Where is Ron Paul?

RonPaul.com is the largest Ron Paul fansite on the Internet. We receive hundreds of emails each week from all over the world. These messages give us a good sense of the currents of opinion and sentiment prevailing among fellow Ron Paul supporters.

In recent weeks we increasingly gained the impression that many supporters were feeling a bit out of the loop. They want to know… “What is Ron Paul up to?” – “Is he still running for President?” – “Has he endorsed anyone?”

We don’t claim to have any specific inside information, but we do feel that Ron Paul supporters deserve to know what’s going on. That’s why we decided to analyze some of Ron Paul‘s recent speeches and interviews. Our findings are presented below.

First, a few quick facts:

Ron Paul is no longer actively running or campaigning for President.

He ended his campaign on August 28 with a one hour speech at the University of Florida Sun Dome.

Ron Paul: During the campaign, I got a lot of advice. Can you believe that, a lot of advice? Sometimes from strangers, sometimes from our enemies, sometimes from my family as well.

(“During the campaign” refers to the past and obviously implied that the campaign was now over.)

Ron Paul is an official write in candidate in several states, but that’s entirely due to his supporters’ efforts. Ron Paul did not discourage these efforts but he stated very clearly that he is not actively participating.

Ron Paul: I get a lot of questions on that, a lot of phone calls and emails, and people sometimes want me to sign something, to fully endorse it as a legal matter. But I haven’t signed anything, so I neither encourage it nor discourage it, because of the frustration, because in some places they won’t count the votes. But if people feel totally exasperated and still want the satisfaction of doing something, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with it. But I don’t ever want to lead people to deception like, “Oh yea, if we have this write in campaign and all of a sudden major things will happen”. And that’s not true. If there is a write in campaign, those individuals that are doing it, the most important thing is to hold their feet to the fire and make them count them. But they don’t [count them]. Politics is not always a very clean business. That’s why it’s a lot easier to deal with philosophy than it is with politics. Politics is a tool but it’s not necessarily an end. The end is changing the philosophy. So if these campaigns one way or the other can get attention to serve the issues then I think it’s worthwhile.

Ron Paul has not endorsed anyone and he did not reveal who he will be voting for, or if he is going to be voting at all.

Ron Paul: I haven’t decided yet, at least I have decided not to announce it, so I’m going to sort of sit tight for a little bit longer. […] I haven’t announced support for Romney, that means it’s very unlikely, and I don’t think anybody thinks I’m going to vote for Obama. It’s back to that frustration level of not seeing a dramatic choice in the way the system works.

Ron Paul said a few nice words about Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, but they do not amount to an endorsement.

Ron Paul: I think [Gary Johnson] is wonderful and I think he’s doing a good job, and people should look at him, and every individual should make up their own mind.

Ron Paul recently stated that Romney might be better on taxes and Obama might be better on foreign policy. But none of that can be construed as an endorsement.

Ron Paul: Would Romney be better for America than Obama? I think not necessarily, no. (Applause) Is that a gentle no? (Laughter) And the reason I say a little bit is, maybe in some areas he might be a little better, and maybe in other areas Obama might be a little bit better. The odds of us expanding war and getting in more trouble is worse with Romney. When it comes to maybe hitting you with a higher tax, you’re a little bit better off with Romney.

What Should Ron Paul Supporters Do Now?

With Ron Paul out of the race, what is the best course of action? Write in Ron Paul to express our principles? Support Gary Johnson to build the Libertarian party? Vote for Romney to get rid of Obama?

Why Romney Doesn’t Need the Liberty Movement

Mitt Romney’s political career is a testament to the fact that he would say and do anything to get elected. If he believed that gaining some of the votes of the 5+ million Ron Paul supporters in this country would have been worth the effort of reaching out to Ron Paul and the liberty movement, Romney would not have hesitated to have done so.

But hesitate he did. And not just that… he went on to viciously and repeatedly spit in the collective faces of Ron Paul and his supporters.

Does Romney believe that the morally bankrupt rallying cry “But we have to defeat Obama!” will be sufficient for the liberty movement to hold its nose and vote for Mitt?

Romney is an intelligent and calculating man, so he must know that this will work only with a small percentage of the movement.

