Poll: Who Will You Vote For This November?

Who will you vote for this November?

  • Ron Paul (write-in) (46%, 7,829 Votes)
  • Gary Johnson (27%, 4,488 Votes)
  • Mitt Romney (14%, 2,398 Votes)
  • Barack Obama (6%, 1,014 Votes)
  • I won't vote at all (4%, 743 Votes)
  • Virgil Goode (1%, 186 Votes)
  • Jill Stein (1%, 132 Votes)
  • I'll vote for somebody else (1%, 87 Votes)

Total Voters: 16,877

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  • I love you all. God bless you, Dr. Ron Paul! I’ll be writing you in because if everyone did what was right then there would be no problems. I won’t be a part of the problem. I won’t vote for a “lesser evil.” Both candidates are equally terrible in view of the Bible.


  • jim

    Isaiah 33

  • jim

    Given that we do have to drink it, for heaven’s sake.

  • jim

    Even though the other half of God prefers water to blood. And, all… will…… rejoice.

  • jim

    Our eyes shall see.

  • jim

    Dr. Ron Paul is great, but the last man standing is Gary Johnson having greatness thrust upon him. So be it.

  • Bill Isom

    I’ve been a very strong Paul supporter since he ran for President on the Libertarian Party. You must remember, Paul became a Republican after he knew he couldn’t make a difference in the Libertarian Party. I to share most of Paul’s libertarian views and a Tea Party guy but we must have a vehicle to get this country back on track. As aggressive as Paul supporter are, just think how effective you could be at the grass roots caucus level within the Republican Party. Libertarians and The Tea Party could take over control of the Republican Party. Talking a good game is only Part 1 and Part 2 is effectively doing something about it.

  • Robert Kelsey

    P.S…Hope is gone.

  • Robert Kelsey

    What a shame you turned your back on your supporters and more tragically your delgates who were cheated, beaten and tazed for standing up for a proper count with the GOP on your behalf. We believed in you with our hearts and souls and even though you were in the lead, you disappeared without a word of protest to the tyranny at hand. That’s right. You pulled a Ross Perot on us. I still know in my heart and soul only you would do the right thing if elected. The problem is, you gave up. Just like Ross Perot. He always said; never give up, never give up, never give up. Then out of the blue he says; oh sorry, I give up!It just tears me apart that you took my choice away to vote you the only constituitonalist into office. How? Now that you’re out of the race, a vote for you would just seal a victory for Obama, architecht of the NDAA! It’s sad to say that at this point, you would just be a spoiler vote.Yes, Mitt is my LAST choice as a republican but Obama is a proven dictator in the making and I just cant take that chance to let him have 4 more years to assault the American people! I wish it could be you but your brilliant vision of liberty is now just a distant fond memory. I feel as bad for you quitting as if you actually died. You will be sorely missed indeed!

    • Craig

      I understand your frustration about the situation sir but it is not Ron Paul that you should be disappointed in. It’s the RNC. It was they who voted to change the rules and disregarded all of Ron Paul’s delegates as if they did not ever exist. They threw them out and soley acknowledged Romney as the candidate. They did this to give the false impression that the RNC were untied in their backing of this disturbingly flawed candidate. The disgusting changes made were out of the hands of Ron Paul. You may be as frustrated as I am, but the anger needs to be directed towards the corrupted maneuvers made by the RNC and not Dr. Paul. Because Ron Paul refused to throw his support behind the joke of a candidate the RNC has come up with they didn’t even let him and his followers in the building. You vote how you feel, but I will never again vote bipartisan and choose the alleged “lesser of the two evils”. The RNC has shown what a joke it is, and how corrupted it has become.

    • nice try Hillary.. :D!

  • Korey ATX

    Too bad you cannot write in in Texas, you have to first register and Dr. Paul didn’t register, otherwise I would have wrote him in.

  • A vote for Romney or Obama will be used against you.

    Whichever one wins, in their victory speech: …

    Obama will say “SEE!” “You” voted for me just to create more bureaucracies, government programs, more welfare and teacher (UNIONS), More Government DEPENDENCY! etc.

