Poll: Who Will You Vote For This November?

Who will you vote for this November?

  • Ron Paul (write-in) (46%, 7,829 Votes)
  • Gary Johnson (27%, 4,488 Votes)
  • Mitt Romney (14%, 2,398 Votes)
  • Barack Obama (6%, 1,014 Votes)
  • I won't vote at all (4%, 743 Votes)
  • Virgil Goode (1%, 186 Votes)
  • Jill Stein (1%, 132 Votes)
  • I'll vote for somebody else (1%, 87 Votes)

Total Voters: 16,877

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  • Dave Dogbreath

    I am extremely disappointed that Ron Paul did not endorse Gary Johnson. A write in in my state gets tossed in the garbage unless the candidate is an “official write in candidate”.

    I have supported Ron Paul since 1986 this is the first time I have not been happy with his actions. He is splitting the vote against “status quo” by his inaction.

    • Ronald Hixon

      I will have to admit a certain disappointment with Dr. Paul for not aligning with Gary Johnson. Together they could have made a difference. The only visible bone of contension would be that Dr. Paul only sees himself as president. Why is he unwilling to accept Johnson’s offer to run as his VP? Does he not recognize that as a write in, in all likelyhood, he is throwing his principles in the trash? I can only guess that his unwillingness to be VP on a possible bid to end the treasonous corporate funded stooges, is at best, not very well thought out. Johnson will appear on ballots in 48 states, Dr. Paul on none. Does it not make sense to combine their effort for the good of the Republic?

      • Ken

        Ronald – The main, logical reason he wouldn’t endorse Johnson is because it would hurt Rand’s political future. Blood is thicker, after all.

  • Philip Phillips

    I love Ron Pauls Ideas of American Politics. I think the tea party is very very close to his beliefs. The problem in a two party system is which is the lesser of two evils. Obama or Romney. I believe Romney is. So this year I will vote for him even though I have a very conservative view of politics. Over the years I have voted for other than the Democrat or Republican canidates and have seen the Republicans who are more conservative loose because of this. Wish we had a three or four party country but so far this has not happened. The libertarians need to come up with a great young candidate that has the charisma to draw the voters.

    • Mr. Tanser

      I too wish we had a three or more party system. That is why I have voted for Johnson. If we can get enough votes for the Libertarian Party, we start driving the wedge into the system. Vote for who you think would serve you better and the Ds and Rs will start falling away. We are the power holders, if we start using it and stop voting for the least bad candidate and vote for the best candidate! Vote your mind and in a couple elections we might see an L in the White House.

  • Steve

    Of course I would have voted for Ron Paul, but the media marginalized him.

    Romney is such a vote panderer, basing what he says on the consultant polls, appears has no integrity or principles. I have no trust in him.

    I simply want my vote to to count, and I will not vote for a man that says nothing but rhetoric with no substance. I am simply aghast at his flip-flopping. Alas, I will cast my cote for Obama.

    At least, what Obama is, is well known. He may be wrong in many things, but I think he does care about people., all people.


  • Mrs. Robespierre

    Like so many others on this site, I too am voting for my conscience, and so I will be typing in these two Little words “Ron Paul.” Romney had a chance to win but put the old foot in his mouth when he alienated the 47% of taxpapers who pay huge property taxes here in New Jersey by saying that we were freeloaders because we collect social security after working all our lives. Romney has a huge government pension. He is just a rich guy with a silver spoon in his mouth and is out of touch with real people and their lives.
    We have too much royalty in our government, and I say “Off with their Heads!” And that includes the executive, the legislative, and the Judiciary!!!!!

  • Robert Tyranski

    I prayed Ron Paul would get the nomination. I became a delegate and fought for that scenario to manifest. Sadly, we simply didn’t have the numbers and it’s tough fighting the current regime in power at the RNC.
    Since I’m from Michigan, Gary Johnson will not be allowed on our ballot, so I won’t be able to vote for him. I will however, not bend and vote for Romney, since I do not agree with his positions, nor do I trust him to lead our country to prosperity and peace.
    I will be writing in Ron Paul and vote my conscience!
    Thank you Dr. Congressman Ron Paul for curing my apathy!
    Liberty is not dead and we’ll be on the front line in 2016… maybe Justin Amash will be ready to run in your place Dr. Paul.


