Poll: Who Will You Vote For This November?

Who will you vote for this November?

  • Ron Paul (write-in) (46%, 7,829 Votes)
  • Gary Johnson (27%, 4,488 Votes)
  • Mitt Romney (14%, 2,398 Votes)
  • Barack Obama (6%, 1,014 Votes)
  • I won't vote at all (4%, 743 Votes)
  • Virgil Goode (1%, 186 Votes)
  • Jill Stein (1%, 132 Votes)
  • I'll vote for somebody else (1%, 87 Votes)

Total Voters: 16,877

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  • John

    It’s funny to me that the Liberty loving Ron Paul Revolution people can’t even agree to stand up against the tyranny. We are failing at our own revolution here folks. If you can’t all agree to write in Ron Paul, or someone similar like Gary Johnson, then why continue to fight? Those of you who are voting Romney and telling other they are wasting their vote for not doing so, you are the ones wasting your vote. You don’t join the revolution to bail on it when it comes down to the nitty gritty. This is why we won’t win. Unless we organize and decide on one, just one to all vote for, then our spread out votes will only keep the machine in power. We will lose this election, either way Obamney is taking it. Let’s get organized, for real, for the next.

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  • Kim

    The way I understand this, and very limited here, it’s a vote for either majority party. If any other candidate is selected, doesn’t it lessen the voice for the party to win? I see it as having replace a pie pan with slices of pie to make it ‘whole’ again. If half of the pan were replaced with rotten pie slices and the other half of the pan were replaced with 2/3’rds of fresh applie pie slices and 1/3rd fresh pumpkin pie slices, what is the majority? The rotten pie slices. So that’s what we would end up with, isn’t it? Wouldn’t splitting up the Conservative votes to different candidates (Republican, Libertarian, Green, etc.) dilute the Conservative majority? Please help me to understand if this is incorrect.

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  • Jude

    We all love Ron & Gary. But, please , you know they can’t win ! We must rally around Romney – to oust Obama!!!! If you split the vote we will have him back for 4 more years !!!! That will be a total disaster. There may be no coming back. No chance to get a real conservative in office later. Do think this through.

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    • Jon

      Jude, Romney is not a true Conservative. Nothing will change with him. The only thing Republican about him is his bank account. Obama got his plan of healthcare from Romney. He is just a Massachusetts Democrat acting like a Republican. When it all boils down, he is Goldman Sachs approved, just like Obama.


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    • BambiB

      Gee, if Ron Paul and Gary Johnson were on the ticket, but Hitler and Stalin were the front-runners in the election, would you urge us all to vote for Stalin to avoid electing Hitler?

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    • John

      That’s like saying “we love you grandma, but you’ll never beat cancer, so Go CANCER!” What a clown thing to say.

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    • Stephanie4Paul

      However Jude, won’t that mean that we will most likely be stuck with Romney for 8 years?? I am writing my vote for Dr. Paul in, but I just hope that we do not get stuck for 8 years before we can turn the Revolution!

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  • Ron Paul & Gary Johnson are traitors against their party.
    Everyone with any sense knows a vote for Ron Paul or Gary Johnson is a vote for the democrat liberals.

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    • BambiB

      Spoken like a good communist.

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    • John

      Who care about party’s? Isn’t the Revolution about Liberty? If the party won’t allow Liberty, why stay in that party?

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  • maritzka

    Romney is a bull*hitter and a liar. If he were the only choice I wouldn’t vote at all. I pray to god that he does not win. More war, less human rights, back to catering to the rich, and putting our young men in another war. God help America.

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  • Paul E

    People who vote out of fear of the candidate they don’t want the most getting in, or remaining in office, disgust me. You are the reason we don’t have any change; thanks a lot.

    I wrote in Ron Paul -Colorado early mail-in voter- last week because I voted in 2008 for suppose hope and change, and now I’ve been unemployed -through an honest no fault of my own- 110 weeks this past Friday. I have put out closer to 500 resumes, applied for between 300 and 350 jobs, had five job interviews during that time, actually had a job lined up to go overseas for a year, which would have put us on track, which the U.S. Army canceled four days before my National Agency Check was due to come back.

    It is the policies and massive new regulations and executive orders put in place by the last two Congresses and this bastard of a President we presently have that keep me from working. I am a very high-skilled worker who happens to also have quite a bit of shovel, hammer, and broom experience under my belt as well, and no matter what job I apply for, now matter how well-mannered I am, no matter what I do to find work, it eludes me.