This leaves only one possible conclusion:

Romney already knows that he is going to win, and that he can do so without the liberty movement’s support.

Rand Paul basically said the same thing just a couple of days ago:

Rand Paul: My prediction, and of course I could be wrong, but my prediction is that this is going to be 1980. This is going to be an election that was projected to be very close, we have all these battleground states, but in the end Romney is going to pull away and he’s going to win by a bigger percentage than anyone predicts, because I think the polling is modeling on 2008 and not really factoring in an enormous wave of Election 2010, and I think that we’re still headed in that same direction.

If Rand’s assessment is correct and if Romney has victory in the bag, then there is no reason for Ron Paul supporters to vote for Romney just to get Obama out of office.

2012 Is Lost – But the Future Belongs to Us

More than 20,000 Ron Paul supporters have already pledged to cast a principled vote for Ron Paul even in the face of electoral defeat. That’s commendable and wonderful. Others are supporting Gary Johnson to help strengthen the largest third party. A few will still be voting for Romney because they hate Obama or believe that Romney is the lesser of two evils. And some Ron Paul supporters are even strategically rooting for Obama, saying that the inevitable backlash against a second term would lay the groundwork for a Ron Paul comeback in 2016.

For those of us who have been hoping for a Ron Paul Independent run this year, or at least for clear directions on who we should vote for… well, none of that is forthcoming. Ron Paul simply says, “You can do what you want… but just do it.” And that’s what liberty is all about.

America Isn’t Ready for President Ron Paul… Yet.

It’s up to us to prepare America for Ron Paul‘s ideas so that we can prevail in 2016 and beyond. We have to wake up our friends, families, neighbors, and even random strangers, by educating them about liberty. We can still use the open and uncensored Internet to spread the message, but who knows for how long? This is a race against time, and every day counts. Will you too do your part?

Ron Paul: Although I see so much good progress, I see also danger on the horizon and it makes it even more crucial that we’re successful in what we’re trying to do. Fortunately, we still have a little bit time, but that time may run out quickly. It may run out in a month, it may run out in a year, it may run out in five years. So the more time we have to persuade more people to our side. I do not work on the assumption that all of a sudden we’re going to have a new Congress and we’re going to start repealing. I’ve never believed that for a minute. But, that doesn’t mean that things can’t change. Things are going to break down, and then there’s going to be opportunities, and the best thing that can probably happen is when government totally loses its credibility and their money doesn’t work and everybody goes on their own and people become independent and there will be de-facto nullification and we’ll just flat out ignore the Feds. And that is a possibility, but the real danger is they will cling to power, because that is all that they know, is clinging to the power and using that power to suppress the people.


  • Vince Caspian

    I am going to stand at my polling place with a Ron Paul 2016 sign ALL DAY LONG!

  • robin

    Something else a relative posted today. Care to respond anyone..
    Remember this bit of Biblical wisdom when you go out to vote tomorrow. “The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left .” – Ecclesiastes 10:2.

  • robin

    Would anyone like to respond to this=Surfisher, French Canadian or anyone else. Something a relative posted today. Why do you think they did not include references to the Creator/GOD/Bible/Christianity, etc.? This relative believes it was to undermine Christianity and there was a conspiracy to do so.

    Robin, we have studied these issues in depth. Your point about inter-denominational squabbling was was a non-issue in the Constitutional Convention. The Anti-Federalists did not want to model a central government after England or other European countries, hence a Federal Church was anathema to then. The First Amendment is an Anti-Federalist amendment. And, by the way, if inter-church squabbling was such an issue, it would have been decided early and included in the main body of the Constitution, not in an amendment.

    In any case, the denominations and especially the cults exist specifically because of the doctrines they place more importance upon, and look at the other denominations as somewhat deficient. It was already going on long before the Plymouth Pilgrims landed, and it continues to this day, even without a Federal Church. Believes the downfall of this country is because we of lost sight of Christian principles, philosophy and values and that there was a conspiracy at the constitutional convention to stamp these out.

  • Ray Storla

    I knew it. Paul has strung us along again. If he was really for America, he would have slapped the GOP in the face by endorsing Gary Johnson. We all know Ron has given up.

    You could make a statement and vote Ron Paul, or you could make your vote count by voting someone similar to Paul and who is actively running for President.
    That man is Gary Johnson.