    • Ken

      Not sure if Ron Paul is a legal write-in in Michigan, but Gary Johnson is.

      Alternately, since the GOP kicked Johnson off the ballot in MI, I would not fault Paul/Johnson supporters for voting for Obama, in retalliation for the bogus treatment by the GOP.

  • robin

    Just talked to a friend who says her political views come from reading the Bible(earth and man) and that’s how she gets her worldview. Not the other way around. Anyone care to respond to this?

  • Genia House

    This is the first election where writing in a independent candidate can actually make a difference, contrary to what Romney’s campaign is trying to sucker you into believing, because just as many, if not more, Democrats are disillussioned with Obama as Republicans are. Obama has broken every campaign promise he made in the last election. He pledged that his first act upon entering the Oval Office would be to immediately bring back all troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. That was just the beginning of his many lies. Fool us once, shame on him; fool us twice, shame on us. Supply and demand will eventual even out our economy so I am not concerned with choosing a president based on his supposed skill in restoring the economy. We, the people, will restore the economy with our own personal choices. But the president is the acting head of our military and foreign policy and is key to choosing supreme court justices. So those are the two issues I will make my choice around. Why would I choose Obama or Romney when neither had the courage or moral strength to serve themselves and neither have had a background that qualifies them to make critical decisions in either capacity? All either of them can do is follow the advice of those who have been entrenched for years in our existing war efforts that have failed. Of all potential candidates, only one emerges as a leader and true statesman with the experience and educational level to make those most critical decisions, and that is Ron Paul. When I write in his name, it won’t be giving a vote to Obama, because just as many Democrats will be writing his name in also……Democrats that aren’t about to vote for Romney. Dr. Ron Paul is the only candidate with the experience and the education to lead us in the right direction plus the moral fortitude to tell us the truth when we need to hear it most. But Romney’s campaign is hoping you will be a sheeple and believe the lie that voting for Dr. Paul is a vote for Obama.

  • Rich

    I am for you 100% but with this rigged 2 party system Romney could be more adept even though he had to get on his knees to Israel which I wish would just go away. If I vote for anyone but the main 2, what effect will that have. No one cares..about a protest vote. The controlled media will mention it once if your lucky and that is it.

  • pj

    Gary Johnson is just Mitt-surance that Paul supporters don’t blow off steam by voting for The Token.

  • Scooby

    I’m voting for Ron Paul by voting by Gary Johnson.

    • Scooby

      *for* Gary Johnson

  • pj

    Do not participate in an unfair or rigged vote. You dignify the proceedings by your participation. The Soviet Union used to have a 99% voter turnout. It meant nothing, and Dieboldt guarantees your vote means nothing. I voted for Paul in the primary, of course, but Romney cheated and slandered him Fuck Mitt Romney. Let the two crooks see who can lie and heat the best. They are both Goldman Sachs/ Bank of Rothschild’s stooges. Voting tells the world you think the system works. Don’t be their sucker. Don’t vote.

  • Robert

    From this poll, it looks to me that “GARY IS PLAYING THS SPOILER HE

    Could Gary be A RNC Plant to pull voters away from Ron and then, in the end, those like Fox News, RNC, PNAC, etc.. that rigged the elections, could then claim that Ron didn’t have the support that everyone seems he has…

    Ron Paul (write-in) (44%, 3,552 Votes), Gary Johnson (28%, 2,265 Votes),
    Mitt Romney (15%, 1,192 Votes), Barack Obama (6%, 472 Votes)

    Ron could havv 44 + 28 = 73% and then Gary could take that same 73% into 2016. Or Gary can play the RNC purposely dividing RP voters, and end up being hated in 2016, for being the RNC Plant. Especially, when after 30 years, RP is retiring. Does Gary want to be the one that spoiles RP’s final farwell, for the 30 years of service he has given America??
    We will wait and see. Gary will either be Candidate Gary or Traitor Gary, like Rand, in 2016. It is his and his supporters choice.

  • Pat

    I am so surprised that people do not realize that my writing in Ron Paul takes a vote away from any candidate that they might prefer over another. It also gives a vote to the candidate that you would prefer not to win the election. I personally would have voted for Ron Paul if he had won the Republican nomination but since he did not I will pick the lesser of the two evils and vote for Mitt Romney. Obama has had his four years and only made things worse. I believe if Obama gets re-elected for another 4 years, barring some miricle our country will be doomed.

