Poll: Who Are You Voting For?

Who are you voting for in Tuesday's Presidential Election?

  • Ron Paul (write-in) (43%, 10,255 Votes)
  • Gary Johnson (27%, 6,303 Votes)
  • Mitt Romney (15%, 3,655 Votes)
  • Barack Obama (7%, 1,616 Votes)
  • I won't vote at all (5%, 1,205 Votes)
  • Virgil Goode (1%, 243 Votes)
  • Jill Stein (1%, 232 Votes)
  • I'll vote for somebody else (0%, 87 Votes)

Total Voters: 23,596

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  • Aridzonan_13

    I understand why people aren’t going to vote. Why vote for the “Evil of Two Lessers”? Plus, I’ve yet to see an accurate accounting of third party or write in candidates. In AZ there is a huge third party population, equivalent to the Dems. Let’s say 75% of the 3rd Party types are really Demolicans and Republicrats voting in the primaries. Less than 10% of the total vote count are for 3rd Party candidates? It should be in the 15-20% range. Third Party types are passionate about voting the Status Quo out. However, in a system that gives us the “Evil of Two Lessers”, a call has gone forward to boycott the election in an attempt to nullify the One Party System. Of course, turn out numbers can be obfuscated too.

  • John

    I have already voted for Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party. Romney /Ryan is simply too fiscally liberal to earn my vote. No other issue caused this. Too much big government spending in their plan. Too much invasion of my liberty involved in that massive government plan. My vote for Gary Johnson is in the books.


  • James

    You are delusional if you think Gary Johnson receiving 5% of the vote will make any difference next election. The libertarians are going to be ostracized the next election, just like this election, and just like previous elections. Gary Johnson claims that a vote for a third party candidate is not throwing away a vote. I believe this is true, however I also believe that voting for a write-in is not throwing away a vote. It’s a vote telling the Republican party they are abandoning their principles for elect-ability. Every vote Romney doesn’t get, regardless of it being a write-in for Ron Paul, or a vote for Gary Johnson is a vote telling the republican party to go back to small government principles.

    5% of the vote will not change anything next year.

    • Jamie C

      Your right, it wont change anything next year.. there are no elections next year. But what 5% of the vote WILL DO, is give the libertarian movment millions of dollars during the next election year. The same amount that is given to Republicans and Democrats. With that money, libertarians become a force, able to afford equal TV ad and debate time. But even more than that, it brings the movement into the spotlight. Most people are libertarians… they just don’t know enough about the movement and if we get 5% they will. To say it accomplishes nothing could not be further from the truth.

      • James

        It won’t change anything next year, and it won’t change anything the next election year. I am a libertarian, but the whole reason Ron Paul ran was to educate the public. The fact of the matter is we live in the United States where there is a two party system and the third party, a.k.a. the libertarian party doesn’t now, and will never stand a chance. Ron Paul understood, as many libertarians need to learn, that the Republican Party has strayed from its principles. It is supposed to be a small government party with a small government platform. Americans are too one-minded to ever vote for something that is non entitled “Republican” or “Democrat.” The Libertarians need to infiltrate the republican party, and return it to its principles. It is evident looking at history, that parties platforms have changed. Instead of trying to force a third party down everyone’s throat, and failing, so much more would be accomplished if the libertarians took over the Republican party and instilled back in it small-government ideals. You’re foolish if you think that 5% of the vote is going to get anyone to take the libertarians seriously as a third party. The Republican and Democrat parties will never let a third party be a contender.

    • If we had honest journalism neither Obama or Romney would get a single vote.

      Why don’t we have honest journalism, one could ask. Well there was. Back in the 1800’s the First Ammendment was well exercised and journalists here in America wrote scathing reports on the House of Rothschild. After all, their banks have funded both sides of all war for centuries. What happened was, the House of Rothschild purchased Reuters in order to control the conversation, hide themselves, and their political influence. Reuters then acquired the Associated Press. So basically, the House of Rothschild is able to prevent anyone from seeing the elephant in the living room, because they own the media.