    This is because of this President, this Congress, and our present economy, so anyone who votes out of fear of the other guy getting in, or staying in, should be ashamed of themselves. I voted my conscience this time, because I am sick of feeling guilty about not only my own situation, but that of many others who did, or did not, vote the same as me, for the same or similar reasons, and who are in, roughly, the same boat. Enough is enough.

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  • m

    As the Ron Paul supporters pound their chest and say I voted my principles and wrote in Ron Paul or someone else, America will die under 4 more years of Obama.
    Then what will they or anyone else have?

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    • robert w

      Versus starving under 4 years of Romney?? Why does Romney say HIS policies will require 8 to 10 years to turn things around, but Obama only gets 4? We know that Gary Johnson will not win this election. I am making my vote heard for 2016. If Gary Johnson gets at least 5% of the vote, we Libertarians receive $90 million in election funds next time. I am tired of our election being about whos party candidate sucks less. Tired of being prevented from debating the dempubs. THEY BOTH SUCK.

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  • Tim

    I’m not going to waste my vote, I’m going to write in Ron Paul.

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    • Jude

      That is a total waste of your vote. You will help to put Obama back in office. Do you want that ?!

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  • Brian David Carter

    Hi Ron

    What was the name of the Lawyer that the G.O.P. ? That brought in 2 or 3 days before the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla. that Changed the Rules of the G.O.P. in Mid Stream and brought in New Rules that stated in the effect that, “Even if you had Won 5 or More States and it’s Deligates that you Could Not be Nominated from the Convention Floor !”

    Because it seems to me that at the beginning of the Election Season this was part of the rules, that , “If a person Won 5 or More States and it’s Deligates that this Person Could Be Nominated from the Convention Floor !” Isn’t This True ?

    Question : Has there Ever Been a Time in Our Nations History that Any Party Has Changed the Rules in Mid Stream in a Election Season as we have Witnessed Here This Year ?

    Let me humbly remind you Ron , that Some Times Standing For Our Rights Is Not Enough ! Some Times We Must Fight For Them ! And if This Means Taking The G. O. P. to Court ! So Be It ! And This Should Have Been Done Before The National Convention Stated In Tampa ! This Was The Time To Fight ! And the G. O. P. Was Exspecting a Fight at This Time , That’s Way they had the Lawyer to be there !

    Please send me the name of this Lawyers name and where he is from, because he seem to have a history of doing some back door work for the G. O. P. !

    Respectfully Yours

    Brian David Carter

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    • Just how stupid can you get Brian.

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      • BambiB

        I’m thinking you set the bar on that, Kim merde.

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  • After I heard the Third Party Debate on http://www.rt.com the other nite (whose names are listed above), I decided to vote. I’ll vote, but (of course) not for “Obomney”. I noted that the same crew will apparently be on again on the 30th, so I highly recommend everyone listen and watch. I’ll definitely watch again. I noticed that they didn’t attack each other like Obama and Romney have done so often. They are all polite and courteous toward each other—like human beings rightly should be.
    Obviously, we need a revolution in consciousness, and it’s coming. It has to. We’re in deep do-do now.
    Thank you, Dr. Paul, for being open-minded, intelligent, and courageous. We love you.

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  • Marianne Hoffman

    Ditto what Lee Foster wrote, I could not have said it better!!!

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  • Greg

    I love Ron Paul…. but I am FEARFUL of another 4 years of obama, therefore, waste or throw your vote wherever, but I made a concerned taxpayer vote for Romney and I am sticking to it.

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    • BambiB

      Oooh! You’re voting for the Stalinists because you’re afraid of another four years of the Nazis?

      How brave!

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  • Karen Reynolds

    Do you really think that writing in Dr. Paul’s name or voting for Gary Johnson is going to matter? They won’t be elected, but if Obama is elected and not Mr. Romney, can you live with yourself knowing that you have thrown away you vote that could save many late term abortions, or letting the UN have carte blanche to govern us, or so many executive orders that our liberties will be taken away,or the taking away of our constitutional rights? WE HAVE TO FIGHT THIS TAKEOVER, NOW!!! Don’t throw our chance away because we think our idealogies are better than what we can do for our country!

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    • I thought all the liberals were brain dead, but look at all the brainless idiots that voted negative on this comment…

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    • BambiB

      Given the realities, Romney or Obama is going to be elected.

      I really don’t care which. It’s like being shot or being stabbed. Neither one is good, and one’s not definitely worse than the other.

      But if Obama is reelected, it could set the Democrats back decades. Why? Because America’s economy is going to crash. Hard. Really hard. It will make the “Great Depression” look like a tea party. Picture $50/gallon gas. $25 bread. The same guys who saw the Housing Crash and the Financials Crash coming are saying interest rates could top 100% in 2013. The fiat money shell game is coming to an end.