    Romney will say “SEE!” “You” voted for me just so I could escalate the wars, more military spending, and more federal police and laws to invade your privacy! More Government CORPORATE CONTRACT PROJECTS and CORPORATE DEPENDENCY “JOBS”;

    All the while passing laws to take more of your rights and liberties.


    Vote Ron Paul for returning to the “ORIGINAL” CONSTITUTIONAL PRINCIPLES!

    As the Founders INTENDED.

    American Patriot Party.CC

  • dave

    I will vote for Ron Paul for no other reason than I can look myself in the mirror the next day and know I did not prostiture my values by voting for the lesser of two evils, evil is evil and I’ll have no part of it !

    • Dave, I just wrote the exact same thing without even seeing your comment! Amen!

  • Bruce

    They won’t count write-ins in Ohio or I would indeed vote for Ron Paul. Looks like I’m forced to support Gary Johnson, because I’m sure not voting for either of the other two clowns.

  • Allan Ripley

    For decades Dr. Paul kept his word, did what he said he would do. I admire men of their word so I said I would vote for him.

    I have.


    A vote for anyone BUT Romney or Obama will reduce the overall votes cast for both of them. This will illustrate that neither of them will have a “Consensus”.

    This WILL be visible and reported, including the low turnout or “NO VOTE”.

    I Suggest Voting for RON PAUL; Because along with showing that there is “no consensus” for the two socialist’s or their plans, you will also convey the message that you want and favor True Constitutional Principles as the Founders Intended,

    This will also both strengthen the movement by a show of our numbers and encourage those running for office representing the same CONSTITUTIONAL PRINCIPLES!

  • Terry

    I think you have great ideas and I support most of them, however; this election has narrowed down to basically 2 candidates and like it or not, if we don’t vote to get this current president out of office, we are screwed. At some point, you must realize that you are NOT going to be a factor in THIS election and ask your supporters to get behind Mitt Romney. It may not be perfect and the changes may not be exactly what we all want, but the reality is that this is what we have. When I was much younger and more naive about politics (among other things), I opted to “vote my conscience” as they so eloquently put it then. I voted for Ross Perot, thinking I was going to make a difference. All I did was waste my vote. At that time, I did not understand the people telling me that and I was angry that they were just willing to keep the status-quo of 2 parties, but I learned the hard way that it is not that easy to change the system. I wish you were a younger man since I think eventually your supporters would have their way and you would someday become president, but for now, we have to be real and make our vote count for something. I will be voting for Mitt Romney and I hope you will endorse him soon.

  • Scott R

    Folks think of it this way… both the GOP and the democrat have ideas that will break this country! If they were used cars, the GOP would have a bad transmission and the democrats a blown engine. Now you currently have these 2 broke down cars in an otherwise empty used car lot and what should we do? If this was you would you take the Romneymobile with the bad transmission and hope that you can drive the car at least to another car lot where you can buy another car with a bad transmission? OR do you refuse to buy a POS, walk for miles and miles and find someone with new ideas that make sense like actually buying a car with a full talk of gas where all the parts are working (the Libertarians). Perhaps the road may be rough, and you may have to settle for a vehicle with a few rust holes until you can get your budget together but isn’t that the way you go in life when you are trying to work, and get your family from point A to point B???

    It is so easy in everyday life to not pick the lessor of two evils, why is it so hard to understand when it comes to this election??? If you continue to allow them to have this monopoly (the 2 major parties) on the continued arguement of picking the lessor of the two, NOTHING can ever change and we are doomed to repeat.

    That is the definition of insanity!

    Gary Johnson 2012!!!

  • I am writing in Ron Paul and backing up my vote with a voter affidavit. Given the blatant election fraud witnessed throughout this election cycle, I know we literally cannot vote out the criminals! This is a protest vote against the rigged elections and voting machines! And I refuse to change my vote based on election fraud! http://www.WriteInRevolution.com For Liberty!