      Obama appears complicit in the overthrow of Libya and the assassination of Gadaffi. Romney campaigns that he’ll topple the government in Syria faster. Al Qaida is now on our side? Seriously? Reuters’s credibility is destroyed because of Benghazi-gate, as well as the Associated Press, as there is no “Consulate” in Benghazi. Nearest one is the Embassy in Tripoli. It was just a terrorists clearing house to get tooled up for destroying Syria. Now Libya is under Al Qaida authority? Not sure, because the media is CENSORED.

      So also the Presidential Debates are completely CENSORED, do not vote for the participants!

      So in mind of that, it makes voting easy. Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, Virgil Goode, your neighbor’s dog… ANY thing but what was spoon fed to us!

      Gary Johnson is the one to vote for as he’s on more State ballots. Almost all States will display Gary Johnson’s name on the ballot as a Presidential Candidate. Here in California, I don’t see Virgil Goode, just Jill Stein, Roseanne Barr, Thomas Hoefling, and Gary Johnson. Plus the two establishment puppets.

      Gary Johnson would win by a landslide if we had honest journalism. He’s the only Candidate for President that doesn’t want to bomb Iran.

      I hear the State of Michigan will count a Gary Johnson write in. So that just leaves Oklahoma the only State stuck with Robamney. Gary Johnson is even on the ballot in Guam and the District of Columbia.

  • Joseph Quilantang

    For the record, I’m voting for Gary Johnson so my registered vote gets counted. I’m sure Ron Paul’s voting for GJ too but won’t admit it because it would ruin Rand’s run in 2016. Don’t get me wrong, I still rock my Ron Paul bumper sticker, window cover and apparel all the time but Ron Paul’s not on the ballot and most to all counties don’t count write-ins. I won’t vote for Romney because he constantly changes his views. Plus the main stream media and the RNC screwed Ron Paul so it’s on them if Obama gets re-elected. Those who say, “Anyone but Obama/Romney!” are just red and blue sheep’s.

    Ron Paul based Gary Johnson voter 2012
    Ex-Obama Supporter

  • Surfisher

    Just Say NO to Rmoney — VOTE for ANYONE but Mormon Mitt!

    Keep Mitt’s mittens off of the White House — or face An American Tragedy!

    The Mormons stripped the richest man in the world, Howard Hughes, not only of his life, but his entire fortune (that is how the Mormons got financial power to jump start their cult)!

    Now another Mormon wants to do the same to our entire Nation!
    And his 5 Mormon Sons are waiting in line to finish US off!

    *Vote FOR Gary Johnson* — Do NOT vote for Mormon Mitt (or Barack Hussein) the lesser of two evils!

  • Jamie C

    Wow, it saddens me that people are not getting it. Most Paul supporters understand write ins accomplish nothing. The libertarians need a solid platform with equal money, air time and debate time. If we can get just 5% of the vote we get that next election. Please reconsider and vote G. Johnson. After reading messages all day I really fear we are too disjointed and unorganized to get the 5%. To many are still talking about writting in R. Paul. Watch a video on G. Johnson, his views are almost identical to Ron Pauls. No fed tax, no overseas empires, audit of the fed, civil liberties, etc. etc.

  • The re-election of Obama will prove this is a Nation of idiots. It took hundreds of years for the Corporate Socialist State of America (CSSA) to evolve and reversing it is going to take a long time. Each election is a decision point on a tree. Voting for a non viable branch lets corrupt choices win and allowing things to get worse won’t convince fools to change the path we are on.

    1. Wealth isn’t a possession it’s a contract enforced by government that it needs to pay for.

    2. Taxing wages is slavery.

    3. When government takes on the attributes of religion (enforcing morality) it becomes a religion.

    4. Taxes, no matter who they are assigned to, always end up on the back of the lower classes.

    5. Poverty at it’s root is a spiritual problem government handouts make worse that is perpetuated by government failing to credit those who work to eliminate it.

    6. The power and prestige of the elite depends on the existence of lower classes and the economic system is designed to maintain their power.

  • JStec

    A vote for Romney at least BUYS TIME for Liberty. If Obama wins again, the 47% becomes 55% and there will be no way to turn it around.

    The dependent class will be large enough to ensure a continued progression to a European socialist society. The dependent class will be willing to give up every freedom in exchange for continued government assistance.