  • Surfisher

    VOTE for Gary Johnson (do not write-in Ron Paul, please)!

    Here is why:

    The Establishment fears Ron Paul so much that they will do anything to stop him and his (our) movement for Liberty on the election level.

    The Apparatchiks have been instructed to shred all write-in ballots where Ron Paul’s name appears (for proof just watch after the election and see if Ron Paul is even mentioned, let alone how many votes he got)!

    Gary Johnson is on the ballot in all 50 States — and agrees with about 90% of what Ron Paul stands for — so a vote for him is a vote COUNTED against the wannabe despots of America! (Plus, if he breaks the 5+% level, the Libertarian Party (Ron Paul’s original party) will be eligible for federal funds to the tune of about 90 million dollars for the next election — and no longer will be a financial shoe-string operation!!!).

    VOTE GARY JOHNSON — do NOT get bamboozled into voting for the “lesser of two evils”: the Kenyan Barack or Mitt the Mormon!

    • Jason

      Gary Johnson is NOT on the ballot in all 50 States. He is surely not on the ballot in Michigan. The GOP in Michigan strong armed the Libertarian Party and kept them off the ballot with the same old dirty good ol’ boy tricks.

      • Ken

        Johnson is a legal write-in in MI. Not sure what Paul’s status is in MI. But because of the GOP abuses this year, I would not fault any Paul/Johnson supporter for voting Obama in retalliation for the abuses. The GOP needs to be taught a lesson; abuse a constituency and the constituency will bite you back.

    • Robert

      I am a 2016, A 2016 Gary supporter…But if this Republican Plant, purposeful divider of Ron Paul voters, Gary stays in and pulls votes from Ron, then I will personally vote anyone other than Gary in 2016.

      If Gary can now start making noise about this or that, instead of being vocal as Ron has for the past 30 years, then this bandwagon off of Ron’s support, isn’t really worried about America or its citizens.
      This bandwagon would show its more about Gary, and if Gary feels that way, then I can say it is 1000% NOT Going to be Gary for me…Rons Retiring, lets give him the farwell he deserves after 30 years. We all should support Write in Ron now, then Gary in 2016.

      But if Gary pushes the issues, we Libertarian/ Republicans can push back and ruin him, like he is trying to ruin Ron’s last stance.

      • Ed

        Ron Paul is who I would vote for. Ron , though does not even endorse himself. In fact he says he neither encourages, nor discourages, people from writing his name in. If he called for his supporters to write in his name, I certainly would, but, he has actually said that he does not think that, as a write in, the counters will even give him a serious , accurate, tally at time of count.
        Gary Johnson has said he would support Ron Paul over the 2 parties nominee, if ron had elected to go 3rd party.aHowever, since he ( Gary ), is officially on the ballot in my state, and Ron is not, I think my vote will at the very least be counted.
        I am disappouinted that Ron did not endorse a candidate, as I am sure Ron Paul’s plan is the best out there, and I would vote for him in a heartbeat, were he on my ballot.

  • WTH

    People should vote their conscience. Of course there is the issue of voter fraud. If this is a good sampling of voters, then Ron Paul would win. Then there are those that commented that said they would vote for Ron Paul but are going to vote for Romney as they don’t want to give the election to Obama again. So, if those people would write Ron Paul in, that would be even more that would vote for him than is shown above, potentially ensuring a Ron Paul victory (again, if there is no voter fraud).

    • Maynard

      Far too often in the past most of us have had to vote for the lesser of two evils. I personally am sick about that. I’ve voted for Ron before and will continue to do so.
      Usually when voting for the lesser of two evils we would still be voting for evil but in a lesser degree. In this case lesser would be moving in the same direction as the greater evil, but at a slower pace, which it is hoped that during the interm the lesser can be kept hobbled and on the path to Constitutional conservatism and going back to the Republic for which it stands, states rights and our freedom. Think about this, if all of us that want Ron Paul as president voted for him (write in), it could stop Obama and Romney from getting the 270 electorial votes they need to win. he House of representa tive would then have to vote for who will be president. The more Constitutional politicians elected to the House would give Paul a good chance of bec oming president. I will do a write in for Paul.- Maynard