  • BambiB

    Those who say we have to vote for Rombama to prevent Obamney from winning apparently don’t realize there’s no real difference between them – or the fact that without radical budget changes (of the type Ron Paul and Gary Johnson have suggested) the US economy will crash in the next presidential term. So your choices are: Vote for Obama to crash the economy, vote for Romney to crash the economy, or express your disdain for both.

    Suppose the election was really a list of choices of what will happen to America and the front-running choices were “destroy America at noon” and “destroy America at 1:00pm”. Would you vote to destroy America at 1:00pm? Or would you vote for the third choice: “Don’t destroy America”?

    Given that the majority of voters aren’t smart or educated enough to cast a reasoned ballot (and in fact are too incompetent to even recognize their own incompetence see http://news.yahoo.com/people-arent-smart-enough-democracy-flourish-scientists-185601411.html), we owe it to America to at least support a better way – even if we won’t win.

    There are other reasons to vote for Ron Paul or Gary Johnson. Clearly, every Ron Paul vote is a protest vote against the Republican Party. You know, the Party that did everything it could to undermine Ron Paul’s campaign. If enough votes are cast for Ron Paul, and Romney loses, it should become clear to the Republican Party that they can no longer win while marginalizing freedom. That could force changes in the party next time around – and it could cause a surge in the freedom movement.

    But that assumes the write-in votes will even be counted. (Anyone know, state-by-state where they WILL be counted?)

    Another alternative is to vote for Gary Johnson. This is a protest vote too – but it has another beneficial side effect. In states where the Libertarian Party gets enough votes, they won’t have to collect signatures to get their candidate on the ballot next time. A great deal of effort is required to qualify candidates by collecting signatures. Every vote for Gary Johnson is a vote to make it easier to put a Libertarian on the ballot in the next election. When the Republicans see 1000 registered republicans go into a precinct to vote, but only 800 votes are cast for Romney, while 300 are cast for Johnson, they’ll figure it out.

    Romney is to Republicans what Obama was to the Democrats. He is the Republican “Hope and Change” candidate. He wants to get rid of Obamacare (and replace it with Romneycare). He wants to increase the rate we go into debt by an insignificant amount. He favors the wars (and wants to increase military spending by $2 TRILLION and start a new war with Iran). He wants to tinker a little with the tax code – perhaps favoring the rich a little more than Obama. He liked the TARP bailouts. He’s been on both sides of the abortion, gun control and gay marriage issues… so who knows what he really believes?

    But if you’re a “Hope and Change” kind of person – go ahead. Vote for Romney. Maybe he’ll out-Obama Obama the way Obama has out-Bushed Bush.

  • Mike

    I believe the vote will be rigged in spain for Obama. So votes matter not. I’m voting for Ron Paul because he is the best choice as President for putting this country back on course to regain our constitutional rights. Romney and Obama are just different masks on the same Bilderberg/Nato face that’s destroying our country and stealing our freedoms. Both are liars and neither will bring jobs to Americans or improve our economy. They belong to the Cabal and their only mission is to put us under Nazi control. The poor and middle class are the majority and if they write in Ron Paul for President we may have a chance if we watch the counting of the votes and demand a recount if it’s rigged. Never vote out of fear for the lesser of two evils. I did that on the last election and voted for Obama. I lost my home, car and everything I worked so hard for 41 years. Ask yourself if you are doing better than 4 years ago. I voted for him because he was the lesser of two evils that gave us hope. Bush we already knew spent us into oblivion and now we know Obama did the same. Obama is behind talking the last of your freedoms away and putting us under Nato/Bilderburg control. Your freedom is at stake on this election. Be wary of Marshall Law. The crash of our currancy due to Obama giving the central banks control. Be wary of the implanted RFID chip that’s apart of the Obamacare. It is the mark of the beast. You will lose all your privacy and freedoms. The ones you now enjoy and take for granted. Make the time to do the research instead of going to the movies or the beach or you may be heading on a train to a FEMA concentration camp and to an oven at the end of runway at Denver Airport. This is your last chance to make a real difference. Bring God that we trust in back to our government. Demand it before its too late. Join Oathkeepers.org and take the pledge to save the country our Forfathers have fought and died for. Fight to be proud of America it’s your home.