  • ivan

    whats the point now to vote for Ron? I am voting for Obama. Mitt is just too religious for my taste. I think Mitt should be part of Saudi Gov.

    • What’s the point of voting for Obamney? They’re the same candidate.


      If you have any principles or backbone whatsoever, you’ll write in Ron Paul. If you support the murder of innocents, vote Obamney.

    • Scott R

      Too religious? How about the fact that Obama is ANTI-religion as he forces all tax payers to fund abortions. Even if you are pro-choice, you should support my right to choose NOT to pay for abortions. Obama and anyone who supports Obamacare are ALL hypocrits because they are not pro-choice, they are pro-abortion. Why could this be? Think about it, it might scare you!

      FWIW, this issue was the one that I looked at and for a moment actually considered voting for Romney over Obama because it pissed me off so much, but in the end I’m going with Gary Johnson not because he agrees with me on abortion, but because he has the common sense to realize that tax payer funds should not be used for it.

  • silverlady

    I cannot write-in Ron Paul in my state, the SOS said it would not count since he didn’t file as a write-in candidate.

    Constitutionalist Virgil Goode’s views on issues are most like Dr. Paul’s, not Johnson. I am voting my conscience.

    I am sick & tired of being told to vote for the “lesser of two evils”. It’s that way every presidential election. After the RNC, I fear it will always be that way now. The LP has its work cut out for it; needs to start now.

    • Scott R

      Not a bad choice… he’s missing the point on legalized pot though. Out of all countries in the world, we have the highest % sitting in jail being unproductive and sucking up all the tax payer dollars. We also have cops spending way too much time investigating and arresting folks for something that is about as dangerous as beer in my opinion… maybe even less dangerous. Thinking about the way it is going in New York with restrictions on soft drinks and snacks… we have to be very careful when the government tries to tell us what we can and can’t eat, drink, and smoke. What if they put restrictions on how much steak you can eat? Or how many candy bars you can eat per week? It is all in the name of “good health” and they say that to keep Obamacare costs low we have to do it. Way to go democrats… just suck all the enjoyment out of life why don’t you?

      • Laurie

        I’ve never heard of someone smoking a joint and starting a bar brawl. More likely while driving a stoner drives too slowly and people honk at them and scream for them to get their “granny asses” off the road. On the points of restricting our food intake(ie..) too much steak, copious amounts of candy bars, etc… we have the insurance companies to deal with that. They have their forms to find out about someone’s “lifestyle” and discriminate accordingly.

  • txp135

    Not voting is much more effective than voting for either Obama or Romney. People have been getting scared into voting for one or another and the end results will make it seems like Obama or Romney has 50 million supporters. The reality is that 50 million supporters are scared of Romney and the other 50 millions are scared of Obama. I don’t really care if Obama or Romney wins. If we all stay home and Obama win with 50 votes while Romney loses with 50 votes, then both parties will reallize that it’s the end for them.

    To vote for a 3rd party is pointless. In time, the 3rd party will also be corrupted and bought out and we’ll still have to vote for the least of 3 evils. Just see how long it took for the Tea Party or the Occupy movements to corrupt. If we are going to have a government by the people, then we need more people who are educated about Liberty and the Constitution. To see Ron Paul supporters scared into voting for Romney or afraid that their write-ins don’t count means that we have a long long way to go. Honestly, this whole generation is brainwashed by the DOE. It’s like they’re in The Matrix and they’re too old to be unplugged.

    • Laurie

      Amen brother!! Infowars, not voting is also bad though, fear or no fear the “sheep” will sit waiting for their shepard. I’m glad that I have suffered through my education, I would much rather be an educated part of society that goes on her rampages about “the evils of government” and Zionism (yes I DO love my Jewish friends) than an indifferent sponge waiting to be spoon fed.

  • Mark

    Unapologetically voted early for Virgil Goode of the Constitution Party as a write-in on my Arizona ballott. If you vote you conscience, whoever you vote for, it is not wasted.

    “Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.” — John Quincy Adams

    I agree with JQA!! Happy Election Day everyone!!

  • Aaron Chandler

    Gary Johnson! In this case, voting for Ron Paul truly is a wasted vote, because he’s not running. You might as well vote for yourself if it’s about principle. You represent your views closer than Ron Paul does.