  • Reitzel

    For the many that are not aware of this trivial fact Ron Paul is NOT in the presidential race. If you write his name in it is equivalent to writing …… “Mickey Mouse” or some other non-candidate. It will be a waste of a vote. Below is an email I got from his Campaign HQ.
    Gary Johnson has always mirrored Dr. Paul’s philosophies in every way and supported him too. Gary even stated he would be honored to have Dr. Paul as his VP if he wins. If you want Ron Paul in the White House you need to vote for Gary Johnson. Otherwise if you vote for a non-candidate “Mickey Mouse”, “Donald Duck” or “Ron Paul” then you just wasted your vote!!!!

    From: Website Account
    Sent: Thursday, October 25, 2012 9:33 AM
    Subject: Re: Contact Form Submission from Reitzel

    Hi Reitzel,

    No. Dr. Paul is not still running for President. However, C4L urges everyone to vote as they see fit. Thanks for writing.

    -Campaign For Liberty-

  • James

    Please get your hands on a copy of the book called, “The Law”. The author is Frederick Bastiat and written in the mid 1800’s. It will change the way you look at our government and make your vote much more fulfilling and rewarding. Ron Paul absolutely LOVES this book, as I can say first hand from meeting him at a book signing in NYC.

  • PattyFromTexas

    I would vote for Congressman Ron Paul, but he’s not on the ballot. Both Romney and Obama are corrupt to the core. So my vote goes to Gary Johnson who is on all 50 ballots.

  • Jim Davis

    I would have gladly voted for Ron Paul had the media not crucified him and blocked any chance of him being on the ticket, but since I can’t and writing him in is in Obama’s favor, I will cast my vote for Romney. I do not see Romney as the lesser of 2 evils because he at least has a track record in life that we can see, unlike the POTUS, who has fought to keep his past secret. Ron Paul definitely would have been the best choice for middle class Americans, but Romney will have to do.


      yes vote for the guy that BLOCKED Ron Paul. That’s smart.. not!

      Ron Paul was blocked for his anti-war stance so now you want to vote for the crazy war guy???? doesn’t make sense.

    • Robert

      “I would have gladly voted for Ron Paul had the media not crucified him and blocked any chance of him being on the ticket,..” Maybe the did this coward Jim, because they knew that there would be cowards like you Jim.

      I say you should vote for Mitt anyway, because like Mitt, you seem to have your values given to you, by those that own you. I say, Ron might lose, but for me personally, atleast those who support Ron, will have voted to not support those ruining America.
      Just to bad Jim that you never joined the military so you can know what its like to fight for our country and our Constitution (something Mitt doesn’t even know anything about — you tube from NH debate 2012: “Mitt Romney: I dont know what the Constitution says! Ask Ron Paul).

      So go ahead and support the draft dodger and the non constitutionalist wanna be commander in chief, BECAUSE LIKE MITT, YOUR HANDLERS TOLD YOU WHAT TO SAY, GAVE YOU YOUR VALUES, AND WHO TO SUPPORT.
      Your a sad case Jim.

      • Jim Davis


        It is unfortunate that you chose to answer in such a biased and hateful manner, not much different than the radical left wingers. You claim I never served our country yet know nothing about me??? You say I have handlers, LMAO. I am an American, and while I am not a Mitt fan, allowing 4 more years of O is something I can not vote for nor will I throw a vote away and aid him in that manner. Voting your conscience may work for you, but this election is tooooooooooooooooooooo important to allow O any chance of 4 more years. Yes sir, I am sad, sad that America has lost its way, sad that Americans have been so divided that we are fighting a politic Civil War, while the folks in DC continue to rule over us unabated. So hack away on your keyboard and attack me some more, but maybe you would be better served to read your post several times before submitting and ask of what benefit does it serve to attack a fellow American?


    Well, I will have to go with Obama just because Romney is so insane. I think Romney will start ww3 effectively embroiling us even more evil war deeds on other people and causing more harm to the youths in the military. If I lived in a state that was going to vote more democratic I would vote independent and Ron Paul or Jill Stein, but because my vote counts, as I live in VA, I will vote Obama.