    We know Paul will not win. But if we backed Johnson, maybe we can escape this two party stranglehold on our elections and really have another choice in 2016. And if Ron were to have supported him this last week, it would have been an excellent election. For that, I really wonder what the GOP said to him to make him cower like that… or is he just GOP too.

    Vote Gary Johnson. He’s still in it to win.

  • Surfisher

    Unless you VOTE for Gary Johnson — we won’t have an Election, but puppet Selection!

    You want a prediction — here is an APODICTIC one:

    The American People LOOSE, regardless which one of these two puppets (Barack Hussein or Mormon Mitt) gets “elected”!


  • Surfisher

    Just Say NO to Rmoney — VOTE for ANYONE but Mormon Mitt!

    The Mormons stripped the richest man in the world, Howard Hughes, not only of his life, but his entire fortune (that is how the Mormons got financial power to jump start their cult)!

    Now another Mormon wants to do the same to our entire Nation!
    And his 5 Mormon Sons are waiting in line to finish US off!

    *Vote FOR Gary Johnson* — Do NOT vote for Mormon Mitt (or Barack Hussein) the lesser of two evils!

    • Surfisher

      Amazing that the people have been bamboozled into thinking that either Barack or Mitt are a solution — when both are AGAINST these principles upon which our Nation was built!

      PRINCIPLES we must stand by!

      “A government big enough to give you everything you need, is a government big enough to take away everything that you have….” Thomas Jefferson

      “They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security” BENJAMIN FRANKLIN

      “When liberty is taken away by force it can be restored by force. When it is relinquished voluntarily by default it can never be recovered.” DOROTHY THOMPSON

      “Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom in Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops that can be, on any pretence, raised in the United States. A military force, at the command of Congress, can execute no laws, but such as the people perceive to be just and constitutional; for they will possess the power, and jealousy will instantly inspire the inclination, to resist the execution of a law which appears to them unjust and oppressive.” —Noah Webster, An Examination of the Leading Principles of the Federal Constitution (Philadelphia 1787).

      “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” EDMUND BURKE

      “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” ABRAHAM LINCOLN

      Voting for either anti-American — Barack the Kenyan or Mitt the Mexican Mormon — would only be legitimizing the further government corruption that seems to have no end!

      VOTE for Garry Johnson — who stands for these principles, and is on nearly all 50 States ballots (unlike my 1st choice, Ron Paul, who is NOT on ANY States ballots) or face the dire consequences of failing to do so — TIME TO WAKE UP AMERICA!


  • flip

    Ron Paul will be a certified write-in candidate for president in California and a couple of other states . Official write-in status means Ron Paul’s write-in votes will be counted just as if he were on the ballot in that state. Paul supporters have met the requirements put forth by the California Secretary of State. The write-in ticket also includes Judge Andrew Napolitano for vice president: http://ralphlopez.hubpages.com/hub/Ron-Paul-is-an-Official-Write-In-Candidate-in-California

  • Little Bright Feather

    Dedicated Freedom lovers are still voting for Ron Paul by write-in vote and if all his loyal followers do so he would still win ! He has the voters. The others do not. I already voted and I voted for Ron Paul ! My second choice would have been for Constitution Party (CP) candidate Virgil Goode, also a very good man.
    Why would anyone be so willing to give up when so much is at stake ? Obama is not even suppose to be running, as he is not eligible , he is not a citizen, and he has disqualified himself by taking Foreign money for his election ! He does not belong on the ballot at all ! IT’s TREASON AND IT’S SHOCKING NO ONE IS AMERICAN ENOUGH TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT AND CALL IT BY IT RIGHTFUL NAME ! Everything Obama has done has been TREASON !