    • Scott R

      Haha great point!

  • Bobwsa

    I voted for Ron Paul in the Florida primary – I do feel that Gary Johnson would be the best person in the group to lead this country over the next 4 years, yet, I have voted for Romney. Why because the alternative of Obama for 4 more years scars the living hell out of me.

    • Aaron Chandler

      Hmm. So you still think that which party wins is relevant? Doesn’t Romney get his money from the same banks Obama does? Won’t they both represent the banking interests to the fullest? If you want more spending more debt more war and less freedom then Barmitt Obamney is your guy. I don’t know, maybe something changed since I woke up this morning but I doubt it.

      • Libertarian would be an ideal choice for you then. Try something else than what they ram down your mind right?

      • Laurie

        hahahha nice!

  • Jamie C

    Why are you guys writting in Ron Paul??? I love Ron just as much as all of you, but that is beyond silly. Ron Paul does not have his name on the ballot and in most states write in’s are thrown out. Don’t expect to win some moral victory because even if hundreds of thousands wrote in Ron Paul it wont be recorded or reported on. Ron Paul is a libertarian, and I believe he is not endorsing G. Johnson because of his son Rand. But believe me, a vote for G. Johnson is a vote for Paul. If we can get 5% of the vote with Johnson, we will get the same funding and equal treatment that dems and pubs get for the next election. Johnson is ON the ballot, and therefore his votes must be counted and recorded!

  • Henry

    I am voting for Ron Paul and i fully support his ideals and principles. There is no such thing as a wasted vote. It is mine to do with as I please and I am annoyed at people continuing to tell me what to do with my ideals or life. All to often we forget that we are the people; we are the government. Enough of us got together and JUST SAID NO! we would make the change.

    In closing–I am willing to let you live your life as you deem necessary as long as you let me live mine the same way–whether it be smoking MJ or not wearing a seat belt or eating from a roach cart. I’m tired of being protected for my own good and our tax dollars not being used efficiently.

    Ron Paul 2012!!!

  • Scott R

    What is with all of you writing in Ron Paul? Come on people!!! Gary Johnson needs your vote to get to 5% to end the 2 party monopoly! Unfortunately, unless you are voting for Obama or Romney, it is just a protest vote regardless. Your candidate will not win. That said, at least make sure that your protest vote is heard loud and clear by voting for Gary Johnson- the most likely of the 3rd party candidates to hit 5%. Do that and we will have better choices in 2016! If Obama wins, the GOP will have to take the Libertarians seriously and incorporate some of our ideas in 2016. If Romney wins, and doesn’t fix the issues in the next 4 years, that will also set up the Libertarians in 2016.

  • French Canadian

    A vote for Gary Johnson is a vote for RON PAUL . Please people understand this.

    If you lose your vote for a write-in for Ron Paul, the Libertarian Party will not get it’s 5% needed to participated in the debate of the next election and you will be stuck for life with the 2 party system.

    Is this what you really want?
    Is this what RON PAUL wants? Heck no!

    • Tubbs

      What’s this about the 5% needed to participate next election? Pardon my ignorance, I’ve never heard of this but I’d love to see some source for this.

      • Christina

        tis true my friend. I looked it up and found it to be true…. I don’t have time to find the site but I’m sure you could if you looked.

  • Guess what?
    If enough people vote for your guy – he has a chance too – even if he’s a write in candidate.
    If you profess to have principles then your vote is not variable, once you start voting for people based on “chance” you throw away your principles and reduce voting to a horse race.

  • Daniel

    Every time I see one of these polls I shake my head at Ron Paul voters. I like to think we are intelligent and well reasoned individuals who don’t blindly follow a single man, but rather an idea. Apparently I am wrong because a lot of them are either not voting or writing in Ron Paul which in many states is equivalent to not voting.

    Ron Paul himself has declined to endorse a candidate for whatever reason, but his message is to vote for smaller government. Whether that be the Constitution Candidate, the Libertarian Candidate, or heck if you believe Romney, the Republican Candidate, you must VOTE. Be heard one way or another, but for the love of the Constitution, be counted! Not voting or writing in Ron Paul does nothing more than they lazy jerks who sit on their couches and complain about the state of our country without voting.