Poll: Who Will You Vote For This November?

Who will you vote for this November?

  • Ron Paul (write-in) (46%, 7,829 Votes)
  • Gary Johnson (27%, 4,488 Votes)
  • Mitt Romney (14%, 2,398 Votes)
  • Barack Obama (6%, 1,014 Votes)
  • I won't vote at all (4%, 743 Votes)
  • Virgil Goode (1%, 186 Votes)
  • Jill Stein (1%, 132 Votes)
  • I'll vote for somebody else (1%, 87 Votes)

Total Voters: 16,877

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  • Nov.6th I will vote for Mittens because O’bummer has everyone scared ,we have to get rid of O,bummer,I would much rather have YOU Ron Paul as president no contest ,but I remmember the thing with Perot and WILL NEVER FORGET the manipulation & B.S. that went on during the nomination for Republican nominee ,joined Tea Party held out for you till after the convention,WE FAVE TO HOLD Mittens FEET TO THE FIRE , I keep posting on Tea Party Ron aul 2016, Pray for GOD TO INTERVINE ,O’bummer gets charged with TREASON for omg take your pick but Bengazie would be one of the things,If this were to happen befor the elections 11/06/2012 would they have to postpone the elections or would it still be held on the 11/06/2012 date giving Mittens almost surely a clear victory ? Pray for a miracle stanger things have happened Ron Paul 2012 would be heaven sent.

  • Alex

    If you truly want to waste your vote then vote for someone who isn’t even a candidate. Ron Paul will not be writing in Ron Paul. He didn’t do that in ’08 and I doubt he will now. He’s had only good things to say about Gary Johnson and Johnson is an actual registered candidate.

  • John

    I’m 60 years old, have voted in every election for which I’ve been eligible, and this the most agonizing and difficult choice I’ll ever have made. While I contributed as much as I could afford to Ron Paul during the campaign, and though I see Gary Johnson as representing all that I believe in politically, I am afraid that when it comes time to fill out my ballot that it will be for Romney. The reason being that if Obama should win a second term, there will never be another chance to restore Liberty, and I believe that a Romney/Ryan administration, while statist, would allow us time to continue the war for freedom, and to gain enough momentum to put us over the top. I believe that the GOP has now seen that politics as usual are no longer going to be accepted, and that they are running the risk that establishment pols stand to lose all if they don’t get on board. Their treatment of Dr. Paul at the convention showed just how scared they are. Therfore, I believe that I’ll have to bite the bullet one more time, and renew and double down on my efforts in the fight for Liberty.


    • Joe

      John I agree with you the only true candidate is Ron Paul and I feel the same that we have to give Freedom more time and we really have to stop the Socialist agenda of Obama. If we don’t vote for Romney and Obama wins there will be nothing left in four years. The only other way is bloodshed and no one wants that. So I am afraid that a vote foe Paul is a vote for Obama and we need to give Americas Obamites more time to realize the true mistake they made.

  • Tommie Miller

    If ron Paul would only back someone who is on the ticket (like maybe Gary Johnson?) then all of us no-voters and Ron Paul write-ins and others would be united perhaps sufficiently to make some sort of difference. the only caveat is this: by not voting – is our vote more likely or less likely to get stolen. I would love to hear someone’s spin on this if they have any knowledge .

    • Joe

      No actually a no-vote is a vote for Obama and we both know America cannot take four more years of his crap.

  • Voss

    As a left leaning independent ( i used to be a democrat but Dr. Ron Paul changed everything for me) my vote at this point goes to Obama. I believe he is more likely to keep us out of war. I understand that democrats spend a lot of money but at least they spend it on the American people where as republi cons spend lots of money on wars. I will be keeping my sights set on Johnson for future elections, I don’t think he can win at this point. To be completely frank, now that Dr. Paul is out of the race, I don’t care who wins.


    BTW, Gary Johnson is a better choice. He has similar ideas as Dr. Paul.


    I agree with those who said that it is better to vote for President Obama because Romney is all for wars and helping his friends. Iran will be crushed. Also I am not against Obamacare, I am going to save about $5000 every year from not paying for my two children who have to fork out $2500+ for their health care. Also my daughter has a pre-existing condition and would lose her health plan. Now my kids are covered under my plan till they reach 26.