  • Ted

    Well folks,
    I’m very sorry that Ron Paul has been forced out of the race. Of course the Bush Family or Rothschilds or whatever knocked on his door one dark night and told him if he wanted his family to live, pull out. Yes, they are that ruthless.
    Don’t forget the fact the mainstream media IGNORED him (among other things)at every opportunity. If even the media had been truthful this would be a different campaign.
    I agree with the comments here on NOT voting. I won’t vote for the lesser of two evils anymore, anymore than choosing a fatal illness over another.
    Also, as far as the chemtrails go… we’re sprayed constantly (at night even!) and I have a strange, respiratory condition and am wasting away right before my wife’s eyes.
    Why? Well, please don’t chalk any of this stuff up to “conspiracy theorists”–because that phrase is now associated with “terrorist” or “crazy,” etc. Just because I question our government and its insanity does not make ME a terrorist nor mentally imbalanced.
    Anyway, it’s all about CULLING our population. With 51% of the population getting their Social Security which they have paid for, (it’s not an “entitlement” by the way) that’s a lot of folks “eatin’ their food,” so to speak. And that’s just the tip of it.
    I would suggest to the open minded to please investigate just how deep the rabbit hole goes–and to those who are still naively clinging to your belief systems in “Good Ole’ America” — I wish you luck– you will need it.


    PS I don’t doubt that the 2012 bizness is nothing more than a means to fleece more of the sheeple of their money…!

    Men In Black

  • Brady

    I realize we need to work on the Liberty Movement,Ron Paul supporters etc. But,one area that really needs to be cleaned up and is really the blame for having to vote for 2 losers and that is,lets get rid of the manipulated news media. Or,at least start with one station(TV) then radio. The American people are being brainwashed and have been for many,many years.

    We know that the people that own 95% of all media outlets are the Elites,which also own the privately held Federal Reserve. This of course is the reason they were afraid of Ron Paul. But to watch any news is just pure hell. Talking to anyone on the street that watches or listens to the trash of Limbaugh,Hannity,O’Reilly,they are so confused and when they tell me about the trash………..I want to vomit. Its about time,someone could initiate a REAL news outlet,also one that curtails these ridiculous commercials.

    Our news has been distorted long enough or hushed up, I want to hear both sides. I want to hear about our Liberties and what we have to do to derail the New World Order. I want to hear who in Washington is for our Constitution.

  • French Canadian

    Rosalind Peterson P1/3 Alex Jones on Chemtrails

  • French Canadian


    You absolutely have to get your husband to listen to Joel Skousen interview today… and you also of course. This interview is very intriguing. This is why I want both of your opinions on it. I’m literally blown away!

    At the beginning of the interview, for the first 20 minutes, you can skip it, it’s about strategic relocation. But after 0:21:20, they change the subject and start talking about Romney, the killing of the ambassador, Syria, Iran, Russia, China, North Korea and the END plan to nuke the USA. WOW! You won’t believe what you will hear. No one so far ever talked about this to my knowledge. It is incredibly fascinating! A very complex strategy by the Globalists so they wont be blamed by Americans for their downfall. Pure evil, Robin…pure evil!

    Joel Skousen says the Etasblishment doesn’t want Romney and he explains why. He even goes out to say that in blue states people should vote third Party, but in red States to vote for Romney.

    The whole video is with Joel Skousen, but the really interesting part stats at: 0:21:20

    How to Survive Apocalyptic Events with Joel Skousen

    Oh and by the way, Robin, at the end of the interview, Alex said that he was contacted by RON PAUL who wants to come on the show. So Ron Paul is scheduled on the show next week. I’m anxious to hear what he has to say.

  • Frustrated

    I think it’s utter psychosis when “the lesser of two evils” is the primary rationale one uses to select their candidate. Especially in the case of 2012’s two particular puppets, with a straight face weighing which candidate sucks less, is a bit like determining which fatal disease you’d rather be stricken with. The only sensible choice, other than to write in the f.u. Paul vote, is not to choose at all. Maybe some day Americans will break out of the left/right paradigm and actually vote for freedom. But unfortunately in 2012 the handcrafted illusion of democracy and choice is still to strong a force continuing to keep well meaning Americans under the lesser of two evils spell.

  • Teresa

    ???? Why the questions about Ron Paul. He is retiring! That was relayed by him to his supporters several months ago.

    • Little Bright Feather

      Ron Paul is now running for Texas Governor if he does not get the needed write-in votes for President. He did have he most voters until he dropped the campaign for money reasons. He’d still win if all the loyal voters would still vote for him. He is NOT retiring.

