Soros, I will not be particpating in the sham called American Elections.

    • Dan

      Please fill out and send in an absentee ballot, then, instead.

  • Bob

    I am in NY, Obama is going to win NY any ways, so I will write in Ron Paul, if I had a choice, I would just pick any one that can defeat Obama. It is a 2 party system unless we can awake the masses in America, it will always be a 2 party system with very little difference between the 2.

    • Dan

      That’s a wasted vote! Help propel the libertarian party to the same status that the Dem’s and Repub’s enjoy by voting for Gary Johnson.

  • Walt Eagles

    You may have heard someone say “you can’t believe anything on the internet” over the past. This is a lie!!! IT IS ALSO A LIE TO BELIEVE A VOTE FOR RON PAUL IS THROWING IT AWAY!!! In a free society any vote cast is a vote for freedom. PERIOD. Romney and Obama are both candidates placed before you by the Trilateral Commission. They are BOTH beholden to that Commission and NOT the people of this country. The Trilateral Commission has created todays social/political failure to bring a once great country to its knees. It is self destructive to allow them to continue to control our lives. GET IT! Freedom does not come free stand up for your constitutional rights. VOTE FOR RON PAUL!

    • Ken

      You can vote for whoever you want, but in most states there’s a legal procedure to go through to have those votes actually counted. Find someone on the ballot, who will be COUNTED on election day. Send the message in a way that will be reported.

  • Judy M.

    I voted my conscience and went with Ron Paul-wrote him in. He’s the only one suitable for the job. Some think I should go with Romney to make sure Obama doesn’t get in. I saw on the videos that Ron Paul REALLY has the numbers-not Romney or anyone else. I hope others vote their conscience and not for what the media believe is popular.

  • robert w

    I sure wish Ron Paul would come out and fully endorse Gary Johnson. If we can get at least 5% of the vote this election, we will qualify for $90 million in campaign money for next election. Neither the dems or repubs want this. Gary Johnson is a disciple of Ron Paul and has almost the exact same platform. We need to pull together as Libertarians. I dont feel any vote is wasted, but some votes are more helpful than others. Lets help the Libertarian party become a force next election. We will never break the stranglehold of the dempubs if we remain divided. Ron Paul is not running for President. Gary Johnson is. Lets end the division and pull together. Please remember there is strength in numbers!!!

  • Scott R

    Our movement can be 2-fold… take over the GOP, and also support the Libertarians on their quest to reach 5%. We did our best in the GOP primary, but did not succeed there. It is time now to support Gary Johnson and give the Libertarians a voice on a national stage. I’m not sure Romney winning is the best thing for us honestly. Think about it… if he wins, your choice in 2016 will be Romney vs. some democrat. So you will be in the same position once again picking between the lesser of two evils. If Romney loses, in 2016 the GOP may actually pick a liberty candidate / conservative. So don’t hold your nose and vote for Romney, do what’s right for the movement and vote for Gary Johnson. Any other vote is a big waist.

  • Kevin Pipenur

    I will be writing in Ron Paul on my ballot as there is no other candidate worth voting for. He is the only person with the moral terpitude, honesty, and values that this country needs to get back on the path to recovery. I pray that Ron continues the fight for our country despite choosing not to run for office anymore. We need him now more than ever so that we don’t lose the ground that has been gained.

  • Gary Fillion

    I gave my word/pledge that I would write in Ron Paul and haven’t seen an argument yet to dissuade me. It may not count for much, but I will know that I voted for the right man. I hope all of you who pledged to write in Ron Paul will have the integrity to follow through with that pledge, otherwise, of what value will such future pledges be?

    • Sean

      I feel you man, and I would do the same if there wasn’t another candidate that was close to Dr. Paul’s values, but both Gary Johnson and Virgil Goode are, so I implore you to instead vote for one of them (especially since Dr. Paul is no longer in the race.) Johnson is even for the FairTax!

    • Ken

      You have a choice, as everyone does. Know that a vote for Ron Paul won’t be counted in most states. A vote for Johnson (in almost every state) or Goode (in some states) will be counted, and help so-called third parties gain the ability to compete against the Uniparty Oligarchy.

  • LP

    Why is there a Romney Add on a Ron Paul website?

    • Scott R

      Good question!!!

  • J. Edmer Fudd

    I voted for Dr. Paul in the Texas Primary even though he had already left the race. I will not vote a protest vote for him in the main election, I did that once and got Bill Clinton as President. We have only a two party system that elects a President. Get realistic, you can either vote for another four years of lies and deception, or vote for a proven business man. I will take the later. Clean house in Washington DC, it smells like a pig pen. It is past time for the citizens to correct the mess in DC, we allowed it, and it is left up to us to correct it.

    • Ken

      Or you can vote against the Duopoly. I know what I’m doing… GJ2012.

  • Aaron

    I already voted for Mitt Romney by absentee ballot as soon as I returned from my last deployment in Afghanistan. I fully support Ron Paul and his message, but practically I think Mitt Romney will destroy America at a slower than Obama while the Republican Partyhas a growing liberty movement growing. So, I hope Mitt wins over Obama (realistically you all know it is going to be one of them two) while the Rand Paul’s and Walter Jones’ within the Republican Party grow stronger and make more influence. The only way to defeat the corrupt two-party system is to take over one of the parties and make that party serve the American people once again.

  • Mark’O

    Emma – The republican party cheated us out of a Ron Paul Presidential Candidate. He was more popular than any other candidates from the beginning of the primaries and throughout the entire process. The republican party nominated a puppet who did not have the support that Dr. Paul had. Based on this fact, how can you vote republican? Shouldn’t you be angry with them for lying and cheating you and the rest of the country? I think what Obama has done has been awful!!! I would NEVER vote for him!!!!……but I wil NEVER vote for the criminal republican party again after what they did to us and Dr. Paul. So, I will cast my “Wasted Vote” for Dr. Ron Paul (write-in) and if Obama is elected (whomever the banks pick), then so be it….it will send a message to lying, cheating republicans!!! If you vote for Romney…..you are their puppet!!!!!

  • Robert E. Lee Spilman III

    Do not know why , Dr. Paul did not get onthe write-on list. Regardless, with a sound mind came the only alternative . Gary Johnson plus all other Liberals. There is not much left of this Country, however I Will Be Dammned before i let the Constitution be Raped and Ammended. OUT!