    Also my taxes went down for last three years, but most of us do not notice this. If Dr. Paul is not in the race we need to do more next time. Governor Romney will raise taxes on all people who make less than $250,000/year. Its time for fixed tax rate with a cut-off for people ty line.

  • Diana

    Sadly, we are not allowed to write-in Ron Paul in Nevada. But we do have a “None of these candidates” box, which I will be checking. The RNC made a mockery of the primary. Why bother voting? It’s rigged. Oh, I’m supposed to feel that the general election will not be rigged because the United Nations is going to oversee it!?!? If I see the UN watching over my polling place, I’m not voting at all.

  • Charliegirl42

    Dr. Paul cannot be a write-in in Arkansas, which disenfranchises a good many voters. I worked as hard as I could, giving as much as I could to get him to be the nominee, but the powers that be weren’t having it. I believe it’s time. Claire??

  • You people are insane. The problem here is that I agree with Ron Pauls philosophy in government, however to vote for ANYONE other that Romney at this time is to put the Communist in the driver’s seat again, with what he will consider a mandate. A mandate to turn this country into a Communist dictatorship. The time to do what you all suggest passed with the Republican convention – the next time will AFTER Romney is made President and semi-normalcy returns to the American political scene.

    There are ONLY two viable candidates for the Presidency and if you are indeed concerned about America’s future, you will make SURE that Obama is put out of office. This is no time for playing games, so (Dr. Paul) STOP IT.

    • Dawn

      Okay, here we go with that all or nothing rhetoric again. Here is the problem with your thinking……It’s stinking thinking! BOTH Romney and Obama have equally horrible solutions to our global problems such as wars, economy, and those closest to home, taxes. They are both 100 percent in the wrong for claiming things that are complete LIES! Romney-says how we deal with China is wrong; Research how he JUST allowed with no WORD TO THE PEOPLE…..200 factory jobs to be outsourced from a Bain capitol investment, of which he owns 51 percent of the shares. Sensada, in Wisconsin! OR lets go there….Obama, Obamacare, Big Bankers get out of jail free cards etc…. Goodness, girl. We could go round and round and round, but UNTIL WE GET OFF THE MERRY GO ROUND of Spending and Taxing and War starting, acting as the policemen of the world….NOTHING WILL BE really CHANGED! Romney will do some things better, Obama does some things better. Bottom line, neither are for US! Wake up, girl. We have to get busy educating people that our VOICE DOES COUNT on every level of the playing field. Your assumption that my vote for Ron Paul equals an Obama administration is the ignorance of society’s past. Thank GOD for our Martin Luther Kings, Rosa Parks, and the freedom buses! If it wasn’t for the ending of apartheid, I guess I would not have a case against your thinking. BUT IT IS STINKING THINKING THAT KEEPS US FROM FREEDOM! !

    • Mike

      Romney is firmly seated in the bush camp. You can expect more war, needless bloodshed, and loss of civil liberties. Neither candidate is acceptable. It’s like asking which you prefer: Cancer or AIDS?

  • Don Edwards

    Gary Johnson, but ONLY because Ron Paul said he would endorse him, I respect his views, and Georgia will not count write-in votes. How can a person’s vote stand for Liberty if the people stuck in the two party system never hear the count?

  • Shame on you Ron Paul for not getting behind Gary Johnson. As hard as you worked for Liberty. Knowing you do not have a chance as a write in candidate. Why would you split the vote. Why would you not support a Libertarian Candidate.
    Was it all about Liberty and Freedom or was it about you. Were you running to split the liberty vote? You have not done anything to bring us together since a few days before the primary. Are you really just sending a message and never had any intention of winning? Why did you hang on to John Tate and Jesse Benton when you knew they were destroying your campaign? Was this all in your plan? You are not acting like the person I invisioned to save the country. Seems like you gave up. I will never support a quitter intentionally. I am sorry now we sacraficed by donating on every money bomb. I now feel like we wasted money we could not afford to spend. Thanks for the first part of your campaign. You are now too late to help Gary Johnson. Thanks for nothing.