      Now if Romney’s elected, he just blames it all on Obama, and nothing changes. But if Obama’s in charge, who does he blame? Bush? I think not. The Democrats get to “own” the biggest setback in the history of America. And it all belongs to Obama and the Democrats.

      But what are the Republicans thinking for 2016? How about, “Damnit! We lost the last election because the Ron Paul folks didn’t buy into our G.O.P. putsch. If we don’t want to lose again, we better include them next time around.”

      Of course, this only works if enough people show their disgust of the G.O.P. by being registered Republican but voting third party. In effect, the message is, “Romney was an UNACCEPTABLE candidate. You have to do better if you want our votes.” But if the Ron Paul supporters knuckle under and vote Romney, the G.O.P. learns nothing, except that when the going gets tough, liberty isn’t really all that important, that no matter what crappy candidate they put forward, we’ll vote for evil… the lesser of two evils perhaps, but still evil.

      In order to send the strongest possible message to the G.O.P. Romney must lose and must lose by a margin thin enough that the Ron Paul/Gary Johnson vote would have given him the win. That way, the G.O.P has to view their treachery as a mistake not to be repeated.

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    • Jude

      I understand what you are saying . But you have 2 choices. Clearly anyone is better than Obama. I can’t imagine you want to help him get another 4 years to finish his agenda !! Please don’t waste your vote.

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      • BambiB

        No, I have THREE choices: Obama, Romney, None of the Above.

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      • robert w

        Oh yeah, and Romney is any better? That little white spec on the top of chicken sh@t is STILL CHICKEN SH@T ! Gary nor Ron will win so lets just choose Dumb or Dumber. Neither the Repubs nor Dems care about America, they only care about getting rich of the backs of the middle class. The ONLY real change is to Vote Libertarian. That would require independent thought and courage not seen in the American general public.

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  • Christion

    I am voting for Mickey Mouse. It seems that the people who will vote for Gary Johnson are accomplishing the same outcome. First and foremost is preventing Obama from another term because it will take a generation to reverse the damage another term would bring. If you want the country to get destroyed under Obama then vote for GJ. Vote Romney and keep up the chatter on GJ so he can be ready in 2016.

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    • BambiB

      Might as well vote for Johnson. At least you’ll help the Libertarians with ballot access.

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    • Stephanie4Paul

      There have only been 3 one-term Presidents since WWII. Do you want to see Romney in power for 8 years? Are you ready to live under the Republican rule for 8 years? We of course can be ready in 2016, but will we be ready enough to take Romney down? There are too many scared/uneducated Americans who don’t want to be involved in our efforts and if they vote they may just vote for Romney again because it is easy. I think a guaranteed 4 years of Obama will be just enough to send Americans over edge and jump on board with us! I don’t want to wish ill-will on us, but both candidates have agendas that are powered by money and greed…the lesser of two evils for me is the one who has power for less amount of time. I am writing Paul because my agenda has not changed, I stand by him because he has stood by us.

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  • ThePowerofCheese

    I am voting “for” something for once instead of against or “the lesser of two evils”.. I will be writing in Ron Paul… We are not a dictatorship, but I believe his word will be heard the best this way.

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  • John

    It seems to me if you are a Libertarian and think it through, the only logical/moral conclusion is Anarcho-Capitalism. The TOTAL elimination of the State and all of it’s functions replaced by competing free-enterprise. No state to give anyone absolute authority over you. Your city would have multiple competing police companies and judges, etc… Stop supporting the State; our greatest enemy. Thank you Ron Paul for waking me up.

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  • Kevin Palo

    I won’t vote for a lesser of two evils: that being Obama or Romney. Gary Johnson and the libertarian party all the way.

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  • kristoferfer

    I’m voting for Obama.

    He is less of a war-monger than Mitt Romney, at least by a little bit…

    I think his economic (and other) policies are more practical than those by Romney (which seem to change on a weekly basis)

    Obama supports the freedom of gay marriage.

    Obama has a good message, and the numbers say that things are getting better.

    Despite what people may say, I think he is a great leader.

    I would have prefferred Ron Paul, but Obama wants to cut military spending, and ask the top 1 percent to pay more, these things seem logical to me, and sound logic was one of the things I admired about Paul.

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    • ThePowerofCheese

      So write in Ron Paul… there is a sopt to do so…. just saying

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      • kristoferfer

        he’s not going to win

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    RON PAUL shall endorse GARY JOHNSON.

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