  • George Gard

    I have a few pet peevs that I would like to share with you all and welcome some insite from anyone.
    #1) I am now retired and have invested in a retirement program for over twenty some years. Like most people I also paid into SSI during my entire working life. I take issue with any that say that the SSI check is a Government handout. I view that benifit, as any person that pays for a 401K and expects to benifit from it at retirement. I paid into SSI for over forty five years and paid into a union pension plan for just over twenty three years. The union plan pays about five hundred dollars more each month. It has structured a health care plan that on my own we would not have. It will provide for my wife in case I pass before her and for me if she should before I. My point is that (A), SSI is not a entitalment program and (B) those in charge of it did not do nearly as good a job of investing those huge somes of money as my union addministration did, with less money and by the way a six figure income to them is non exhistant. (C) I am inondated almost every day with, send money for our fight to stop Congress from gutting the SSI benifit program. What the darnd heck gives?
    #2 peev has to do with what I call the lowest common denominator and some of the high ranking officials involved in the demise of a child. Pitty these people as they have risked thair soles to hang over the embers of Hell in eternal pain. I see where not one human beaing has ever benifited from the seage on that child.
    Hear are my thoughts on this subject. Senario; lowest common denominator, one Federaly controlled U.S. Army tank. Two Federaly controlled U.S. Soldiers. One private wooden structure on U.S. Private land. One eight, ten or twelve year old girl or boy, a CHILD. At the end of the day the tank is loaded onto a truck it and the soldiers return to the depot to wash the mud and soot from the tank while the big bad soldiers take a shower. Back at the site of that private structure we find it burned to the ground with the CHILDS body inside. The CHILD……………..Well lets just say that the next time you see a steak chared beyond recognition think of what those BIG BAD terroist SOLDIERS left behind, that child surly died in terror, on that site because that is what the family of that CHILD saw. Those soldiers obayed an illegal order. They were that CHILDS last and only hope for protection. Thair soles will go where?
    Janet Reno did not stop and condoned the action along with Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, as well as others. Most of the afore mentioned still hold positions of power in this God forsaken world. Thair soles will go where? Are we God forsaken or is this a way for God to weed out the true advocates of Hells bidding. You have probably guessed that the events are from action taken at Waco Texas.
    Some do not believe in God or Satin, Heaven or Hell. My question to these people, is. Why chance it? Doing the right thing will give you a warm heartfelt feeling here on Earth. Why risk your sole to the truly unknown? As a believer in God I will always see these people responsible and as God I would not send these soles to eternal damnd nation, I simply would not impede the venture. God may not see things my way.
    Before this election send as many messages to your representatives as you can and let them know that the very exhistance of this nation is on them. Know for certain if somethng they are wrong about is obvious, tell them you know about it and let them know how you feel. Don’t mince words. Only they can guarantee that they and we can remain a free people based on what they do. We must understand that Congress will not exhist under a ternary.
    This election is a farce to say the least.
    “On my mind and now off my chest.”
    Thanks for your indulgance.
    Geo. Congressman Ron Paul at some point. Hope.

  • dan

    Ron Paul ran for president as a libertarian. He only ran as a republican this time because it is difficult as hell to get a third party any media access or even get them on the ballot. The two parties have a monopoly on the entire system. Ron Paul got the ball rolling. If the Libertarian party gets 5 percent of the vote they will have equal access in 2016. I have backed Ron Paul for 6 years and I have been inspired but he will not be president and will not be running again. Liberty is on the ballot. If a third party does not become a reality we will only have the same choice next time around. Gary Johnson is the only choice in my opinion. Anyone who votes for either Romney or Obama deserve them and we will be screwed by one of them no matter what. A vote for Johnson is not a wasted vote this year. I encourage everyone to consider that.

  • JR

    Hey Ron, give Rand a chance to be his own man. Show him that a Good Leader gets behind the best choice for all of us. Hey Rand, you do the right thing whether your Daddy does or not. Follow your Heart. Maybe there is a Rand future out there 1 day…………….. America needs decisive thinkers, not guys that can’t make up their minds. We have enough of that now……………

  • JR

    or are you just pushing t shirts now………………………….

  • JR

    Get off your butt, and support the least of the evils……..Romney will hear you if you help him. If you don’t, he won’t eh

  • JR

    did you ever answer your own question???? where is Ron Paul ????????????
    I’d like to know where you stand. After supporting you this far and long, I feel like you left me at the alter. support someone, OK