Poll: Who Will You Vote For This November?

Who will you vote for this November?

  • Ron Paul (write-in) (46%, 7,829 Votes)
  • Gary Johnson (27%, 4,488 Votes)
  • Mitt Romney (14%, 2,398 Votes)
  • Barack Obama (6%, 1,014 Votes)
  • I won't vote at all (4%, 743 Votes)
  • Virgil Goode (1%, 186 Votes)
  • Jill Stein (1%, 132 Votes)
  • I'll vote for somebody else (1%, 87 Votes)

Total Voters: 16,877

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  • Carlos Velazco

    Definitely Ron Paul is by far the best choice for America.
    I would like to see this Poll not just in the Ron Paul website but in a most regular website and we might get this Dream happen in November election.

  • Cliff Dunn

    First for all to know Ron Paul would have been the best President ever!
    But the money of the ones in power has taken him out of the main steam!

    I looked for the best way to tell the rich that own our county that their way is going to destroy American if “the people” are not given back what the Consitution setup when written, ….Government by the People, for the People!!!

    The federal news will ignore any news of votes for Ron on a write in basis, but will have to show the votes of other canidates on the ballot, so I will vote for Gary Johnson, another canidate that feels the Consitution is being run over.


  • It is, in my view, obsurd, that of all the qualified people eligible for election, all we can come up with is this bunch. “None of the above” is my real choice. I might just write in Jessie Ventura. I wonder, does it matter anyway? I urge all of my fellow citizens to vote and to do so with passion. Never let them think you are not interested. This is just my opinion. I could be wrong. — Ed Hartwell, U. S. Citizen, U. S. Voter, U.S. Veteran and an American for America

  • Karinda Thompson

    A write-in vote will not count in Missouri and many other states. Some call it a sore-loser law. If a person loses in the primary, they cannot win as a write in, the names have to be thrown out according to the law. Gary Johnson will actually be on the ballot. The only way to beat Obamney is to vote for Gary Johnson.

  • I’m not too afraid of the Libertarian minded vote,because I’m sure that about 30% will be Democrats.I spent as much money as I could to get Ron Paul elected.I saw all of the corrupt actions by the GOP.Now is not the time to vote for ideals,it is the time to get rid of a dictatorial president,then start the process over again.I know that Romney is not the monster that you guys and democrats have made of Romney.Rand Paul understands he must work within the system to change it.It’s a shame most here can see it.The usurper Obama must go NOW or we will never see and end to the communist movement in control of our lives now.

  • Lucy

    Who’s Gary Johnson? Why should I vote for someone I know almost nothing about? With all his great ideas, I just don’t understand why Ron Paul chose to run as a Republican and then didn’t put himself on the ballot as an Independent when it became obvious the primary was rigged. The only candidate who actually had intentions of addressing the real issues put himself out of the running.

    • robert w

      That is the problem!! Being kept out of the debates was a repub dem snow job to ensure ignorance amongst the voters. Dont let the sheeple know they actually have a choice. The media ignores the 3rd party candidates while marching in step with the repubs and dems. Odds are that Gary Johnson is on the presidential ballot in your state. A very small amount of research would show the candidates available to you on election day. Please go to GaryJohnson2012.com. I think you might agree with his platform. You will see his record as 2 term republican governor in the overwhelming democrat state of New Mexico. $1 billion dollar surplus that Bill Richardson spent into a deficit in 1 term. Just know that picking between one turd and another is not really a choice. People…..BECOME EDUCATED!!! You are SOL if you are waiting for the dempubs to become honest and for them to allow true competition!! It is not required by law to only have the dems or repubs as choices……YET!!!!!!! Try looking ahead and see if your children will be better off with either dumb candidate or dumber candidate!!

  • Liberty4Life

    Dr Paul did not choose a vice candidate so I am going with Gary Johnson.

  • “I won’t vote at all”
    South Carolina doesn’t allow write-ins, eliminating the possibility of voting for Dr. Ron Paul, so I will not vote. At least I got to vote for him in the Virgina primary before I relocated…

  • Mary

    Ron Paul is the man for the job of President, end of story. I appreciate his record in Congress for 30 years. He has exposed the Washington machine that is built on corruption of every sort.
    I am sorry that we will have to wait 4 more years to even try and get a real president elected into our Republic of the USA. I hope we have 4 more.
    Thanks to Ron Paul we know what the role of the Federal Govt. is.
    The Federal Govt. needs to step aside and become tiny. Send all the rif-raff home and let the states see to the needs of the people.
    Let businesses fail if they need to fail because of poor management. Let banks fail. Do not prop up criminals with tax money.
    I want our military to come home from 130 countries and guard our citizens and our borders.
    These next four years will be another stretch of unneeded and useless legislation.

  • I no longer vote because the election system is corrupted and rigged. Our votes don’t count so why waste my time voting for some puppet.

  • james

    Fear is the enemy of freedom.
    If all Ron Paul supporters would write him in, here is what would happen:
    Romney will lose.
    Obama will win, but not with a majority.
    Ron Paul will possible get a few electoral votes.
    The newspapers might finally see there is an army of us.
    The Democrats and Republicans will be forced to admit we can swing elections.
    Freedom will take a step forward.
    The hegemony of the two-party system, which is the real enemy of freedom, will be weakened.

    C’mon, people. Four more years of one or the other party will not have nearly as negative effect on our liberties as your caving in to the GOP pressure and scare tactics. The real enemy is the strangle hold that the power brokers have on our system- evidenced by the disgraceful treatment of RP supporters at the convention.