    • Ken

      There are multiple paths on this journey for Liberty. Ron Paul is on one path (at this point, it’s promoting Rand). Gary Johnson is on another path. Would an endorsement from Ron Paul be good? Oh yeah! But this movement isn’t about one man; it’s about a message of liberty. We all must fight, in our own way. The only thing I ask people is to act in a way that will be COUNTED on election day; your vote is your voice. Tell the Oligarchy that you reject them. Vote GJ2012. (Ron Paul got me back into politics in 2005 and I would have voted for him for Prez if he’d made it through the rigged primary. Johnson is the liberty movement’s backup-plan.)

  • Michelle MacCutcheon

    I had the privilege of hearing Ron Paul speak in person and think he’s a wonderful man and think that the lengths the GOP and Tea Party went to to exclude him is beyond shameful. That being said, I have never been so “on fire” for a candidate as I am for Gary Johnson. His policies, “take no prisoners” attitude, and integrity will bring America back to where she should be!

  • Avelina Pousa

    These are difficult times! I strongly feel that we AMERICANS should vote for returning to HONESTY… RESPECT… and PROSPERITY…. I personally think that Ron Paul is a very dedicated and knowledgeable man… with terrific ideas for our country… BUT … we all know that he cannot be elected president this year… By taking away votes from ROMNEY/RYAN… we would be facilitating the re-election of President Obama… and I honestly feel that would not be beneficial for our beloved country… We need to vote for a ticket that will provide the venue to our country’s restoration of principles… respect to our Constitution… and prosperity for all Americans… LET’S ALL UNITE… and VOTE AMERICAN… Please be reasonable and vote for your country!

  • Kos

    I love Ron Paul as much as the next guy and will support him till the end but HE DIDN’T SIGN UP AS A WRITE IN CANDIDATE!!!!!!!!! Then your vote truly will be wasted and the Dems and Repubs win. Gary Johnson is on the ballot in 48 states. Ron Paul said he would nvr inside Mitt but if he had to indorse someone it would be Gary Johnson. If you don’t know anything about him get busy bc he is pretty much a younger Ron Paul with very similar views.
    No to NDAA Act
    No to CISPA
    No to Patriot Act
    No to Agenda 21
    No to FEMA Camps
    No to Drone Strikes

    Wants to abolish the FED and establish a sustainable currency backed by something sustainable instead of IOU’s

    Yes to Prop 37 GMO labeling

    List goes on and on. True American in my eyes.

    Gary Johnson 2012!
    Keep the fight alive. Save America!

  • Jerry McGrath

    End the Fed, Zionist and Zionist Puppets…… Know one has yet acknowledge these reincarnated enemies of humanity.
    No one really explains there dominance of society interms of usuary driven debt slavery, their legal ability to print or leverage counterfeit money in near infinite amounts and especially their ownership of Main Stream media and corporate America which gives them the ability to swamp your senses with lies and Zionist agenda.

    I have already written in for Ron Paul and blogged for him consistently .

  • Anderson Supporter

    Rather rude that Justice Party candidate Rocky
    Anderson is not included in the poll.

    Anderson is the natural choice for Ron Paul supporters
    as their positions on the issues are nearly the same with
    the exception of regulating Wall Street.

    The Koch brother’s support of the Libertarian agenda,
    (via the Cato Institute) deregulating Wall Street and giving
    a “get out of jail free” card to their fraudster chronies
    dosent pass with Rocky Anderson.

    Gary Johnson is just another Libertarian in name only
    just like Bob Bahr. Fool us once…

  • I would write in Ron Paul, but he is not on the list of eligible write-in candidates in Indiana. So I will be voting for Gary Johnson.

  • Derek Delgado

    I wish I could believe that my vote matters. After reading Mr pallest’ book how to steal an election in 7 easy steps, I cant see how voting at all would matter. How can there even be a difference when then same corporations pay for both candidates? Does everyone forget that every election cycle, across the board, they all say what they think people want to hear and then do whatever they want anyway.

    On a side note all those who still seem to think Romney is “not that bad a guy”. What prescriptions are you taking that blinds you to the fact that this guy is a vulture capitalist. He’s disgusting and has no care or respect for the American people. Making a fortune destroying American lives repeatedly, while enriching himself and his friends, seems to me unpatriotic….bad this guy wants to run the county? Only place he would take us is straight down…six feet under.

  • Jim

    Gary Johnson is the clear choice for Ron Paul supporters. If you are not aware of this, then I do not think you are aware of his positions. You would be most pleasantly surprised. Check it out!