    It doesn’t matter if Ron Paul is a registered write-in in your state. If your conscience is not on the ballot, write it in. The only way to throw away your vote is to cast it for someone you do not want in office.

    • Some states allow write-ins, some don’t.

    • Karinda Thompson

      Most states will not count write-in votes for people who lost in the primary. Even if Ron Paul got 100% of the votes in states that do allow write-ins, there would be 0 chance of him winning due to the states that do NOT allow write-in votes. If a person lost in the primary, the write-in vote will be thrown out. The only way to beat Obamney is to vote for Gary Johnson. Votes for Gary Johnson will be counted and will show up as a percentage, write-in votes for Ron Paul will be thrown out and the percentage will not even show up. The only way to take votes away from Obamney and decrease the percentage of votes that Obamney receives is to vote for Gary Johnson. A vote for Gary Johnson is a vote against Obmaney. Writing in a name for someone who lost in a primary is like not voting at all.

  • J

    These are my thoughts , if O get ‘s selected we would be in a Revolution by 2014 if Romney get’s elected the we have 40 years of depression trying to save the Federal reserve note all the time being raped of all the wealth that’s still left , if People write in Ron Paul then we would have a controlled demolition of the bad debt liquidating it , 3 possibly 4 years of hard times rebuilding industry and momentum to venture capital , I want Paul , but wanting is not getting , it’s a religious election now , the pro choicer’s against the pro life-ers

  • michael wood

    Why isn’t there a Ron Paul/Gary Johnson ticket???

    • Because Ron Paul wouldn’t violate his principles by running with a corporate shill.

  • Adam

    No Ron Paul supporter would or should vote Romney. Anyone that says to vote Romney could easily be getting paid. Ron Paul is not running. Gary Johnson is.

  • Fred C Dobbs

    I will not vote for a republican or democrat again. If and when I do vote it will be third party. This year I will vote for Gary Johnson.

  • will overton

    A vote for anyone other than Romney is a vote for Obama.
    Hold your nose and Vote for Romney.
    Another 4 years of Obama and we are doomed as a Free Nation.

    ck out info wars dot com
    Also Ck out RBN radio

    • Romney is essentially the same as Obama. Go away.

    • Cameron

      I think a vote dor Romney is a vote for Obama. Hold my nose? If it smells like sh*t, it must be sh*t. I will breathe fresh air and vote for Gary Johnson!

  • Mark

    Who is Dr. Paul voting for???

  • Peter

    Romney won the Republican primary in a open and fair way. I am a supporter of Ron Paul, but I believe he now needs to step up to the plate and put the full force of his organization behind Romney. This is going to be a close election and a vote for Paul will put us closer to a another four years of Obama and that will destroy our country. I am a libertarian and supporter of Ron Paul, but if you want Bernanke out, Obama Out, are Pro-Life or believe in God, a protest vote for Ron Paul will make you feel good when you cast it but will give us another four years of Obama and how does that help. So continue to support Ron Paul but please vote for Romney as the main objective here is getting Obama out, Bernanke out and bring God back to the USA. Obama is using divide and conquer and its time for Dr. Paul to show that he is a Republican by supporting the ticket, because if he is the reason that Romney loses he will lose in the end as the Anti-Obama army will remember that he caused Romney to lose and the revolution will die an instant death. Ron Paul has a better chance of influencing the government as part of the team on the inside then he would on the outside looking in. I agree with 99% of what he says but disagree with him not being team player for the Republicans.

    Vote Romney and get Obama out otherwise get ready to live in a socialist/communist anti-religious state.

    • “open and fair way”…. seriously?…. :D!
      That open and fair way he won the primary is exactly why I’d never vote for Romney. And Ron Paul will not be endorsing Romney because Paul is a man of integrity. If I had the option in my state I’d write-in Paul. I don’t, so I’m voting Gary Johnson here, and I’ll be able to tell my grandchildren I did the right thing. Will you?


      • If you want to tell your family you did the right thing, then don’t vote, period. Gary Johnson is a joke. Have you actually looked at his record? He couldn’t balance the budget in his own state, is a corporate shill and is on the record of being “cool” with GITMO staying open. Where I come from, indefinite detention is a violation of inalienable rights given to us by God, not man. Since they come from God, they apply to everyone not just Americans.

        • Scott R

          A vote for Gary doesn’t elect Gary Johnson, but it does add to the chances that the Libertarian will be heard in 4 years. I am voting for the ideas Ron Paul supports to be heard and not silenced!

          Vote Gary Johnson 2012!

  • JStec

    Romney buys time. Without it, the 47% become 67% and stopping the progression to Socialism and the situation faced by Greece will become impossible. With some time, and the Internet and new media, Liberty still has a chance.

  • Joseph M Gronka

    I have to believe that even Ron Paul will vote for Romney. A vote for Romney is the only way to hope to stop the re-election of Obummer. It seems that Dr.Rand will surely vote for Romney for the same reason. In a way, I am glad that Dr. Paul did not get the nomination. In my heart, I do not believe he would survive his first year in office. Especially if he was ”forced to choose” a running mate. I don’t need to read about him as a martyr. I wonder what happened at Dr.Rand’s meeting with the council, don’t you??

    • “I have to believe that even Ron Paul will vote for Romney.”

      Man, I have to believe victims of public education can’t be THIS stupid.

      Dr. Paul has ALREADY refused to endorse him and said repeatedly that Twit is no better than Obama. Why is English so difficult for you?